Good and Bad: Dynamite May 18th 2022


By rhys Thu-19-May-2022 05:47:42

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Good and Bad: Dynamite 18/5/22

+ The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament feels prestiguous and important.
+ John Morrison makes his AEW debut as Johnny Elite as Joe's joker in the tournament. Awesome way to open the show.
+ JR fistbumping Punk. Hilarious.
+ I'm not familiar with Takeshita but I like what I saw in his match versus Adam Page.
+ I like the new team of Keith Lee and Shane Strickland.
+ Wardlow no selling the lashes to not give MJF the satisfaction.
+ Great to see Rey Fenix back in action.
+ JAS and BCC having a war of words and JAS causing a rift with Bryan and Kingston was great.
+ Similarly, the Undisputed Elite mixing it up with The Hardys and Darby Allin is a lot of fun.

- Not crazy on Johnny Elite potentially feuding with Khali Jr as his first AEW feud.
- Punk and Page could have done a little more with their confrontation.
- not familiar with Maki Ito as Baker's joker and it was lame both Jokers lost. But not a bad match.
- Serena Deeb didn't deliver her promo well. The writing was fine but she seemed nervous.
- Weird how Cole attacked Jeff during his entrance and Matt kinda forgot to help him.

Overall: 6.5/10

What did you think?

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By ré_mullé Tue-24-May-2022 07:58:59

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I don't watch the show, Paul. Why would I watch the show?

Looks almost worth checking out to see JR fistbumping Cookie Monster