Led Zeppelin I - IV - Best Album?


By Rossman Wed-2-Feb-2022 08:43:39

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Surely it has to be Led Zeppelin II.



By Snake! Sat-5-Feb-2022 00:16:48

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I have some fond memories of III, but II is my second favorite.


By Witch Hazel Fri-11-Feb-2022 19:05:00

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*On Paige's behalf...*
LZ2 for me as well. I have an original vinyl copy with a working art wheel (you turn it by hand to switch up a circular window of various artworks), and it's one of my proudest vinyl owns.

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By Gorgrim Wed-4-May-2022 17:37:10

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For me, I think it's gotta be Led Zepplin 4...

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