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By rhys Thu-11-Sep-2014 17:31:48

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Put your music player on shuffle and play ten songs. Post results here.

Why? Because its something to do and because I can try and find some new music outta your lists. 😋

1. "Ain't No Grave" - Johnny Cash
2. "The Lost Song Part 1" - Anathema
3. "My Last Serenade" - Killswitch Engage
4. "Afterglow" - Nine Lashes
5. "However Long It Takes" - Sent by Ravens
6. "The Other Side" - Tonight Alive
7. "This Is My Life" - Downstait
8. "For You" - Killswitch Engage
9. "Killing in the Name" - Rage Against The Machine
10. "Rebuild, Release" - Sent by Ravens

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By Aussie Badass Sat-6-Feb-2016 12:16:48

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"Feed My Frankenstein" - Alice Cooper
"Hannibal Interlude (feat. Hannibal Buress)" - Lil Dicky
"To Binge" - Gorillaz
"Wind Beneath My Wings" - Bette Midler
"The Children" - Ramin Djawadi
"Act Like You Know" - Fat Larry's Band
"Pierce Raps" - Jacques Slade
"Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" - Will Smith
"Hater" - KoRn
"C'est La Vie" - B*Witched


By Pilgrim Paige Sat-6-Feb-2016 16:52:22

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I'm gonna (at the least) skim over all the previous, and post my own. I have nothing better to do on such a miserable Saturday afternoon. I'll also recommend Ninja Sex Party (NSP) to Aussie and NSP member Dan's gameplay commentary/comedy channel Game Grumps, they're awesome.Ninja Sex Party
Game Grumps

Rhys' Random 10
1. Johnny Cash - "Ain't No Grave". I imagine most wrestling and/or proper country fans know this song. The voice, the lyrics, the stomping percussion - it's a memorable track.

2. Anathema - "Lost Song Part 1". Ah, a long time since I've heard this band. Nice build-up, pretty intense rock track. Very emotive. Good production, very round and clean without being dry. Decent vocals.

3. Killswitch Engage - "My Last Serenade". I do like some Killswitch, but their old stuff (especially with Jesse) doesn't click with me very well. This song definitely fits with the "wrestling music" heavy alternative stuff I grew up on, though.

4. Nine Lashes - "Afterglow". This band is unfamiliar to me. Sounds like the kind of thing I would have listened to a lot of in grade 11. In other words, it's a standard emo / heavy alternative power ballad with no real distinguishing characteristics. It's okay - Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle and 10 Years were better at this stuff maybe 7 years before this track came out. This band was late on the bandwagon - albums in 2009 and 2012? Most of these kinds of bands dissipated, evolved or went stale by 2011, I do believe. Only a few did it well enough to maintain my interest.

5. Sent by Ravens - "However Long It Takes". More new territory for me. You're really into this kind of stuff huh? Or, at least were in 2014. I find this band especially generic personally. Interchangeable with myriad bands of the time. I see they split-up in 2012 - see what I was saying?   😉

6. Tonight Alive - "The Other Side". The name tells me what kind of band I'm in for. Let's test it... yep. Power ballad at that, so we know the formula too - Vocals, then with drums, then with bass, then guitars join and IT'S THE NOT-SO-BIG CHORUS. Her voice is pleasant enough. She's really cute, of course - I know, I know - not relevant to the music. But half of this genre was borne out of an image, so I count it. They wouldn't have had an overweight butch woman with the same voice for a  vocalist and you know it. This all coming from someone who listens to more emo, post-hardcore and heavy-alt (what folks call "alt metal") than I'd care to admit.  Skimming other songs confirm my Paramore-clone suspicion - I guess Australia didn't have one yet by 2010? That's weird. I've heard way worse generic emo / alt bands, admittedly.

7. Downstait - "This Is My Life". I no longer have enough testosterone left in me to appreciate Trapt or Trapt clones. You've no idea what a blessing that is. HEADSTRONG

8. Skipped this - sorry, no more Killswitch right now.

9. Rage Against the Machine - "Killing in the Name". I already know and love Rage, if you want some aggressive rap rock and/or funk metal with solid musicianship, Rage is the band. A bunch of bands tried this in the '90s. No one outdid Rage.


Aussie Badass' Random 10
1. Alice Cooper - "Feed My Frankenstein". YES. Now we're talking. Classic hard rock / I can play this on bass / Memories of Wayne's World / Why didn't Hungry Man license this?

2. Lil Dicky - "Hannibal Interlude (feat. Hannibal Buress)". Hannibal Buress is a pretty funny dude with weird, awkward delivery. Loved him on Chozen and Broad City - let's see what we have here. Oh, I have to use Soundcloud - YouTube took the audio out of the upload. This is a catchy beat, with trippy sampled soprano vocals and Hannibal tripping me out, mostly about Pikachu. He can rap okay actually, I've never heard tell of him doing such before. Cool track, overall. Also watched "Save Dat Money" - entertaining stuff.

3. Gorillaz - "To Binge". I like Gorillaz but am not up-to-date at all beyond the self-titled album in 2001. They started my slow-burning love affair with trip-hop, though this band itself is kinda all over the place. This song is very relaxing, very mellow. Highly enjoyable track, it hooks you in big-time. The lady from Little Dragon has the perfect voice for this. I'll check out this "Plastic Beaches" album, for sure.

4. Bette Midler - "Wind Beneath My Wings". Know it, love it - it's a classic power ballad. I do lean towards Sonata Arctica's power metal version, but I'm a sucker for Sonata.

5. Ramin Djawadi - "The Children". Oh, Game of Thrones. What can I say even say? One of the few shows I'm actually invested in. The story, sets, cast, charcters action... and the music, of course! So epic, so intense and peaceful at the same damn time. Whoever comissions the music for this series should hire Summoning (the band from Austria that tried their hand at the Lord of the Rings soundtrack before Peter Jackson announced that Howard Shore had gotten on board) to do an album of GoT songs re-worked into symphonic metal.

6. Fat Larry's Band - "Act Like You Know". The GTA series really turns up a lot of great music, huh? Well, not so much with GTA V, but anyways. What an awesome bassline. Smooth vocals, drums a-rockin' steady on... I like this track. I attribute GTA with expanding my initially limited interest in funk music. Great track.

7. Jacques Slade - "Pierce Raps". I need to watch more of Community, it's bloody hilarious. Loved Donald Glover since his DerrickComedy days on YouTube. His Childish Gambino albums are solid stuff, too. Have you seen DerrickComedy's Mystery Team flick? Very funny movie.

8. Will Smith - "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It". Highly familiar, catchy tune. I spent a lot of 1998 listening to Big Willie Style on cassette. Lefteye Lopes made an appearance on it. Good times, although I have to suggest Will's best song was on the Men in Black soundtrack - "Just Cruisin'". Great song, very chill. I had the Men in Black OST on CD back in the day. A 16-year-old Alicia Keys made an early debut on it with "Sexy Thing" and didn't re-appear / make waves until "Fallin'" in 2001. Ah, my hip-hop / R&B days.

9. KoRn - "Hater". Another band that takes me back, though with a mix of nostaglia and bad memories. That said, the "Untouchables" album was one of a handful that helped me through grades 9 and 10. Nothing past that album has really worked for me - well, it's also the fact of me moving into different musical territory in my formative years (having already just recently expanded beyond hip-hop, pop and pop-punk). This song is "tolerable" - I can't connect to it more than that.

10. B*Witched - "C'est la Vie". Whoa, nostalgia trip. I'm a collector of music videos - I have a back-up filled to the brim with videos, placed in sub-folders by decade, and each file is named properly with the year of release at the end. The wonders of OCD, eh? Anyways - I'd forgotten this one in particular and like it quite a bit, so thanks a lot for... well, randoming to it on your music player, Aussie.

Now, here's what my player of 2100 songs turned up on shuffle:

1. The Beatles - "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight" "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight"

2. Cradle of Filth - "Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids""Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids"

3. Helloween -"Dr. Stein" "Dr. Stein"

4. Týr - "Hold the Heathen Hammer High""Hold the Heathen Hammer High"

5. Snow - "Everybody Wants to be Like You""Everybody Wants to be Like You"

6. Interpol - "Slow Hands""Slow Hands"

7. Grey Waters - "Below the Ever Setting Sun""Below the Ever Setting Sun"

8. Aqua - "My Oh My""My Oh My"

9. The Tea Party - "Sister Awake""Sister Awake"

10. Tycho - "A Walk""A Walk"

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By Gorgrim Sun-7-Feb-2016 01:30:57

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The Pilgrim: Wishbown Ash
The Blood is Love (Contradiktor remix): QOTSA
Naked Burn: Mastadon
Dreamscape: In Flames
Bicycle Race: Queen
All Blues: Miles Davies
Jesus is Alive: Dr Ron Kenoly
Blitzkrieg (The Roseland Ballroom Live Version): Metallica
Cthulu Dawn: Cradle of Filth
Holy Moment: Matt Redman

Actually, this is a pretty good cross section of my itunes, the only thing is doesn't show is the amount of classical stuff I have in there, and I have a lot! I do find it kinda funny and interesting that Cthulu Dawn and a pair of Christian Worship songs are included though, makes for an interesting dichotomy... :-P (I don't listen to Cradle of filth, but the wife used to, so we have them in the library ;-) )

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By SennY Sun-7-Feb-2016 05:11:19

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I look at all of your lists and then my own and it makes my list sad... Ah well, here we go.
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted


Just Dance

Gangstas Paradise


Say Something


Do You Hear the People Sing

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Locked Out of Heaven


By rhys Sun-7-Feb-2016 13:26:48

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Updated since I ain't done this since 2014:

Metalingus - Alter Bridge
Californication - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve
Lithium - Nirvana
Hey Ya - Obadiah Parker
No Way Out - Ravenscode
For You - Killswitch Engage
Rise Inside - Killswitch Engage
Bubbles - Biffy Clyro
Knights of Cydonia - Muse

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By Pilgrim Paige Mon-8-Feb-2016 06:18:19

The Moon Maiden · 654 comments

Muse, Nirvana, Killswitch, RHCP, Verve... nice, Rhys.

SennY, it's been a while since I heard "Gangsta's Paradise". Classic. Love "Rooster" and "I Write Sins..." too. Gaga's decent, too.

Gorgrim, some decent metal in there, though it's a shame how off the rails In Flames went and how inconsistent Cradle have been. Manticore was okay, though.

I put way more time and effort into my reactions and list than I'd realized. Would be nice if someone got a little something out of it. 😋

Shouldn't we be doing that some, though? Giving an opinion or two, even just on a familiar song? List threads are too common and easy.

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By benjawi Mon-8-Feb-2016 17:43:00

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Was happy that In Search of Sun, Tremonti and Red got in there. Great bands. If anyone likes Alter Bridge, then you'll love Tremonti as he's one of the guitarists on his own project during breaks between tours.

KoRn - Hater
In Search Of Sun - Draw The Line
Tremonti - Brains
Red - Take Me Over
Ted Nugent - Paralyzed
Red - Of These Chains
Disturbed - What Are You Waiting For
Trivium - Sn##fall
Bring Me The Horizon - Happy Song
Alter Bridge - One Day Remains


By Pilgrim Paige Wed-10-Feb-2016 15:17:38

The Moon Maiden · 654 comments

Tremonti is cool.Trivium... depends. Wow, Red... haven't heard them in many years, I'll give them a listen when I get a chance. Actual good Christian band, like Demon Hunter ("Blood in the Tears") should've been used for a PPV or other promo, for sure.

Seeing as you're into the style, you should check out Atrium for sure. Try "Alive" first but they have no bad songs.

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By Aussie Badass Sun-14-Feb-2016 11:03:25

Jobber · 17 comments

I can never really add to a conversation about music. I either like the song, or I don't. I can't critique a song, because music is just so subjective. I have a lot of memories and feelings toward every song I listen to... So I'll expand my posts with those.

Everything You Ever - Joss Whedon (performed by Neil Patrick Harris)
Makes me feel sad. The climactic song from Joss Whedon's Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Listened the shit out of that soundtrack when I first watched the series. Favourite song from all 3 parts would have to be "My Eyes", followed closely by "Brand New Day".

What Time Is It  - The Jive Five
First heard this song during an episode of The Sopranos. Tony's having a dream about receiving oral pleasure from his therapist. He mouths along to the song as she goes down on him. Such a great scene. The Sopranos is my all time favourite TV show. So many great song discovered because of this show.

Better Off Alone - Grinspoon
No real emotions or memories connected to this song. Aussie band. Good song.

The Light - Disturbed
From their new album... Which I still haven't fully listened to yet. Including this song. Tell ya what, I'll listen to it now and give my thoughts as I listen...
I like it when Dave gets a chance to actually sing. "The Sound Of Silence and "Darkness" are both perfect example of what that dude can do when he isn't using his signature screamy voice.
Listening to the lyrics, seems this song is about finding the light when you're in a dark place. May or may not be a little relevant to me at the moment.
I actually really liked that song. Not as heavy as usual (I like a nice metal ballad), with a good message. That one gets a love heart.

You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You - Dean Martin
Ol' Deano. I went through a big Rat Pack phase in my early 20's. I came out the other end with some great songs from the likes of Sinatra, Sammy, and Deano Martino here. This song, not as good as "That's Amore", "Sway", or "Ain't That A Kick In The Head", but the perfect type of song for Deano.

Look Down - Claude-Michel Schönberg (performed by Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe
I really like beginning of this song. The big swell of music before the singing begins. Everything I know about Les Miserables comes from the 2012 film and The Simpsons, probably. Crowe really just yells throughout the song. Still enjoyable.

Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
One of those songs that have just been there my whole life. I don't love it. Don't hate it. Just something I've been exposed to my whole life, whether it be from movies, television, my mum's music. No music collection is complete without this song.

Ain't Worth The Whiskey - Cole Swindell
A song that kind of snuck up on me. Don't really like country songs, but this song is juuuust rock/pop enough to get my interest. Weird how it's a break-up song,, of sorts, and then he has some random line about the troops fighting overseas. Guess that's American country music for you?

Sabotage - Beastie Boys
This is one of those songs where I really enjoy listening to the first 30 seconds of, but quickly skip sometime after. Just wears thin for me for some reason. The begining jazzes me up, the rest bores me.

December - Collective Soul
No idea what this song is about. I think this was just one of those songs I heard a friend listening to at one stage, and I found it just catchy enough to add it to my library.


By Pilgrim Paige Sun-14-Feb-2016 19:45:05

The Moon Maiden · 654 comments

I love the diversity in your playlists, Aussie. +2 for Collective Soul and Grinspoon. Geez, Grinspoon - takes me back to ECW Extreme Music Volume 1. Also, you should really check out the band I rec'd before - Ninja Sex Party. Try "Dragon Slayer", you shouldn't be disappointed.

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By rhys Sun-14-Feb-2016 19:49:24

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Listening to music again...

Killswitch Engage - Strength of the Mind
From the not yet released new album and sounds great. Typical Killswitch but that's exactly why I love it. Can't wait for the full album.

David Bowie - Life on Mars
Do I need to say anything about this song? Classic & Bowie at his best.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way
Don't really listen to RHCP often but they have plenty of classics including this one.

Papa Roach - ...To Be Loved
Again, don't really listen to them often but this is an old RAW theme song that I quite like..

Fightstar - The English Way
Lead singer from Busted (UK pop band) moved on to a heavier sound with Fightstar while also having a lot of unique elements like choirs, weird riffs and other stuff that makes it feel fresh. If you are into post-hardcore/prog-metal stuff, you might like Fightstar.

Breaking Benjamin - You
Been a BB fan for about ten years. Their old and new stuff sounds fairly different but I like it all.

Alexisonfire - This Could Be Anywhere In The World
Don't really follow this band - but I do like this song. I'm a sucker for screaming verses, singing chorus'.

Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn
KsE come up a lot with me but what can I say? My favourite band and this is one of my favourite songs. Killswitch are the masters of melodic metalcore, in my humble opinion.

Disturbed - Enough
Totally underrated Disturbed song. If you know Disturbed but not this song, it's a must-listen.

twenty one pilots - Heavydirtysoul
twenty one pilots are very difficult to describe, so I'll let Spotify do it for me: rap-infused, high-tech pop. I only found them a few months back and love them because I've not really heard anyone else like them. Heavydirtysoul is a great track that shows exactly what they are about - but they have plenty of other good tracks too.

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By Pilgrim Paige Mon-15-Feb-2016 13:14:53

The Moon Maiden · 654 comments

Decent stuff, Rhys. Yes, Twenty-one Pilots are hard to describe. I only really like "Guns for Hands", fun song to play on bass - that's how I found out about them, from a bass tab.

Alright, I'll shuffle a list to keep on topic, I don't have time to listen or link to anything properly now though...

Scorpions - Lady Starlight
Epica - Storm the Sorrow
Dylan Moran - What It Is [this is an audio rip of a comedy show - great one, at that]
Shaolin Death Squad - Toad
Placebo - Purify
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Syd Barrett - Golden Hair [weird coincidence, going from Drake to Barrett - so similar]
Beauty's Confusion - City
St. Lunatics - Love You So (ft. Cardan)
Folkearth - Tribute to the Viking Gods

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By rhys Sat-1-Oct-2016 21:02:57

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Random 20.

1. "Granite" by Pendulum
2. "Never Change" by Fightstar
3. "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson
4. "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica
5. "Some Say" by Sum 41
6. "Lonely Girl" by Tonight Alive
7. "Runaway" by Devlin
8. "Tears Don't Fall" by Bullet For My Valentine
9. "Lay My Burden Down" by Seamless
10. "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake
11. "Way to Fall" by Starsailor
12. "From Dusk Til Dawn" by BABYMETAL
13. "Waking Up With Wolves" by The Black Maria
14. "Fuck Her Gently (Live)" by Tenacious D
15. "The View From The Afternoon" by Arctic Monkeys
16. "Small Town Boy" by Paradise Lost
17. "Counterbalance" by Threat Signal
18. "Get Down On It" by Kool and the Gang
19. "3s and 7s" by Queens of the Stone Age
20. "Holding On" by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

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By Fish Sat-1-Oct-2016 21:20:29

Mid Card · 260 comments

Ok here we go:

"What I Got" by Sublime
"You Ain't Going Nowhere" by Bob Dylan
"D'yer Maker" by Led Zepplin
"I'm Not Alone" by Widespread Panic
"Can't Get High" by Bloodkin
"I'm So Glad" by Aquarium Rescue Unit
"End of the Show" by Widespread Panic (Bloodkin cover)
"Dark Hollow" by Grateful Dead
"Fallin' and Flyin'" by Jeff Bridges
"Ball of Confusion" by Widespread Panic (Temptations cover)
"Lola" by The Kinks
"Genesis" by Hot Tuna
"I Can't Stop Lovin' You" by Ray Charles
"Reminds Me of You" by Van Morrison
"Out on the Weekend" by Neil Young
"Loser" by Grateful Dead
"Over the Hills & Far Away" by Widespread Panic (Led Zepplin cover)
"Happy Hour Hero" by moe.
"Barstool" by The String Cheese Incident
"Band on the Run" by Widespread Panic (Wings cover)


By Gorgrim Sun-2-Oct-2016 01:26:14

Main Event · 734 comments

From Yesterday (The Wish) - 30 Seconds to Mars music Video
Personally I've not really been into this band and wouldn't have bought the music video, but then, that's the beauty of marriage.... Your music librery becomes cluttered with this stuff!

Wire - Third Day
Christian rock band that I kinda grew up on, I particularly enjoyed their earlier stuff. They've gone a bit country for my liking these days...

New Orleans - Gillan
Not a clue, honestly! Thi was on a monsters of rock compolation that I probably stole from my Dad and copied before giving it back!

Your Betrayal - Bullet For My Valentine
I do enjoy a bit of Bullet and I do like their sound. However, this is another example of what happens when two people with large music collections come together and dump it all into one. In this case, it's a good thng ;-)

Like It, Love It, Need It - DC Talk
Another Christian band  grew up on, these were pretty much the Christian version of the Beastie Boys in that it was rock with a lot of rapping going on. These guys were damn good at what they did and their songs all had a great message.

Eye of the Storm - Bullet For My Valentine
See above! :-P

Vultures - John Mayer
Ah, John Mayer... A fabulously talented musician and it shows with this album. One of the great guitarists of thi generation methinks.

Come Together - Marcus Miller
What John Mayer is to electric guitar, so Marcus Miller is to bass. Amazing player and even got to work with Miles Davis before he died. This is a great funky cover of a classic rock song. Very much worth a listen.

Sonny - Funeral For a Friend
Saw these guys some years ago when they got to support Iron Maiden on their Dance of Death tour. The weren't bad, but they did suffer from inexperience... Was never massively into em, but the wife lied them, so their in our library.

Touch of Red - In Flames
In Flames were one of the bands that introduced me to the heavier death metal sound. I really like them, even their newer stuff.

Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
What can I say, Classic Danny Elfman. Not my favourite song from the film, but fun nonetheless.

Speechless - Michael Jackson
What can I say. A music collection isn't complete without a bit of the King of Pop in there somewhere!

Suspension - Mae
Yet another Christian band that I found many years ago. Haven't really listened to them for some time and if 'm honest, I'm still a little on the fence about them. Quite poppy, but decent in their own way I suppose

Doomsday - Arteyu
I used to get Metal Hammer a lot, so I have a lot of random metal songs in there. And this just happens to be one. Screamy American metal and a precursor to the whole emo scene.

Joyfully Joyfully - Ron Kenoly
If you like gospel music then Ron Kenoly is worth checking out. He's been at it for years and has one of the best bands I have heard backing him up. Though I will admit, you do get the feeling of once I've heard one album, I've kinda heard them all...

Just a Girl - No Doubt
Another one of the wifes contributions to this list. still, it's a decent song by a decent band. Wh fancies eeing a reunion?!

Ballad of a Broken Man - Duke Special
If you've not heard of Duke Special, get yourself onto youtube and do yourself a favour! This guy is a fantastic singer songwriter. Just go listen to him... please...

Innocent - Third Day
Agan, see above.

The Invisible Man - Queen
Probably the best rock band in the history of Rock Music... (wow, what a sweeping statement!) This may not be their best track, but it's fun and quirky and shows a frankly, quite nerdy side to the band, which is never a bad thing imo.

Rosenklavier Suite Mvt 4 - Richard Strauss
Ok, finally a classical piece! This is a waltz, if anyone is interested, something that Richard Strauss was famous for. And as the final movement for the piece it's rather grandiose without taking itself too seriously. And quite easy listening too if yo're not really experienced with classical.

Ok, I will admit that I literally ran through 20 songs on my itunes to get this list, but again, it's quite interesting with a decent cross section of the several thousand (or well, 50Gb anyway) songs and pieces on there. I hope somebody finds something of interest on here anyway.

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By rhys Mon-10-Apr-2017 22:52:54

Admin and 4CW Head Booker · 5,095 comments

1. Master of Puppets by Metallica

2. Window and the Watcher by The Butterfly Effect
Pretty decent hard rock track from this Australian band,

3. Dead Inside by Muse
Muse are a great band, this is one of their better tracks.

4. Little Marie by Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry is just good to listen to, no more needs to be said.

5. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
Classic love track.

6. JBL by Nizlopi
Folk track reminiscing on childhood and a father-son bond. Feel good song and a personal favourite.

7. Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
Classic Who track. And yes I like the Limp Bizkit version. Come at me.

8. Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas
My shuffles are leaning towards classic rock tracks tonight it seems.

9. Live and Let Die by Guns N' Roses
Another classic rock track. Great cover. Iconic sound.

10. Fading by Decyfer Down
This rock track is catchy and intense. Maybe a little generic but I really like it.

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By rhys Thu-5-Mar-2020 18:41:11

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New decade, new shuffle list. I have over 6,700 in my library so hopefully there'll be some nice diversity here. 20 songs.

Last Light by Bury Tomorrow
We Turn Red by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Drop the World by Lil Wayne ft Eminem
I Am The Resurrection by The Stone Roses
The Scientist by Coldplay
op of the World by Who's Molly?
St Paul's by Deaf Havana
Vide Infra by Killswitch Engage
The Realest by Issues
Reverend by Kings of Leon
Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin
Your Last Breath by Devil You Know
Fade by Northlane
m i s t by eevee
Red Red Wine by UB40
The Quickening by The Fallen State
Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Entombed by Deftones
Asleep by The Smiths
Don't Stand So Close To Me by The Police

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By Gorgrim Sat-7-Mar-2020 19:44:50

Main Event · 734 comments

Hmmm, been building a bit of a playlist myself over the last year or so... so here we go, the first 20 songs from tonights listen through:

Square Hammer - Ghost
The Shooting Star - Gojira
Under Pressure (Rah Mix) - Queen/David Bowie
Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
Map of the Problematique - Muse
Wheels of Steel - Saxon
A Kind of Magic - Queen
The Narrows - RATM
Thoughts of the Dying Atheist - Muse
Mindset's a Threat - RATM
Denim & Leather - Saxon
Wasted Years  - Iron Maiden
Micro Cuts - Muse
Freedom - RATM
Take the Power Back - RATM
Unintended - Muse
Fever - Judas Priest
From Heaven to Hell - Diamond Head
Vision of Belshazzar - Atomkraft
Cut Throat - Razor

I gotta admit, Spotify's random function isn't particularly great, considering the amount of different bands I have on there and the amount of Muse/RATM thats in this list! :-P not that I'm complaining, if I didn't like em, they wouldn't be on the list in the first place! Lol!

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