4CW Storm Front - September 25, 2022


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4CW Presents… Storm Front
September 25, 2022
Live from London, England


Phoenix: Hello everyone and WELCOME to 4CW STORM FRONT! We are LIVE from London, England! We’ve come across the pond to our home away from home and we have a card tonight worthy of this prestigious show! I’m joined as always by my broadcast partners, Ray Jeffrey and James Roberts!
Jeffrey: And I am hyped to be here, Scott! What a show we’ve got lined up!
Roberts: It’s certainly one to be excited for!
Phoenix: In our main event tonight, Rhys Cain will go one on one with Tommy Young! Cain will take on Young’s mentor Brian White for the Undisputed 4CW World Championship at Gallows End, and he will see this match as a stepping stone to his bigger challenge - however, Young plays stepping stone for no-one! Young is on a tear to prove tonight that he can beat the 4CW Hall of Famer! And he’s been on quite a run lately, with victories over Jon Viper and Xavier Avana in recent months!
Roberts: And that’s not all! We also have a tag team match between Synth City Thrillers and the 4CW Tag Team Champions Neon Moon! Neon Moon are looking to build momentum heading into their match at Gallows End against Umbra Maxima!
Jeffrey: And they are gonna need all the momentum they can get to topple the greatest tag champions in 4CW history! But right now, I hear Gabriel Crowe is backstage with Synth City - let's hear what they have to say!

We cut backstage where Devon Drummond and Reuben Kojo stand in the interview area, ready to be interviewed by Gabriel Crowe.

Crowe: I am joined her tonight by Devon Drummond and Reuben Kojo, the Synth City Thrillers! Guys, tonight you face the tag champions Neon Moon in a non-title match ahead of their title defence against Umbra Maxima at Gallows End - do you have anything to say ahead of the match?

Drummond: Yeah, actually. Something real important. You know we’re here to have a good time, but some people take that to mean we don’t take this seriously enough. Make no mistake: every match we have is the most important match of our lives. Tonight, we face the tag champions - and we know we’re not next in line for a title shot, but Umbra Maxima have their shot, no matter what, at Gallows End - and I don’t think they care who they face. And since we’re here in our homeland, what say we make this interesting? Neon Moon! We challenge you to put those titles on the line and give these British fans the match they deserve! You are obviously well within your rights to refuse, but we feel like we know you well enough that you will accept. And since that match is coming up next, we’re gonna go out on a limb and assume you’ve already accepted! So we’ll see you out there after the break… and unless you have a problem with it, Carson can announce that the following contest is for the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Roberts: Is this really happening?
Phoenix: Well, I don’t think Neon Moon are going to turn down any challenge for the titles! So I think it’s safe to assume it is! Tag title match, right after the break! Don’t go anywhere!!


Kavinsky's "Roadgame" cruises its way into the PA system. The fans are feeling the groovy beat, and a MEGA pop rings out when the hometown heroes, Synth City Thrillers arrive on the stage, bopping along with the music.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAAAMPIONSHIPS!! Introducing first... the challengers, hailing from LONDON, ENGLAND and weighing in at a combined weight of 454lbs ... DEVON DRUMMOND ... REUBEN KOJO ... THE SYNTH CITYYYYYYY ... THRILLERS!!

On the stage, both Drummond and Kojo do a little running man dance, followed by a spin on the spot and a fist bump. They then proceed down the ramp, grooving and fist-bumping fans along the way.

Roberts: This is a HUGE opportunity for King Kojo and The Keeper of the Keys Devon Drummond! These guys are hard workers, the hometown fans are on board and I have to admit, it's hard not to root for the Synth City Thrillers!
Jeffrey: Yeah.. kinda like how it's hard not to root through your mother's bottom drawer, even on No-Toy Tuesday!
Phoenix: Jesus, Ray, do you ever stop and think before you speak?!
Jeffrey: Sometimes I have to stop and think about what the latest safe word is. Does that count?

Drummond and Kojo roll into the ring and climb opposite turnbuckles, pumping up the crowd by asking them to raise the roof—a request that this capacity crowd is happy to oblige!

Phoenix: Gotta love that jovial nature, but make no mistake, folks: As soon as the bell rings, these guys mean business!

The lights go out and the 4CWTron flickers to life as "Mystery" by Wee Free Music creeps through the speakers. The shadowy forms of Pilgrim Paige and Kinzy Kane appear on screen, standing side-by-side on the sidewalk of a futuristic city street, complete with fast-moving vehicles that rush by in a blur. They turn away from the street, walk down a foggy alleyway and are barely visible in the darkness. Soon, the stage itself is surrounded by fog. As the eerie tune continues, the Tron displays a glitchy array of coloured bars, broken up intermittently by distorted clips from classic sci-fi films.

Jeffrey: These two really have their whole aesthetic down pat, huh?
Phoenix: Shh, you're ruining the immersion.
Jeffrey: Did you just shush me?!

"Mystery" ends, the Tron goes dark and an engine can be heard revving up. A lone spotlight is cast upon centre stage, Turboslash's "GodMode Domination kicks in and a film-accurate Delorean comes rolling through the fog! Kinzy is driving; Paige is rocking out in the passenger seat.

Roberts: That's a Delorean.
Jeffrey: No shit.
Roberts: That's a frickin' Delorean!
Jeffrey: Shut up, Roberts, I know! Don't shit your nerd-pants, nerd!

Carson: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 264lbs... they are the 4CW Tag Team Champions and coming to us from The Dark Side of Neontario... the team of "Neon Rain" Kinzy Kane and Pilgrim Paige... NEON MOOOOOON!!

Paige and Kinzy exit through the gull-wing doors. Kinzy is dressed up in a lab coat and has a pair of goggles pushed back on her forehead, while Paige is wearing an orange puffer vest over her ring gear. The girls dash down to the ring and slide in together. They rise from the mat in sync, climb opposing corners and "WOOOOOO!!" along with the rowdy crowd!

Roberts: According to Paige, the Neon Moon motto is "Play hard, train hard, fight hard!"
Jeffrey: I guess we can add "drive hard" in there as well! Nerd stuff aside, that is a cool car!
Phoenix: Neon Moon's motto would no doubt resonate with Drummond and Kojo as well. That being said, we've got history here, as Kinzy and Synth City—known collectively as Hyperdrive—were briefly the Franchise Champions a while back! It'll be interesting to see how these two teams have scouted one another and what tricks may need to be pulled off to get the win.
Roberts: Yes indeed, but it must be noted that there's no history between Paige and the Thrillers, and that may make her a bit of a wildcard in this match.

Once Michael Carson has exited the ring, junior referee Vivian Ford displays the tag champs' belts for all to see, then hands them off to an attendant and calls for the bell.

4CW Tag Team Championships
Neon Moon © vs Synth City Thrillers

The two teams take up opposing corners and determine who will start out in the ring; after some brief discussion, Pilgrim Paige and Reuben Kojo take up their respective positions on the apron.

Roberts: So it'll be Kinzy Kane squaring off against Devon Drummond in the opening encounter!

The two competitors meet at the middle of the ring and bump their fists together before backing up and measuring each other. They begin circling, but this comes to an abrupt end when Drummond rushes forward, slides behind Kinzy and puts her face-down on the mat with a traditional waist-lock takedown! Drummond tries to maintain and tighten up the waist-lock; Kinzy retaliates with a flurry of elbows and makes it back onto her feet, but Drummond won't let go! The Leeds native hammers away at Kinzy's back, then takes her for a ride in a release German suplex, but she's ready for it and manages to land on her feet! Before Drummond can even turn around, "Neon Rain" runs, jumps and takes down her ex-teammate with the Throwback!

Phoenix: Kinzy calls that move Back to the Future! This match is just getting started and we're already playing with time!
Roberts: Don't let Quentin Cosmo hear you say that, he might take it as a challenge!

Kinzy makes a quick tag to Paige. The champs bounce off opposite ropes and punish Drummond with jumping double-foot stomps to the back!

Phoenix: According to Kinzy, that one's called the Digital Footprint. A hell of a way to take charge in the early goings!
Jeffrey: Okay, now I'm really wondering about the time thing—I swear this sounds familiar. Wait, I know: You've rattled off her solo moves, too! How much time do you spend talking to hot 20-somethings, ya old dog?!
Phoenix: I talk to all manner of talent and crew before a show, Ray. Don't be jealous of me just 'cause you're disliked!

Kinzy rolls out of the ring and takes position on the apron before Ford can even count to two. Meanwhile, Paige inflicts more damage by dropping hammer-fists on Drummond's back, then shoots the half.



Drummond emphatically escapes the pin by tossing Paige off of him! Undeterred, she kips up and immediately launches into a running star press, but Drummond gets the knees up! Drummond scrambles to his feet and performs an O'Connor roll!



TH—NO! Paige kicks out and scrambles away while the fans makes their enjoyment heard!

Phoenix: Close one!
Roberts: No kidding! Always great to see such spirited competition right out of the gate!
Jeffrey: Shut up, Roberts! Voice like I don't know what. And FYI, Scotty, I'm not "disliked"... I'm just envied for my success!

Paige and Drummond circle each other a bit before closing the distance, where Drummond finds himself getting stung by Paige's quickness: A shoot kick to the thigh comes in lightning-fast, then is followed by a hard knife edge chop while he's off balance! Paige takes to the ropes but Drummond bursts into action, gets there a half-second later and shuts her down with a knee lift. He follows with an irish whip and on the return, he takes Paige down with a picture-perfect Japanese arm drag!

Roberts: Great technique from The Keeper of the Keys!

Paige scrambles back up and swings wildly, only to be caught around the waist and driven to the mat in a gutwrench suplex! Drummond covers!




The left shoulder comes up well ahead of the three.

Phoenix: It takes a lot more than that to keep the Lunar Pilgrim down! Wise to cover, though—make her expend energy.

Drummond drags Paige to his corner and—to a pop—tags in Reuben Kojo.

Jeffrey: Well he might keep her down!
Roberts: Stiff strikes, heavy grapples and deceptively quick—that's what Reuben Kojo is all about!

Kojo quickly yanks Paige onto her feet, whips her into the ropes and damn near puts her up in the rafters with a big back body drop! Paige surprisingly gets right back up and tries to rush her opponent, but runs right into a big boot courtesy of The Knockout King! Kojo then runs the ropes and lands a flipping senton, making the Lunar Pilgrim see stars! He covers...




On the apron, Kinzy watches in frustration, clearly itching for a tag.

Phoenix: Paige is still in this thing, but the tide has definitely turned in Synth City's favour!

Undeterred, Kojo picks Paige back up. She throws a desperate body shot and immediately regrets it when Kojo shouts "GOOD IDEA" and proceeds to land a series of alternating body blows, then caps it off by holding Paige by the head with his left hand and bringing his right down in a brutal overhand chop to the chest! The impact resounds through the arena, as does the collective "WOOOO!" from the crowd!

Phoenix: My days, what a nasty chop from King Kojo!
Jeffrey: So that's how they make those fake grilled marks on frozen patties! I always wondered!

Paige dazedly crawls into a neutral corner and sits there, slumped. Sadly for her, this gives Kojo another lightbulb moment.

Roberts: That's not where you wanna be!

Kojo merrily skips off to the opposite corner, takes off like a shot and cannonballs right into the buckle! Paige evades!

Jeffrey: CRASH AND BURN! That's awesome! But y'know.. how?!
Phoenix: I think Paige played possum on that one, Ray—she wasn't quite as out of it as she seemed.

Referee Vivian Ford checks on Kojo, who landed quite high on his shoulders after bouncing off the buckle. Drummond is visibly and vocally concerned, but Ford soon signals that Kojo is alright to continue. Meanwhile, an alert (but spent) Paige begins the slow crawl toward her corner; a few seconds later, Kojo begins dragging himself along the bottom rope toward the challengers' corner. Kinzy and Drummond are both antsy to tag their respective partners!

Roberts: Who's gonna get there first?!

Paige beats Kojo to the tag by a mere second and the crowd is hot! While Devon Drummond steps in through the ropes, Kinzy Kane slingshots herself into the ring, takes off running and knocks him down with a dropkick! With her adrenaline pumping like crazy, she bounces off the ropes and puts a recovering Drummond on his knees with a stunning bicycle knee lift! Wasting no time, Kinzy performs a partial handstand, locks her legs around Devon's neck and plants his face into the mat!

Phoenix: Neural Implant! Kinzy Kane is a house of fire!

Kinzy stalks her opponent, fully in control. When Drummond finds his feet, Kinzy is right behind him. She hooks his arms and attempts to twist round for the Unprettier, but Drummond fights to hold his ground. With some effort, she manages to turn him round but gets shoved away to the ropes—right into an elbow smash from Kojo! Kinzy stumbles back, gets put in a waistlock and falls victim to a bridging Regal-Plex!




Jeffrey: DAMN! That was super close!
Roberts: Very wise play by Kojo, he created a hell of an opening and got very close to tasting gold!

Devon Drummond has to check with Vivian Ford that he really didn't get the three count, and her response in the affirmative doesn't please him. For a moment, he just kneels beside his supine opponent with his hands on his hips, visibly frustrated.

Phoenix: Now's not the time to get worked up about it, kid!

All at once, Drummond has a hold of Kinzy's hair; he yanks her into a seated position and repeatedly pulls her head toward him as he bashes away at her face with vicious elbow strikes!

Phoenix: Dammit! Devon's Demons have come out to play!

The ref begins her 5-count, but Paige isn't having it—she launches herself into the ring and shoves Drummond off her partner!

Jeffrey: Wow, this match is breaking down fast! How the hell did we get here?!

Kojo is fed up in his own right and decides to throw himself into the fracas! He rushes Paige and attempts a clothesline, but she ducks it, dashes at Drummond and takes him out with the running codebreaker!!


Kojo comes up behind Paige and grabs a fistful of long purple hair, only for her to twist around and give him a face-full of poison mist behind the ref's back!! Kinzy Kane—whose forehead is bleeding from the elbow shots—hazily turns onto her belly and drapes an arm over Drummond...




In a moment of literal blind luck, Reuben Kojo slams Paige down with his brutal Uranage—right onto Kinzy and Drummond! An "OOOOH!" rings out from the stands.

Jeffrey: WOOHOOHOO!!!
Phoenix: Good lord! Kojo may not even know it, but he just saved the match for Synth City!

Kojo stumbles around the ring and ultimately tumbles out, hearing but not seeing the crowd going wild! For a moment, junior referee Vivian Ford isn't sure what to do; she ultimately turns her attention to Paige, who manages to roll out to the apron when Ford insists she has to exit the ring. Ford then starts up a 10-count on Kinzy and Drummond. At 6, Paige regains her senses on the apron while Kinzy begins a laborious crawl toward her corner. At 7, Drummond manages to get back up with the aid of the ropes, but can't tag out since Kojo is still rubbing his teary eyes at ringside. At 8, Kinzy's gruelling efforts pay off and the crowd pops when her hand meets Paige's!

Roberts: And with that, the freshest competitor in this match is now legal!

Getting a second wind, Drummond gets to Paige before she can get to him, but his running lariat gets ducked! The Hall of Famer uses the opening to kick Drummond in the solar plexus, then makes him hurt with a sitout jawbreaker! Drummond doesn't go down, but probably wishes he had when Paige puts his face to the mat with a scissored DDT!

Phoenix: Astral Connection! Been a while since we've seen that one.
Roberts: The Thrillers are taking Neon Moon to the limit in this match, they've gotta pull out all the stops!

With Drummond already in a suitable position, Paige quickly climbs the ropes in her corner, ready to finish this chaotic contest. The moment she makes it to the top turnbuckle, she takes to the skies and brings both feet down onto nothing but canvas as  Drummond rolls out of the way! Paige impressively manages to roll through the failed stomp, but Drummond rams his right shoulder into the back of Paige's calf, putting her onto one knee. Drummond continues his aggressive streak by giving Paige a receipt for the shove she gave him earlier, then turns her onto her side, grapevines the leg and hooks in his grounded top wristlock!

Roberts: The Damned, United right in the middle of the ring, and with the grapevine, no less! Paige has nowhere to go!
Jeffrey: New champions, I'm calling it now!

Within seconds, Paige is writhing and yelling in pain. A series of different close-ups tells the story of the match thus far: Kojo's tear-streaked face is covered in viscous purple liquid; Drummond's face is a mask of raw intensity as he wrenches away at the bent wrist of his opponent; Paige's face is contorted with agony; and Kinzy's face is a mask of crimson. Beneath all that blood, Kinzy's protective instinct awakens to the sounds of Paige's pained shouting, and the bloodied young competitor stumbles into the ring and begins hammering away at Drummond's back, breaking up the hold!

Roberts: How Kinzy Kane is still conscious, let alone competing is beyond me!
Phoenix: She's built of tough stuff, no doubt about it. Much like her partner, in that regard.

Kinzy's blows grow weak and Drummond soon simply shoves her off of him. With an animal roar, he gets back up, grabs Kinzy by the head and waist, and launches her out of the ring—right into the waiting arms of the recovered Reuben Kojo! Kojo hoists Kinzy up to bring her down with a rib breaker, but she manages to stagger him and escape his grasp by landing hammer-fists to the head! Meanwhile, in the ring, Drummond's attention is already back on Paige; he picks her up onto her feet, holds her head with one hand and uses the other to put her right back down with a European uppercut!

Phoenix: Beat of the Drummond! Paige got rocked!

At ringside, Kinzy attempts to follow up her hammer-fists with a jawbreaker, but Kojo drives a knee into Kinzy's ribs, sending her staggering back against the apron. Seizing the opening, The Knockout King wheels around and delivers a spinning roundhouse kick to the near ringpost as Kinzy evades! Kojo crumbles to the floor, hurting bad! At the same time, Devon Drummond lifts Paige up onto his shoulders, crosses her legs and takes her out with his devastating Samoan Driver!!

Roberts: IT'S COMING HOME!!!

Exhausted but sensing victory, Drummond remains in his seated position and hooks a leg...



THR-Running blockbuster from Kinzy!

With a last burst of strength, "Neon Rain" Kinzy Kane heads out to the apron, gets hangtime on a great springboard and drives the point of her right elbow into Drummond's chest!!

Phoenix: First-ever NEON RAINMAKER!!!
Jeffrey: Of course you know that!

Kinzy drags Paige on top of Drummond and rolls herself out onto the apron...





Carson: Here are your winners and STILL the 4CW Tag Team Champions... KINZY KANE... PILGRIM PAIGE... NEON MOOOOOON!!

Roberts: I don't think anyone imagined this match to play out the way it did! This was utterly chaotic and brutal!
Jeffrey: Fuck yeah! I've never been quite sold on the Synth City Thrillers, but they went hell-for-leather in this match! And how about Kinzy Kane? I like the girl and all, and obviously she's hotter than a fresh-fucked fox in a forest fire, but she really earned her stripes tonight, huh?!
Phoenix: She really earned her stripes here on Storm Front! Not to take anything away from anyone else in this match, everyone put in 100% for sure. But it's not every day you see guts like Kinzy Kane displayed here tonight! All that being said, I have respect for both these teams, but that Drummond has gotta get his rage in check; he might have walked out of here with tag team gold around his waist if he had.

Drummond helps Kojo get back up and provides a literal shoulder to lean on while heading up the ramp. Referee Vivian Ford raises Paige's hand, then checks on Kinzy and finds that the bleeding has thankfully stopped.

With considerable effort and help from both Paige and Ford, Kinzy gets back up on her feet and has her hand raised, to the sounds of applause and loud vocal approval from the crowd as we go to an ad break.


Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

”You’re not Ready” by Skillet hits the PA system. Xavier Avana steps out on stage to a big pop from the crowd. He looks ready for competition as he makes his way quickly down to the ring.

Carson: Introducing first, weighing in at 230lbs… he is XAVIEEEEER … AVANAAAA!!

Phoenix: Xavier Avana, the former 4CW Custom Cup Champion, has a rematch against Jack Valentine at Gallows End in a First Blood match! Valentine has been making Avana’s life hell, including costing him a match versus Tommy Young last week!
Roberts: There’s a healthy respect between Tommy and Xavier, but there’s also a bit of begrudgement in there from the side of Tommy - remember, it was Tommy’s grandfather’s war jacket that he wagered against Avana when he was Custom Cup Champion. Avana won that match and still owns that jacket. While he earned it fair and square, Tommy has got to be itching to get it back.
Jeffrey: Well, unless they put another wager on a rematch, I don’t think he’s getting it. Maybe if Tommy wasn’t such an idiot he wouldn’t have gambled a family heirloom in a fucking wrestling match!
Phoenix: Your colourful language aside, it certainly was a big risk for Tommy that ultimately blew up in his face. But tonight, we’re here to talk about Avana. He is hungry to get back his Custom Cup Championship and he will want to build as much momentum as he can going into this match!

”Muggsy Bogues (fg. V)” by AllttA hits the PA system. A respectable pop for the newest member of The Supergroup as he steps out from behind the curtain, with no posse with him tonight.

Carson: And his opponent, from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 230lbs, JEROME … GRAYSON!!

Phoenix: It turns out the other members of The Supergroup are busy with press detail this week, so Jerome Grayson is out here alone!
Jeffrey: He has the size and likely the strength on Avana for sure, but Avana has that big match experience that Grayson sorely lacks, making Grayson quite the underdog here tonight!
Roberts: That’s not to say Grayson can’t be dangerous.
Jeffrey: Well, no… that’s why I didn’t say that, asshat. Just do me a favour and SHUT UP, ROBERTS!!

Singles match
Xavier Avana vs Jerome Grayson

Grayson towers over Avana by a couple inches as they go head to head in the middle of the ring. The referee, Jason Trent, gives his usual pre-match spiel and does his checks, then sends each competitor to a corner and rings the bell. Immediately, the two run at each other and Grayson is able to surprise Avana with the quickness of his clothesline, wiping out the former champion.

Jeffrey: And it seems Valentine’s recent antics have maybe gotten into the head of Avana because he started this match half-asleep!
Phoenix: Well there is no doubt that if nothing else, that clothesline just woke him up!

Avana gets back to his feet but is immediately knocked down with a shoulder block from Grayson. Grayson picks up Avana, sends him to the ropes, and takes him out with a big boot upon his return! Grayson hooks the leg for an early cover 1… kickout from Avana!

Grayson, somewhat offended by the kick out at one, rips Avana off the mat and back to his feet, then whips Avana into the corner. He then chases after Avana and hits a clothesline in the corner, knocking the former Custom Cup Champion for six. Grayson whips Avana into the opposite corner before he has a chance to recover then chases after him for another clothesline. This time Avana gets a boot up, then ducks a half-blind swipe from Grayson. Avana hits a standing dropkick into the back of Grayson, sending him crashing into the corner.

Phoenix: Looks like Avana finally got in gear!

With Grayson groggy in the corner, Avana runs at him and hits a BENT OUTTA SHAPE helluva kick out of nowhere!! Grayson collapses in a heap, seemingly knocked out cold. Avana makes the cover! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner… XAVIEEEEEER … AVANAAAA!!

The crowd explodes for the sudden and shockingly dominant victory as Avana’s theme blasts through the speakers. Ringside doctors check on the KO’d Grayson.

Phoenix: WOW! An emphatic, sudden victory for Avana! He knocked Grayson out CLEAN with that Helluva Kick!
Jeffrey: Very impressive, no doubt! And makes up for getting screwed last week - but let’s remember, at Gallows End, to beat Valentine and win that title back, he has to make him bleed!

As Jeffrey says this, the camera pans in on Grayson who does indeed have a bloody mouth!

Roberts: You mean, just like that? If Avana hits the Helluva Kick at Gallows End, it could be over in a flash for Jack Valentine!

Avana celebrates his victory and then heads up the ramp, with his entrance and exit lasting longer than the match itself. We cut to a break.


Quentin Cosmo’s spaceship opens up a discreet back panel and Cosmo sneaks out, title on his shoulder, looking around suspiciously.

Cosmo: Out of food… catering can’t be that far away, right?

Cosmo sneaks away, not realising the camera is on him at any point. We cut back to the ring where Michael Carson is ready to announce the next match.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

”Ravenous” by Killswitch Engage hits the PA system. Eli Waters, surrounded by Zephyris and The Liberation, comes out from behind the curtain.

Carson: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by The Black Flame, from Newport, Wales, weighing in at 231lbs, he is THE HORIZON… ELIIIII … WATERS!!

Phoenix: Here comes Eli Waters and of course he comes out with all three members of The Black Flame to stand in his corner.
Jeffrey: Ya gotta keep your friends close by, Scotty. It’s good for mental health. That’s why I keep you around, for my mental health.
Phoenix: Well, you being around certainly does affect my mental health.
Jeffrey: Positively, right?
Jeffrey: Right??

”Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica hits the PA system and the crowd EXPLODES with a monster pop as the World Champion bursts through the curtain out onto the stage.

Carson: And his opponent, from Barry, South Wales, weighing in at 385lbs, he is the 4CW UNDISPUTED WOOOORLD CHAMPION … BRIAN … THE FREIGHT TRAAAAAAAIN … WHIIIITE!!

While Waters stands arrogant in the ring, surrounded by his goons, White stands alone - and doesn’t look in the slightest bit concerned - in fact, he seems to see The Black Flame as a challenge to relish.

Phoenix: Brian White, the World Champion, is marching to the ring like he’s not here to play any games!
Jeffrey: He’s already dropped the World Title midway down the ramp, he’s here for a scrap!

Zephyris and The Liberation meet White on the ramp and each of them are taken out with successive elbows and headbutts. With White standing tall with The Black Flame sprawled around him on the ramp, he glares up and points at Waters.The arrogant grin from Waters is replaced with a nasty snarl. White gets into the ring and the referee, Jason Trent, proactively calls for the bell as White stampedes at his opponent.

Singles match
Eli Waters vs Brian White

White smashes into Waters with a shoulder barge that knocks him down. Waters rolls away and is quickly back on his feet and the two clash in a grapple in the middle of the ring. Waters is easily overpowered by White who pushes him into the corner then unleashes an open hand chop that echoes around the arena. Waters stumbles away but White grabs him and hits a body slam. He then goes to the ropes and follows it up with a leg drop! Hook of the leg! 1…2…kickout!

Phoenix: White has come into this match in full steam!
Roberts: And Waters will have to bring his A-Game if he wants to keep up!

White continues to dominate as he hits another body slam and follows up with a big splash but only gets another two count. White then picks up Waters and sends him to the ropes. White charges at Waters in the corner, but Waters slips out of the way. Waters then unleashes a few right hands to the cornered White until White palms him away. Waters recovers, ducks a clothesline attempt from Waters, and takes him out from behind with a neckbreaker! 1…2… no! Kickout from White!

Phoenix: And Waters gives as good as he gets from the World Champion!
Jeffrey: Knowing White, that’ll just spike his adrenaline more!

The match continues with some back and forth action for a couple of minutes. The pattern follows with White dominating, until Waters is able to predict and counter a strike into a couple of dropkicks, but nothing that is able to put away the champion. Waters tries to take control of the match by attempting a suplex on White, but he isn’t able get The Freight Train up and he reverses into a suplex of his own.

White gets Waters back into a corner and this time takes him out with the Stinger Splash which sets White up perfectly to run at the ropes and take out Waters with a RUNAWAY TRAIN!! White makes the cover! ONE … TWO … Zephyris suddenly appears and puts Waters’ foot on the rope! THR-- the referee notices the foot on the rope at the last second and stops the count!

Phoenix: It looks like Zephyris wasn’t fully dealth with! That was one hell of a spear from White but Zephyris saved his leader there!

Zephyris is hiding behind the apron, snickering, thinking he’s gone unnoticed, until White leans over, grabs him by the head and lurches him up to the apron, then throws him into the ring. White gives Zephyris a RUNAWAY TRAIN of his own for good measure, completely putting him out of commission as he rolls to the outside.

Jeffrey: Zephyris is dealt with, but White has turned his back on his opponent!

The error from White gives Waters the opportunity he needs. White turns to face him and eats THE DEATH OF INJUSTICE!!

Phoenix: Incredible bicycle kick from Waters! White is wiped out!

Waters makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO!! White kicks out!!

Roberts: Incredible resilience on display from the World Champion!

Waters grabs White and pulls him up to his feet, looking to end the match once and for all. Waters positions himself and swings for the Hate By Design discus elbow, but White ducks surprisingly swiftly and claps Waters’ head by slapping him on each ear. Discombobulated, Waters stumbles and White picks up him and hits the PAVEMENT SLAM!!

Waters gets back to his feet and the crowd starts to go wild as he signals its time for a crash! White hooks up Waters, lifts him into the air, starts running and hits the running Powerbomb!!


Carson: Here is your winner, BRIAN … WHIIIIITE!!

After the match, White gets to his feet and leans on the ropes, raising his arm in victory.

Phoenix: Well it certainly wasn’t an easy victory, but it was a decisive victory nonetheless!
Roberts: It’s gonna be pretty hard for anyone to stop the momentum Brian White is on right now!
Jeffrey: I can think of one asshole who wants to try -- and there he is! IT’S CAIN!!

From behind White appears Rhys Cain, who slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He has a steel chair in hand. With the crowd screaming to warn White, he turns - and CRACK!! White gets steel against the skull in a clean headshot! White goes down and the blood is immediately evident.

Phoenix: That dirty son of a bitch!
Jeffrey: Rhys Cain is here to take down the World Champion by any means necessary!

Cain swings the steel chair two more times across the back of White for good measure. He then drops the steel chair, spits in the general direction of White, and leaves the ring. The crowd is nuclear with boos as Cain walks up the ramp, with multiple plastic cups being thrown in his direction.

Roberts: Well at Gallows End, Cain has to beat White in not just any match - but a 30 minute Ironman match! Attacks like that will only give White a lead in points, so he’s going to have to find a new strategy!
Jeffrey: You idiot. Like it or not, Cain sent a message tonight: he’s not scared of White, even if he frankly should be!

We cut backstage as a bloody White sits back up. We are in catering, which is relatively empty now, given the show is almost over. Cosmo sneaks in, still unaware of the camera following his every move. He starts filling a sack with all the snacks he can find. Potato chips, chocolate, croissants, he fills it all up as he ransacks the place.

He then sees a door to the kitchen and opens it. As he steps in however, none other than Jason Crow smashes him across the head with a silver tray! And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a referee in a chef’s hat! He counts the fall! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Phoenix: Well, look at that! We have a new Hardcore Champion!
Jeffrey: You’d think, given the whole master of time and space thing, Cosmo would have seen that coming!
Phoenix: I think we’ve long since established Cosmo is no master.

Jason Crow grins as he grabs the belt. Then he grabs the sack of snacks. He starts to leave but stops, grins, goes back and grabs the keys to Cosmo’s spaceship.

Phoenix: Oh no! Cosmo is bad enough messing with time, but Crow? We’re gonna end up in Saudi Arabia in 2059 or something, aren’t we?
Jeffrey: We’ll be rich!

We cut to another area backstage where Sery is on the phone to someone.

Sery: Yes, I hear you… sounds good. And everything is in order? Fantastic. The Gallows Pole match is a staple of the Gallows End PPV, so the fact we’ve got everything set up without a hitch means I can finally announce who’s getting the match. Great. See ya.

Sery cuts the call and notices the camera man.

Sery: Hey, no need to snoop. Get in here, I have a big announcement to make. At Gallows End, there will be a traditional Gallows Pole match! And the two competitors who will compete in this match are … JON VIPER and DARK LOTUS!

Huge pop at this announcement.

Sery: And what’s more, Viper and Lotus will go FACE TO FACE, on Duskfall next month! Finally, we will hear them both put it all out on the line before the big match! Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the show!


When we return, we are with the commentators.

Phoenix: Welcome back to Storm Front! Before the break, we saw Cain deliver a disgusting assault on Brian White. White has gone backstage for concussion checks, and Cain, who’s match was next anyway, has also gone to Gorilla to get his full entrance, the arrogant prick.
Jeffrey: Tell us how you really feel, Scotty!
Phoenix: I’ll have ample opportunity to do that, but right now let’s go over what’s to come next month at Gallows End! In the main event, 4CW Undisputed World Champion Brian White will defend the title against Rumble in the Storm winner Rhys Cain … in a 30-minute Ironman match!
Jeffrey: As we’ve just heard announced, 4CW Universal Champion Dark Lotus will take on Jon Viper in a Gallows Pole match!
Roberts: 4CW Custom Cup Champion Jack Valentine will put his title on the line as he settles his feud with Xavier Avana in a First Blood match!
Phoenix: 4CW Tag Team Champions Neon Moon will defend the titles against former champions Umbra Maxima!
Jeffrey: And let’s not forget, the one and only trademark match of Gallows End, the 13 Ghost Gauntlet, where the winner will earn a 4CW Undisputed World Championship match!
Phoenix: That’s all coming at Gallows End, but first, TONIGHT it is time for our MAIN EVENT!!

Carson: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT of the evening and is scheduled for one fall!

”As I Am” by Dream Theatre hits the PA system. Out comes Rhys Cain in all his cowardly glory, with the smuggest grin on his face. He is wearing a trench coat imprinted with the Welsh flag, except the green is black, giving the flag a darker aura.

Carson: Introducing first, from The Scorched Path, weighing in at 225lbs, THE DRAGON .. RHYS … CAAAAAAIN!!

Phoenix: Here he comes… the winner of the 2022 Rumble in the Storm match and Brian White’s challenger at Gallows End, Rhys Cain. And tonight, he faces off against White’s good friend and protege, Tommy Young, who will no doubt be incensed about what just happened!

As Cain reaches the bottom of the ramp, suddenly the crowd starts screaming. A furious Tommy Young is seen sprinting down the ramp. He clobbers Cain in the back of the head with a flying forearm, then grabs Cain and throws him head first into the ring steps!

Phoenix: Hell yeah! Take it to him, Young - ahem…
Jeffrey: Young is here for some sweet, sweet revenge!

Young throws Cain into the ring and goes in after him. The referee, Vivian Ford, shrugs and calls for the bell.

Main Event
Rhys Cain vs Tommy Young

Young picks up Cain and half-whips, half-throws him in the corner. He follows up with a big clothesline. Steps back, hits a dropkick. Rolls back up, grabs the falling Cain and hits a DDT! COVER! ONE … TWO … KICKOUT from Cain!

Phoenix: Young almost had Cain there with the element of surprise!
Roberts: Cain survives though! What else does Young have in his arsenal?

Young continues to deliver clotheslines and dropkicks as he zips around Cain, not giving him a chance to turn the match around. A tornado DDT gives Young another close two count, but The Dragon holds on.

Young sends Cain to the ropes and takes him out with a hurricanrana but again only gets a two count. Young goes up top, looking to end this match - but Cain is quick to jump back to his feet and knock the ropes, sending Young crashing back down to the mat.

Phoenix: Veteran instincts from Cain. And it could shift the momentum of this match!

Cain grabs a recovering Young from behind and hits a German Suplex! He then picks Young back up and hits a second German Suplex! On the third German, Cain releases for extra impact. He makes the cover. 1…2…no! Young kicks out.

Jeffrey: And just like that, Tommy is now on the back foot. Such is the ability of a Hall of Famer like Cain, even if he is an asshole.

Cain continues to wear down Young with a suplex and then follows up with a Full Nelson Facebuster! Cain covers Young, who kicks out at two, but looks to be worse for wear. Cain picks up Young and hooks him up for a double underhook DDT, but Young slips out and rolls up Cain! ONE … TWO … NO! Cain kicks out!

Phoenix: Young almost had Cain there!

The two men jump back to their feet and clash in the middle of the ring. Young takes out Cain with a clothesline and then a dropkick. When Young comes back from the ropes for another clothesline, Cain ducks. Young thinks quick and converts into a Pele kick on the turning Cain! Cover! ONE … TWO … KICKOUT!

Roberts: That was a close one!
Phoenix: The momentum is entirely with Young now!

Young takes down Cain with a Japanese arm drag. Cain is quick back to his feet and falls to another arm drag. The third time around, Cain fakes out Young, then slaps him across the face. Young retaliates with a vicious forearm that rocks Cain! Young sends Cain to the ropes, Cain ducks a clothesline, Young evades a superkick, Cain slips out of a DDT attempt and hooks up Young and executes the double underhook DDT!!

Phoenix: Cain hits Atonement! This could be all she wrote!

Cain covers Young! ONE … TWO … TH--KICKOUT!!

Roberts: Top Gun is still in this!!

Cain is beside himself at the kick out from Young. Cain pulls Young up and hooks him up, hitting the AVADA KEDAVRA!! Cain is about to cover when ”Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica hits the PA system. Cain jumps to his feet, frantically looking around for any signs of Brian White.

Phoenix: There’s White’s music, but where is he?!

Then, to a monstrous roar, BRIAN WHITE appears on the stage! He’s bloody and bandaged around the head but he looks like a bomb ready to explode!

As White marches to the ring, Young grabs Cain from behind. Cain sees it coming and throws a clothesline, but Young ducks and Cain WIPES OUT THE REFEREE! Realising what he’s done, Cain right hooks Young just as White steps into the ring and takes out Cain with a RUNAWAY TRAIN SPEAR!!

Phoenix: RUNAWAY TRAIN!! White takes out Cain!!

The bloody White shakes Young and encourages him to get to his feet. As White rolls out of the ring, Young climbs the top rope, teetering due to pure exhaustion. He takes one deep breath, and DIVES OFF with a SWANTON BOMB!!


The referee slides in… ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner… TOP GUN … TOMMYYYYY … YOOOOUNG!!

Phoenix: He did it! Young beats Cain!
Jeffrey: And yeah he needed the help of Brian White, but Cain was stupid enough to piss off the World Champion in the first place!
Roberts: All that matters is Young just got one for the history books!

Inside the ring, Young raises his arms in victory. White applauds from halfway up the ramp, as Cain lays broken in the corner of the ring.

Phoenix: Well I can say that was easily one of my favourite endings to Storm Front I’ve ever seen! Thank you everyone for joining us! We’ll see you in October for Duskfall and of course, on Halloween, GALLOWS END!! We can’t wait for you to join us, until next time, goodnight!!

Young standing on the turnbuckle celebrating his victory to a sold-out London crowd is our closing image as we fade to black.


Quick Results:
-4CW Tag Team Championships: Neon Moon © defeated Synth City Thrillers
-Xavier Avana defeated Jerome Grayson
-Brian White defeated Eli Waters
-Tommy Young defeated Rhys Cain

Writing Credit:
Tag Titles: Neon Moon © vs Synth City - Paige
Cosmo goes to catering/Crow def Cosmo (c), Hardcore Title - Rhys
Avana vs Grayson - Rhys
White vs Waters - Rhys
Cain vs Young - Rhys


Gallows End 2022

Announced matches:

4CW Undisputed World Championship
30 minute Ironman match
Brian White © vs Rhys Cain

13 Ghost Gauntlet match
Winner receives 4CW Undisputed World Championship match

4CW Universal Championship
Dark Lotus © vs Jon Viper

4CW Tag Team Championships
Neon Moon © vs Umbra Maxima

4CW Custom Cup Championship
First Blood match
Jack Valentine © vs Xavier Avana

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


By Gorgrim Sun-19-Mar-2023 23:39:24

Main Event · 738 comments

Finally got really und to reading this show, sorry it's taken so long! It's also a bit late, so I'm not gonna do a full review.

Suffice to say, I enjoyed it a lot, especially seeing my boys all win! :-P seriously looking forward to gallows end now, it's gonna be a hell of a show!

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By Witch Hazel Mon-20-Mar-2023 20:40:04

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On behalf of Paige, who can't recall her login details and can't be arsed to get up off the couch at the moment...

Paige wrote

Short one for me to read, as I wrote the long tag match. Some fun stuff in this show:
- I love Cosmo basically being a mouse sneaking out of its hole to sniff out a meal and getting caught in a trap by Crow. Now I'm imagining a mouse dressed as a cosmonaut. Aw!
- The Avana vs Grayson match had good back-and-forth and an outta-nowhere finish, which I'm a sucker for. When Avana debuted I didn't know what to make of him, but he's grown on me over time. He reminds me enough of Scharff to feel like his son but in his own vibe enough to stand apart from him. Plus I'm a mark for a good Helluva Kick!
- Didn't expect Tommy to go over Cain, and I popped for that finish! Great way for White to get under Cain's skin ahead of Gallows End. That match is gonna be a hell of a time, no doubt about it.

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