Is Disney doing Star Wars right?


By Sery Sat-17-Jun-2017 18:05:10

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So since Disney has taken over the franchise they have released two films. Both have gotten mostly really good reviews. My question to all the Star Wars junkies here is, is Disney doing it right? I thought the Force Awakens was awesome. Loved the real sets and how it wasn't overly CGI! Rogue One was decent also. But I think the franchise is in good hands. The ending sequence in Rogue One where Vader goes ape shit was amazing... Made me want to go watch 4 again right away.

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By benjawi Sat-17-Jun-2017 18:27:42

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They're doing fine so far. I love Star Wars tho so I'm not wanting them to fail at all, I want them to keep going from strength to strength. The comics have been good since Disney took over and sold the comic rights to Marvel. Disney are definitely on the right path with Star Wars as far as I'm concerned. But only time will tell since they're planning a lot more films to come. Hope they can keep the standards up and keep improving. I expect them to, because it's not a waste of money pumping it into the films since they make a lot back.


By SennY Sat-17-Jun-2017 23:21:47

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There have been little things that have bugged me in the new movies because you can tell it's just fan service, but all in all they've done amazing. Also the fact that Disney is kind of over ruling directors on certain aspects is great also. Everyone was up in arms about Disney making them do reshoots for Rogue One but it turns out what they made them shoot was the part everyone talks about, Vader going to 11. The original ending had Vader arriving after the ship had left and just standing there.


By Gorgrim Sun-18-Jun-2017 01:00:20

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I'm enjoying it so far, and considering some of the rumours going around as to what's coming up, I can even say I'm excited! The content so far has been at a minimum, good, and although there are some glaring improbabilities in Force Awakens, it's a fantasy film, so physics kind of has to take a back seat! :-P

All in all, Disney is doing well with it and someone there actually seem to know what the hell they're doing, which is always a good thing!

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