Battle of the Bands 50


By ImperialStingmon Sun-15-Sep-2019 02:25:38

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Welcome, all, to Battle of the Bands 50!

When you vote, please request a musical act for the challenger list. Each act will be added to the list in the order they are requested. (Only one request at a time per person, please.) Battles will be usually be posted on Fridays or Saturdays. I will post these with extreme inconsistency, as I often forget and/or can't be arsed. The voting period typically lasts for about one week. I will try to post a heads-up as voting nears an end What happens, happens. Does anybody even read this part? When a band loses, it will be unable to re-challenge for 10 rounds. If an act achieves 10 straight victories, they will be retired from champion status and the next two challengers in the request list will duke it out for supremacy!

Note: The term "musical act" denotes any band, solo artist, vocal group... whatever you like. Basically, this is an all-inclusive popularity contest.

Voters are encouraged to include their opinions of the bands/artists in the battle, or at least a few short words about the act they voted for. Not a requirement, of course!

Battle of the Bands Championship History


12. AC/DC (Won at BotB 36)
13. Ronnie James Dio (Won at BotB 39)
14. Def Leppard (Won at BotB 40)
15. Rammstein (Won at BotB 41)
16. Red Hot Chili Peppers (Won at BotB 46)
17. Elton John (Won at BotB 49)

Battle of the Bands 50!

The Champion...

Sir Elton Hercules John CBE is an English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer. He has worked with lyricist Bernie Taupin since 1967; they have collaborated on more than 30 albums. John has sold more than 300 million records, making him one of the world's best-selling music artists. He has more than fifty Top 40 hits, as well as seven consecutive number-one albums in the United States, 58 Billboard Top 40 singles, 27 Top 10 singles, four of which peaked at number two and nine of which reached number one. His tribute single "Candle in the Wind 1997", rewritten in dedication to Diana, Princess of Wales, sold over 33 million copies worldwide and is the best-selling single in the history of the UK and US singles charts. He has also produced records and occasionally acted in films. John owned Watford F.C. from 1976 to 1987 and from 1997 to 2002, and is an honorary Life President of the club.

The Challenger...

Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996. The band currently consists of husband John (lead vocals, bass) and wife Korey Cooper (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) along with Jen Ledger (drums, vocals) and Seth Morrison (lead guitar). The band has released ten albums, with two, Collide and Comatose, receiving Grammy nominations. Two of their albums, Comatose and Awake, are certified Platinum and Double Platinum respectively by the RIAA while Rise and Unleashed are certified Gold as of December 4, 2018.


Challenger List (requester's name in parentheses)
Spiritualized (TheSurrealOne)
Andrew W.K. (JH007)
AFI (Gorgrim)


Don't forget to request a challenger!


By rhys Sun-15-Sep-2019 05:20:19

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Skillet were a band I got into years ago when first foraying into rock music, but I have since become quite bored with them.

Elton John, easily.

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


By Gorgrim Sun-15-Sep-2019 17:59:39

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I think I may have heard a few songs from Skillet....

So yeah, Elton wins it for me too.

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By Pilgrim Paige Tue-17-Sep-2019 23:23:34

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Sir Elton, no contest.

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By ImperialStingmon Mon-23-Sep-2019 22:35:02

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I'm throwing a lone vote up for Skillet just so it's not shut out, but clearly Sir Elton takes this one. Netx BoTB, coming up!