What's your all time favourite band?


By rhys Fri-3-Jul-2020 14:55:19

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If you could pick just one band as your all time favourite, who would it be?

Anyone who knows me knows mine is obviously Killswitch Engage. In my opinion, the absolute behemoths of metalcore and a pioneer of the genre. After twenty years, two lead singers and eight albums, they are consistently releasing amazing music. Only one album has been a bit of a dud, but even that album I find myself enjoying at times.

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By Ninjak_XO Mon-6-Jul-2020 09:05:06

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Linkin Park. They have some banging albums. They even did a collab album with Jay Z (called Collision Course), and although Jay Z doesn't do my kind of music, it was a good album. It had the added bonus of Jay Z being the kind of music that my best mate likes, so we could both listen to the album and appreciate it.



By Gorgrim Mon-6-Jul-2020 18:17:10

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Gotta be Iron Maiden for me. With a career half way through their fifth decade, they're still releasing amazing music and giving incredible performances, whilst still being humble people. A great model for any other band to base themselves on!

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By Jalouis Fri-21-Jul-2023 04:59:58

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Pink Floyd. Not much competition when it comes to best band.


By Ericbarker306 Tue-25-Jul-2023 03:25:32

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My current favorite band is Palaye Royale.