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4CW Presents… Duskfall
September 4, 2022
Live from Tulsa, Oklahoma

”Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge plays over the opening video package for 4CW Duskfall. Then, we switch to the live arena with a raucous crowd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pyro shoots off all around the stage as the familiar voices of 4CW fill the airwaves.

Phoenix: Hello everyone and welcome to 4CW Duskfall! I’m Scott Phoenix, here live with my broadcast partners, Ray Jeffrey and Olivia Ito! We’ve got some hot matches on the card tonight, guys!
Ito: You can say that again! Tonight, we’re going to see three matches that frankly, I don’t know which one I’m looking forward to most!
Jeffrey: That’s right! Coming up tonight, we have Eli Waters and Bruce Rigg of The Black Flame teaming up to take on Erica Moxie and Grant Zaiden of Antivists!
Phoenix: Moxie must be feeling a bit of deja vu going into tonight, considering she had already dealt with her beef with The Black Flame and Rhys Cain at Revival, and now it has all come back in full swing!
Ito: It certainly has and that will show no more than in our main event tonight, as Rhys Cain will take on the remaining member of Antivists, “Full Gear” Lindon Jett!
Phoenix: That’s certainly an intriguing contest! Jett has quickly become one of 4CW’s breakout stars over the past couple of years. This main event spot will be a huge test for him, especially against such a storied Hall of Famer like Rhys Cain!
Jeffrey: That’s awful nice of you, Scott.
Phoenix: My like or dislike of Rhys Cain has nothing to do with the undeniable fact that he is an icon in 4CW. Doesn’t mean he isn’t also a piece of shit. Excuse my French.
Ito: Well, enough of that! It’s time for our opening contest, as coming up right now, we have two former Custom Cup Champions duking it out one on one!

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

”You’re Not Ready” by Skillet hits the PA system. The crowd pops loud as Avana breaks through the curtain.

Carson: Introducing first, weighing in at 230lbs … XAVIIEEEEEER … AVANA!!

Phoenix: Avana will be looking to secure a win tonight leading into his big title rematch!
Ito: We know he will challenge Valentine in a rematch at Gallows End - but of course this time, Valentine has the stipulation advantage - and he has chosen a First Blood match!
Jeffrey: And let’s be honest here, Avana is way over his head! He already lost to Valentine, and now he wants to face him in an even MORE brutal match?
Phoenix: Any man can beat any other man on any given night, Ray. And lest you forget the dominant run Xavier had with the championship. You underestimating Avana will be your downfall, let me assure you.
Ito: While I agree with your sentiment, Scott, it definitely feels like Avana is the underdog heading into this match - which is why a win here tonight against Young could do his momentum wonders.

”Aces High” by Iron Maiden hits the PA system.

Carson: And his opponent, from Barry, South Wales, weighing in at 195lbs… TOP GUN … TOMMYYYYY … YOUNG!!

Phoenix: And here comes his opponent, the man Xavier Avana actually beat to become Custom Cup Champion. Since that battle, the two have moved in different directions, so it’ll be interesting to see who is more prepared for tonight!
Jeffrey: Young getting a win tonight against the number one contender to the Custom Cup Championship would surely put him in consideration for a future title shot, too! And you never turn down an opportunity at a title shot. Not if you’re smart, anyway.
Phoenix: With the importance of a victory for either man, they will need to be on their ‘A’ game tonight!

Singles match
Tommy Young vs Xavier Avana

The bell rings and Xavier Avana and Tommy Young lock eyes, each man sizing the other up. Avana takes the first shot, going for a quick takedown, but Young is too fast and evades the attempt. Young then takes out Avana with a clothesline, following by a dropkick.

Avana gets to his feet and recovers quickly, he grabs and hits Young with a Northern Lights Suplex. He then follows this up with a German Suplex, but only gets a two count. Young gathers his senses and fights back with a dropkick and a crossbody, trying to catch Avana off guard with his quickness. Two count. Avana retaliates with a Bent Outta Shape Helluva Kick, but Young kicks out of the pin attempt.

The action continues back and forth, with both wrestlers showing off their impressive aerial skills and quick reflexes. Avana hits Young with a poisonrana and a headscissors into armbar, but Young rolls through and breaks free. Young then responds with a hurricanrana and a standing shooting star press.

After a short respite, the two begin to get to their feet again as the crowd cheers on the back and forth contest. Young and Avana exchange blows, until Avana takes Young down with a brutal forearm. The referee checks on Young as Avana runs to the ropes. Jack Valentine suddenly appears from out under the ring apron and trips up Avana when neither the referee nor Tommy Young is looking. Valentine is gone as quickly as he appeared, back under the ring. Young, unaware of what has happened, and likely assuming Avana fell due to pure exhaustion, he takes advantage of the opportunity and finishes off Avana with the BOMBS AWAY, getting the 1...2...3 and the win.

Carson: Here is your winner … TOP GUN .. TOMMYYYYY … YOOOOUNG!!

Young, unaware of Valentine’s interference, heads to the turnbuckle to celebrate his victory. In the middle of the ring, Avana is hurting after the conclusion of the match. Avana rolls towards the ropes, but can still barely lift his head from the mat when suddenly - BAM!

Valentine runs across the ringside area and hits Avana in the side of the head with a vicious boot.

Phoenix: Goddammit! That bastard Jack Valentine had no right getting involved in this match! And now this!
Jeffrey: He’s sending a message to his challenger that he has to be ready for anything!
Phoenix: That’s bullshit, Ray, and you know it!

Valentine then grabs a steel chair from under the ring and slides in, Young still unaware of his presence. The crowd starts to boo and Young, confused, looks back into the ring. Young jumps down from the turnbuckle and Valentine is already charging at him with the chair. Luckily, Young swiftly drops and rolls out of the ring and Valentine’s chair only hits mat.

Jeffrey: Young just barely got out of dodge!
Phoenix: Yeah but I don’t think Avana’s going to be as lucky!

Inside the ring, Avana manages to pull himself to his knees, but he can barely even register Valentine is in the ring before Valentine rains down steel and smashes Avana across the head. Young jumps back into the ring to come to the side of Avana, but Valentine scarpers and jumps over the barricade on the other side of the ring.

Ito: What an absolute coward of a man!
Jeffrey: I think he’s great!
Ito: You would.
Phoenix: Well, Valentine has retreated into the crowd and look at Avana - he’s busted wide open!

Young helps Avana to a sitting position and he is now sporting a crimson mask.

Jeffrey: And just like that, Valentine shows how easy it will be to beat Avana at Gallows End!
Ito: Well at Gallows End, it will be an even playing field, and Valentine won’t have the advantage of a sneak attack!
Jeffrey: Let’s not get lost in the details, darling.
Ito: Call me darling again and you’ll be lost. They’ll never find your body.
Jeffrey: … Touche.

Some doctors tend to Avana in the ring as Young watches on. Valentine stands in the crowd, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He raises the 4CW Custom Cup Championship in the air as the fans nearby throw empty plastic cups and tissue at him. We cut to a break.


Carson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system. Waters and Rigg come down to the ring together, with Zephyris tagging along behind them.

Carson: Introducing first, the team of Eli Waters and Bruce Rigg… THE BLACK FLAME!!

Phoenix: And tonight, the feud between The Black Flame and Antivists has flared up again! Not only do we have tag action now as Waters and Rigg will take on Moxie and Zaiden, but in our main event, Antivist Lindon Jett will take on former leader of The Black Flame, Hall of Famer Rhys Cain!
Ito: Big test for The Black Flame tonight!

”Antivist” by Bring Me The Horizon hits the PA system.

Carson: And their opponents, the team of Grant Zaiden and Erica Moxie… ANTIVISTS!!

Phoenix: Moxie and Zaiden are not here to joke around tonight. They have had issues with The Black Flame for months, and with Jett taking on former leader Cain in the main event, Moxie and Zaiden will want to stick it to Waters and Rigg right now!
Ito: They certainly will but Eli Waters has been on a mission to prove himself lately and Rigg is a tough nut to crack!
Phoenix: It won’t be easy, that’s for sure. But whichever team pulls off the victory tonight will earn some momentum!

Tag team match
Eli Waters & Bruce Rigg vs Erica Moxie & Grant Zaiden

Rigg starts out the match with Moxie. They go back and forth with Rigg mostly dominating with clotheslines and shoulder barges due to his weight advantage. Eventually, Moxie uses her speed to slide between Rigg’s legs and take him out with a dropkick from behind. She follows this up with a DDT to get a two count. Moxie motions for Waters to tag himself in, but he refuses as Rigg gets back to his feet.

Rigg and Moxie continue to brawl and Rigg sends Moxie to the ropes, only to flapjack her on her return. He then tags in Waters and the two dominate Moxie in the corner, using quick tags and the five count to their fullest advantage. After dominating in their own corner for over a minute, Waters gets a little cocky and starts to take his time, badmouthing Moxie while holding her face. This seems to fire her up however and she battles out of the corner with strikes to Waters and the tag partner Rigg, standing on the apron. Eventually she breaks free and takes down Waters with a Rebound Lariat.

Moxie starts to reign punches down on Waters, giving him the beating he has so long deserved. Eventually, she tags in Zaiden, who continues to dominate with clotheslines, suplexes and a powerbomb for good measure, getting a two count on Waters. Zaiden tags Moxie back in and she sets up for the Moxie Massacre, but Waters reverses into a neckbreaker for a two count of his own.

Waters sends Moxie back into the Black Flame corner and tags in Rigg. Moxie refuses to fall into the trap twice however, and immediately fights back. She takes down Rigg with h a string on punches and chops called Moxie Madness, then hits another Rebound Lariat. Moxie follows it up with the Omaha Slicer for a close two count. She tags back in Zaiden, who sets Rigg up for a powerbomb. Rigg powers out of his grip with a back body drop however and tags in Waters. Waters hits a neckbreaker and sets up for his finisher, Jagged Cross Lesions (Strait jacket powerbomb).

However, Zaiden is able to reverse and sets up for a powerbomb of his own. Waters reverses the reversal, though, and sends Zaiden flying into his corner, where he accidentally hits Moxie and sends her falling to the ringside area. With the referee leaning over to check on Moxie on the outside, Waters kneels down and BLATANTLY low blows Zaiden! He then covers up the move by rolling up Zaiden. The referee sees this and counts. Waters grabs a handful of trunks for good measure! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here are your winners.. ELI WATERS … BRUCE RIGG … THE BLACK FLAME!!

Jeffrey: And Waters proves right there why he is the new leader of The Black Flame! Quick thinking got him the victory here tonight!
Phoenix: Quick thinking, a long with a bit of luck that the referee didn’t see anything! In true form for The Black Flame, blatant cheating gives Waters the crucial victory!
Jeffrey: You may not like it, Scott - but it’s only cheating if you get caught!

Moxie recovers from outside the ring and realising what has happened, grabs a steel chair and rolls back into the ring - at which point Waters and Rigg quickly retreat and head up the ramp, laughing to themselves. Inside the ring, Moxie throws the steel chair towards them, venting her frustration. It misses by some margin as The Black Flame are almost at the top of the stage as we cut to a break.


Phoenix: We’re about to jump into our main event tonight but before we do, let’s take a look at what’s coming up on October 31st, 2022 - with our annual Gallows End event!
Jeffrey: Yes! I’ll kick things off with the one and only 13 Ghost Gauntlet match! Thirteen competitors will battle it out GAUNTLET STYLE and the winner of that match will earn a future 4CW Unisputed World Championship match! We don’t know who’s going in and what order, but we do know that whoever wins that match will go down in history with the likes of Eddie Wolfbaine, Jack Valentine, Clyde Bonham, Tommy Young and Phil McGroin and many more who have run the Gauntlet!
Ito: And speaking of the 4CW Undisputed World Championship, the champion Brian White will face off against one of his greatest rivals, 4CW Hall of Famer Rhys Cain in a 30-minute Ironman match! We all know that both men can beat the other on any given night, but within thirty minutes, who can beat the other the MOST times?
Phoenix: Also on the card, new 4CW Custom Cup Champion Jack Valentine will defend the title against the former champion Xavier Avana! And Jack has announced his stipulation, it will be a First Blood match!
Ito: And for the Universal Championship, Dark Lotus will defend his title against Jon Viper! There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this match. We’re still not quite sure of the connection between Lotus and Viper and we don’t know what type of match they will be having, but we can confirm they will finally confront each other face to face in the ring on Storm Front to declare their rules of war at Gallows End!
Jeffrey: And last but not least, we also know that Neon Moon will defend the 4CW Tag Team Championships against arguably the greatest 4CW Tag Champions of all time, Umbra Maxima! Will Maxima take those titles for a fifth time, or will Neon Moon hold their ground as champions?
Phoenix: It’s all very exciting, but that’s at Gallows End! Now it’s time for our main event TONIGHT!

Carson: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT of the evening scheduled for one fall!

”Creatures of Habit” by Polaris hits the PA system. The crowd gets hyped as they anticipate the arrival of Full Gear. When Jett bursts through the curtain, it’s to a solid pop from the crowd.

Phoenix: Here comes “Full Gear” Lindon Jett, who alongside Zaiden, have taken 4CW by storm from their debuts. First they nearly killed each other in a Best of Seven Series and now Jett and Zaiden are allied with Erica Moxie in one of the most vicious triple threats I think we’ve seen, Antivists! Tonight, Jett will be out to prove he’s just as tough on his own as he takes on Rhys Cain!

”As I Am” by Dream Theatre hits the PA system.

Carson: And his opponent, from The Scorched Path, weighing in at 230lbs… he is THE DRAGON … RHYS … CAAAAAIN!!

Phoenix: And while I’m still mad that he wormed his way back into this company, I certainly can’t deny that Cain pulled off an historic Rumble in the Storm victory and as such, will want to pick up a victory tonight to keep that momentum rolling into Gallows End!
Ito: He certainly will have to if he wants to prove he can hang with Brian White - let’s not forget White ended the longest 4CW World Title reign in history!
Cain heads to the ring, to the horrendous noise of a sea of people washing boos over him. Cain ignores them all, only having eyes for the ring and his opponent.

Main Event
Singles match
Rhys Cain vs Lindon Jett

Jett starts the match with momentum, using his raw power to beat down Cain. He throws Cain around the ring, hitting him with a series of hard strikes and lariats.

But Cain is no pushover. He fights back, using his technical prowess to take control of the match. He throws Jett around with a variety of german suplexes and backbreaker. Jett moves on the defensive now, struggling to keep up with Cain's relentless assault.

But Jett is nothing if not resilient. He makes another comeback, using his brawling skills to go back and forth with Cain in an exchange of strikes. Cain sends him to the ropes and Jett comes back with a lariat. The crowd is on its feet as Jett gets a two count.

Cain reverses another lariat attempt into a DDT. He follows up with a suplex, then another suplex. Cain tries for the trifecta, but Jett breaks free and grabs Cain. Out of nowhere, he hits Cain with his finisher, the Jett Lagg (Backslide Driver)!! Jett makes the cover… ONE … TWO … CAIN KICKS OUT!!

Jett tries to take advantage of Cain, who is now seriously hampered, but Cain manages to throw Jett out of the ring and take a moment to rest. Jett recovers quickly and is back in the ring within ten seconds, but Cain is able to duck a clothesline. Cain then spins on the spot and clobbers Jett in the back of the head with a clothesline. Cain then goes up top and hits his signature move, the diving dropkick on Jett.

Cain calls for the end and waits for Jett to get to his feet, then takes him out with a DRAGON RAGE!! Cain scrambles for the pin - but Jett rolls out of the ring! Cain doesn't let Jett get away that easily. He goes to the outside and brawls with Jett, taking the fight to the outside. They go back and forth, trading punches and slams, until Jett throws Cain back into the ring.

Jett runs back into the ring and sets up Cain for another Jett Lagg, but Cain reverses and locks in the Back Snap. Jett tries to reach the ropes, but Cain pulls him back to the centre and Jett has no choice … but to TAP OUT!!

Carson: Here is your winner… THE DRAGON … RHYS … CAAAAAAIN!!

Phoenix: As much as I hate to admit it, Cain with an impressive victory here tonight!
Ito: Jett gave it his all but it wasn’t enough to topple the Hall of Famer!
Jeffrey: That’s all well and good for Cain but at Gallows End he will face Brian White! And Lindon Jett is no Brian White!
Phoenix: You’ve got a point there and -
Ito: Oh, this is unnecessary!

Inside the ring, Cain continues to beat down on Lindon Jett. He only gets a few shots in before ”Antivist” hits the PA system and Erica Moxie and Grant Zaiden sprint down to the ring. They are hurt from their earlier match, but raring to go. Sensing he is outnumbered, Cain scarpers. Moxie misses a kick to Cain’s head by inches as he slips out of the ring, grinning. Cain jumps over the barricade.

Phoenix: And as always, the rat bastard runs away!
Jeffrey: There’ll be nowhere to run come October!
Ito: Antivists stand tall to end the night, but Cain has shown he is as deadly as they come!
Phoenix: That’s all we’ve got time for tonight! Thank you, everyone! Goodnight!


Quick Results:

-Tommy Young defeated Xavier Avana
-Eli Waters & Bruce Rigg defeated Erica Moxie & Grant Zaiden
-Rhys Cain defeated Lindon Jett

Writing Credit:

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


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I’m nothing but a menace!

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And don't we k ow it! It's fun having two absolutely raging ego's in 4CW, though I'm also a little surprised reality hasn't imploded.... Wait.... Maybe that how Cosmo did it.... :-D

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Not having read a show in a bit, this was a lot of fun.  Love the fact that Valentine is still an ass.  lol.  The story with Black Flame is good shit. I'm looking forward to checking out the next show.