4CW Storm Front: Rumble in the Storm IV - July 24, 2022


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4CW Presents…. Storm Front: Rumble in the Storm IV
Live from Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
July 24, 2022

After the opening package plays to ”Lightning Strike” by Judas Priest, the camera pans the arena to the sea of screaming 4CW fans, with all kinds of merch, signs and colours being waved about.


Phoenix: Welcome everyone, all around the world, to 4CW Storm Front: Rumble in the Storm IV! My name is Scott Phoenix, and I am joined here tonight by my broadcast partners, Ray Jeffrey and James Roberts! Tonight, history will be made as in our main event tonight, thirty competitors will battle it out in the fourth annual Rumble in the Storm match, where the winner will become the new #1 contender to Brian White and the 4CW Undisputed World Championship!
Jeffrey: That’s right! And we’re live tonight in MSG and it is electric! And if the Rumble isn’t enough for you, we also have two - count ‘em, TWO - championship matches tonight! 4CW Custom Cup Champion Xavier Avana has issued an open challenge for his title!
Roberts: And Dark Lotus, the 4CW Universal Champion, will do battle against an old rival Phil McGroin, with the title on the line!
Phoenix: All this and more coming up - but let’s not waste anymore time - let’s get this show on the road!

”You Ain’t Ready” by Skillet hits the PA system. The crowd are hot and ready to go and they show their support as the 4CW Custom Cup Champion steps out on to the stage.

Carson: The following contest is an ANTE-UP open challenge and it is for the 4CW CUSTOM CUP CHAMPIONSHIP!! Introducing first, he is the 4CW Custom Cup Champion, XAVIEEEER … AVANAAAAAAA!!

Phoenix: Xavier Avana has been on a hell of a run as Custom Cup Champion. With his Ante Up stipulation, anyone who challenges has to put something on the line. Over the months of his reign, he has taken Witch Hazel’s Licky, Tommy Young’s ancestral war jacket and most notably, the careers of Dirk Meyer and Supreme!
Roberts: He really is on the run of his life! It’ll be interesting to see who accepts his challenge - but perhaps more interesting to see what they put up for grabs to get the title shot!

Avana gets into the ring, grabs a mic from ringside.

Avana: I’m going to get straight to the point. Everyone knows how this works by now. So please, without further ado, bring out my next challenger!

Jeffrey: Who’s it gonna be?

”Supernova Goes Pop” by Powerman 5000 hits the PA system. The 4CW crowd pops out of pure surprise as the one and only JACK VALENTINE comes out from behind the curtain.

Roberts: What?
Jeffrey: Oh, hell yeah!
Phoenix: It’s him! Jack Valentine has accepted the challenge!

Valentine stands on stage, arms outstretched, absorbing the raucous atmosphere. Now that the shock has worn off, some boos begin to trickle in as everyone remembers who exactly Jack Valentine is.

Phoenix: We haven’t seen Jack Valentine since back in April, when he lost the 4CW Undisputed World Championship to Brian White after his record-breaking 635 day reign!
Roberts: Xavier Avana has to be feeling the pressure here! He’s taken on all-comers, granted, but this is a challenge on a whole ‘nother level!

Valentine produces a mic from the pocket of his entrance jacket.

Valentine: Xavier Avana! The 4CW Custom Cup Champion! It can’t be ignored how your reign has etched itself into 4CW history! Your list of conquests has gotten more and more impressive! Phil McGroin, Witch Hazel, Tommy Young! Dirk Meyer! Supreme!

The crowd pops in recognition at Avana’s list of defeated opponents.

Valentine: However… Tonight, you take on your biggest challenge… and unfortunately for you, this will be one hurdle too many. You see, I am the single greatest professional wrestler to ever grace this squared circle. I am a 4CW Hall of Famer, the longest-reigning Undisputed World Champion in 4CW history… and I am here to complete my collection. It is time for me to capture the only singles title in 4CW that has always escaped me.

Inside the ring, Avana looks ready, willing and able to fight. He motions for Valentine to get into the ring.

Valentine: Oh, you’re eager to fight huh? Don’t you even want to know what my ante is? You see… I will put on the line something more precious than an old jacket or a plush unicorn. The challenger you face and the trophy you seek, you see… are one and the same! That’s right! Should you beat me, your prize will be the knowledge that you beat me! But I’ve given out my quota of losses this year already and I’m not feeling very charitable tonight! So, before you hand that belt to our esteemed official Dirk Meyer over there, give it a kiss goodbye!

Valentine drops the mic and rolls into the ring. Avana seems to be relishing the challenge and hands the title to Meyer without another word.

Jeffrey: This could be trouble for Avana! Let’s not forget it was Avana who took Meyer’s 4CW contract. He could be looking for revenge.
Roberts: Oh, please! You’ve been harping on this for months, but Meyer has always officiated right down the middle!
Jeffrey: He’s done TWO MATCHES, dickwad! Shut up, Roberts!
Phoenix: What’s more interesting here is that Valentine didn’t really offer up a legitimate ante in my eyes, but Avana still accepted the challenge anyway. I guess beating Valentine really would be satisfaction enough for Avana!

Dirk Meyer holds the title up high and then calls for the bell once he hands it to the ringside assistant. The bell rings and Valentine and Avana circle each other as the crowd cheers in anticipation. The two collide in the middle of the ring. Avana turns Valentine into a side headlock. Avana wrenches the headlock but Valentine soons slips out and locks Avana in a headlock of his own. Valentine sends Avana to the ropes and swings a clothesline. Avana ducks and rebounds off the opposite ropes and comes back to take down Valentine with a lariat. Valentine jumps straight back up and the two opponents spin to face each other, still and staring.

Phoenix: Well, it looks like Avana just outsmarted Valentine in that opening exchange!
Jeffrey: We’re just getting warmed up!

The two collide again in another fairly matched sequence. This time, it’s Valentine who gets the upper hand when he takes down Avana with a standing dropkick. He makes a quick cover but Avana kicks out at barely a two count.

The two men collide for a third time, but this time Avana hits Valentine with a knee to the gut, which keels him over. Avana follows up with a series of strikes, pushing Valentine into a corner. Valentine starts to fight back with strikes of his own, and then takes down Avana with a snapmare, transitioning into a knee in the back bow and arrow submission.

After struggling for a few moments, Avana gets back to his feet and breaks out of Valentine’s grip. The two come apart and lock up again. Avana sends Valentine to the ropes.He attempts a clothesline, but Valentine ducks. Avana spins around right into a pele kick from Valentine! A cover! 1…2… NO! Avana kicks out!

Phoenix: Despite the massive gulf in experience, these two are fairly matched right now! This says a lot about Avana’s in-ring prowess and his ability to perform under pressure!

Valentine continues his assault, hooking up Avana and hitting a body slam. He then picks Avana back up and sends him to the ropes. Valentine attempts a clothesline, which Avana ducks under. Avana stops and grabs Valentine’s head from behind, hitting a spinning neckbreaker out of nowhere! Avana covers! 1…2… NO! Kickout from Valentine!

Phoenix: Avana with a near fall but it’s not enough!

The two wrestlers slowly get back up on opposite sides of the ring, recovering their energy as they do so. Avana is up to his feet first. He kicks Valentine in the gut, but Valentine slips behind and takes down Avana with a Russian Leg Sweep! Valentine then gets back up and unleashes a flurry of vicious stomps all over the legs of Avana.

Roberts: Valentine wants to wear down his opponent!

Valentine tries to lock in a Figure-Four Leg Lock, but Avana kicks him away. Avana rolls back up to his feet, hobbling slightly, and hits Valentine with a vicious uppercut! Valentine stumbles, then comes back with a forearm! Avana hits Valentine with a forearm of his own, then Valentine comes back with another.The two warriors throw forearms in quickening succession for the next thirty or so seconds. Eventually, Valentine staggers backwards and Avana takes him down with a clothesline, then makes the cover! ONE … NO! Kickout at one!

Phoenix: That’s just pure defiance by Valentine there! He kicked out as early as he could muster just to stick it to the champion!
Jeffrey: And it looks like it worked! Avana looks frustrated!

Wasting no time, Avana pulls Valentine to his feet and whips him to the ropes. On Valentine’s return, Avana grabs him and hits a sidewalk slam! Valentine rolls through some of the impact and tries to get back up but just eats another dropkick from Avana! Avana makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Kickout!

Avana grabs Valentine and pulls him up again. Avana half-drags, half-launches Valentine into the corner. Avana then charges after Valentine and takes him out with a stinger splash and a bulldog! Avana then hooks up Valentine for a suplex. Valentine hooks his leg around Avana’s and hits a suplex of his own. Valentine gets back up and tries to set up another suplex, but this time Avana blocks and reverses into one of his own!

Phoenix: These two are matching each other hold for hold right now!

Avana feels the atmosphere pulsing through him as he jumps to his feet and heads for the corner! Avana climbs the turnbuckle and dives off with an elbow arched for attack, but Valentine rolls out of the way and Avana crashes against the canvas! Avana tries to recover quickly, but Valentine is in the advantageous position and strikes Avana with a spinning back fist! Valentine then hooks up Avana, lifts him for a suplex, and then DROPS HIM INTO A STUNNER! Valentine hooks the leg! ONE … TWO … NO! Avana kicks out!

Phoenix: Glorious innovation from the Hall of Famer there, but it just wasn’t enough to clip the wings of the champion! And what’s this?

Valentine isn’t done yet! He grabs Avana and lifts him up again, hitting the TIGER DRIVER!! Another cover!! ONE … TWO …. TH--NO!! Avana kicks out again!!

Roberts: Absolute … resilience!

It’s Valentine’s  turn to fly as he rushes over to the corner and climbs, just like Avana did moments ago. Valentine flies off with an elbow too - and just like Avana, he eats canvas and misses as Avana rolls out of the way at the last moment!

Jeffrey: These two both need to work on their aim!
Phoenix: Both of their aiming is impeccable, it just so happens the opponents timing is also impeccable!

Avana recovers first and grabs Valentine, but Valentine rakes the eyes, unseen by the referee and uses the advantage to set up Avana, lift and throw him into a spin-out powerbomb!! Valentine then runs again to the corner, stumbling as he goes! He climbs the turnbuckle, dives off, and HITS THE ELBOW DROP!! ONE … TWO … TH—NO!! KICK OUT!!

Phoenix: Unreal! How much more can Avana withstand?!

Valentine signals for the end as he gets back to his feet. He grabs Avana, who can barely stand at this point, and double-underhooks him! Suddenly, Avana comes to life, wriggling free of Valentine’s grip and hitting a vicious forearm! He rocks Valentine and Avana manages to hook up and execute a picture-perfect suplex! Valentine and Avana are both back to their feet fairly quickly, but Avana takes down Valentine with a dropkick! Avana then runs to the corner, climbs up… takes a quick breath … and hits an ELBOW DROP OF HIS OWN!! Avana makes the cover! ONE … TWO … TH—NO!! Valentine gets a shoulder up!

Avana gets back up and throws Valentine into the corner with such ferocity that the turnbuckle cover falls onto the mat. Avana follows up with a corner clothesline! Valentine stumbles out of the corner as Dirk Meyer goes to pick up the turnbuckle cover. Before Avana can launch another attack, Valentine lifts a boot and LOW BLOWS AVANA!! The referee doesn’t see a thing!! Valentine double-underhooks Avana - FLEA SHOT DDT!!


Valentine screams at referee Dirk Meyer, who turns and sees the cover being made! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Roberts: Dammit! Not like this!
Jeffrey: YES!
Phoenix: Avana’s just been robbed!!

Carson: Here is your winner and the NEEEEEW 4CW CUSTOM CUP CHAMPION … JACK … VALENTIIIINE!!

Jeffrey: Valentine did it! I knew he would!
Roberts: That was a blatant low blow that Meyer didn’t see, and Valentine has stolen this one!
Jeffrey: It’s called veteran savvy, Roberts! And I’m sure Meyer didn’t see it!
Roberts: He obviously didn’t! He wasn’t even looking in that direction!
Jeffrey: I’m agreeing with you dickhead! I’m sure it was a complete accident!

Inside the ring, referee Dirk Meyer hands the belt to Jack Valentine. The crowd is irate as it sends buzzes of distaste around the arena. Valentine celebrates on the turnbuckle with his new belt as Avana rolls out of the ring hurt.

Phoenix: An absolutely travesty of a result here! But it cannot be changed: Valentine is the new Custom Cup Champion and that makes him the ninth 4CW Triple Crown Champion in history!
Jeffrey: It’s no surprise to me that Jack Valentine continues to make history in his already legendary career!
Phoenix: Don’t go anywhere, people! After the break, we have a Universal Championship match between two storied rivals!

Valentine celebrates with the title as we cut to our first commercial break.


Quentin Cosmo appears on screen. It is clear from his background he is somewhere in his spaceship.

Cosmo: It’s been a long and glorious reign as 4CW Hardcore Champion for me so far and I have to say, I had expected more challengers. My ship is parked in the parking lot, like it is every month… but apparently, no-one wants to challenge me! So… instead, I have more news from The Lost Timeline.

Cosmo flicks on one of his monitors behind him, which conveniently shows relevant footage for his speech as he goes along.

Cosmo: For those who need a reminder, when the space-time event happened at Revival, it caused the timeline to branch off into two split timelines. We’re living in one, and I happen to have knowledge of what happens in the other. How would your favourites have fared, had the space-time event never happened? Let’s find out.

Cosmo grabs an overly-large remote control and presses a big red button. Some video highlights begin to play.

We saw last time that at Revival, Jack Valentine retained the championship against Brian White, banishing White for 4CW. Cain defeated Moxie to send her packing from 4CW. Then we see clips of Jack Valentine coming out on the June Storm Front, laughing at his victory with his entourage in tow. They do a huge celebration in the ring, with balloons, confetti and a big sculpture of Valentine. Valentine also shoves his tongue down Miss Teri’s throat to cap it all off. This infuriates Tommy Young who runs down to the ring to attack Valentine but ends up losing the numbers game and getting beaten up 3-on-1 while Miss Teri watches on.

Meanwhile, Rhys Cain and The Black Flame continue their reign of terror. Eli Waters wins the Lightning in the Bottle match, just like in this reality, but in the forgotten timeline, he then hands the Lightning in the Bottle to Rhys Cain. Other highlights include Skywolf announcing his lawsuit against Sery in more detail and giving Sery a summons for a court case at the next show.

Cosmo: And that’s all you’re getting for now! Oooh, it’s exciting isn’t it! And since no-one is coming to challenge me for this Hardcore Title, I guess I’ll just carry on my research … until the next time, on The Lost Timeline! Goodnight!

Phoenix: Quentin Cosmo continues to make us all question the fabric of reality but now it’s time for our 4CW Universal Championship match!

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 4CW Universal Championship!

”Numb” by Linkin Park hits the PA system. With his usual cocky swagger, and flanked by his personal Camera Man, Phil McGroin steps out on stage. He stands on stage and does a full 360 degree turn as Camera Man gets all the shots of him in his full glory. McGroin then saunters down to the ring.

Carson: Introducing first, the challenger, from Helston, England, weighing in at 14 stone, he is The Man Who Once Made A Cow Tap Out… PHIL … MCGROOOIN!!

Phoenix: Phil McGroin is here, ready and willing to fight! And we know he has a storied history with Dark Lotus, with whom he’s had many battles! This time, the battle is for the prestigious Universal Championship!

”Spider on the Wall” by Magnolia Bayou hits the PA system. With fog enveloping the stage, Dark Lotus steps out, flanked by Ol’ Smokey and some random stragglers from the Swamp Folk. The title is draped over Lotus’ shoulder.

Carson: And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Ol’ Smokey, from Devil’s Back Bone, Louisiana, standing 6’6 and weighing in at 275lbs … he is the 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION … DAAARK … LOOOOTUS!!

Lotus makes it down to the ring with Ol’ Smokey. Smokey sends the Swamp Folk away as he and Lotus take centre stage. Lotus steps over the top rope into the ring and holds the Universal Title high in the air. He then stares down Phil McGroin as he hands the belt over to referee Anna Molly.

Carson: Here is your winner and STILL 4CW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION… DARK … LOOOOTUS!!

”Spiders on the Wall” hits the PA system. Lotus is handed the Universal Title by Ol’ Smokey and he holds it high in the air.

Phoenix: And here comes one of the most dangerous men in all of 4CW! The Universal Champion, who defeated Madeline Phoenix in an Inferno match at Revival to capture the title!

When the bell rings, Lotus is still removing his ghillie. McGroin takes advantage of this and flies into the back of Lotus, attacking him while he is wrapped up and blinded. Ol’ Smokey scarpers as McGroin manages to corner Lotus, punching and stomping him until he falls down on his ass. This results in a dominating first minute of the match for McGroin, which he finishes with a corner dropkick to the fallen champion.

McGroin finally steps away to put himself in a good position for another attack. When Lotus gets back up, having fully removed the ghillie, he is taken down by a clothesline from McGroin and then taken down again by a hip toss. McGroin decides to make a cover but Lotus kicks out at two. McGroin tries to continue his dominance with a few more boots to the face of Lotus but it seems Lotus has recovered from the early assault as he no-sells the boots and gets back to his feet. McGroin charges at him but Lotus grabs him by the the roar, lifts him up with both arms and chokebombs McGroin in the middle of the ring to turn the tide, but only gets a two count when he covers.

Over the next few minutes, Lotus throws McGroin around with his wild strength. McGroin uses his superior speed to avoid a lot of Lotus’ attacks, turning it into a bit of a cat and mouse chase. On the rare opportunity to strike, McGroin targets Lotus’ arm several times. Eventually the two end up in the middle of the ring throwing strikes at each other. McGroin gets three or four good licks in before Lotus’ strength overtakes the momentum and he pummels the hell out of McGroin before chokeslamming him, but again only getting a two count.

Lotus grabs McGroin by the head and yanks him to his feet, but McGroin suddenly reverses with a snapmare, bringing Lotus to the mat. McGroin runs to the ropes and tries to come down on Lotus with a Leg Drop, but Lotus rolls out of the way. McGroin recovers in time to eat a Big Boot from Lotus. Lotus grabs McGroin and sets him up for a Last Ride. He hooks him up, but McGroin throws some punches in the head of Lotus and lands back on his feet. McGroin hits a DDT on Lotus and then keeps the hold locked in for a guillotine!

For a short while, it seems McGroin has it cinched in tight and that Lotus is in real trouble, but Lotus finds a second wind and manages to pull himself free of McGroin’s grip, following up with a close-range headbutt that knocks McGroin’s head back to the mat. Lotus grabs McGroin and throws him out of the ring. After whipping McGroin into the barricade, Lotus hits him with a neckbreaker and throws him back into the ring. He rolls in afterwards and takes down McGroin with a powerbomb. He covers and… ONE …. TWO ….TH--NO! McGroin kicks out at the last moment!

Amazed at McGroin’s tenacity, Lotus comes up with another idea to inflict pain and throws McGroin into the corner. McGroin is lifted with ease by Lotus to the top of the corner post. Lotus then hooks up McGroin, climbs up and hits a SUPERPLEX! Lotus gets right back to his feet and follows up with a LEG DROP!! Lotus makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO! McGroin kicks out!

The next wave of assault from Lotus comes when he pulls McGroin up only to smash him back down with a clubbing blow to the chest. He lifts McGroin up to seemingly finish him off, when once again McGroin reverses with a snapmare! He follows up with a dropkick! McGroin stumbles back to his feet and sets up for the Eggcution DDT - but Lotus slips out of his grasp, and hooks him up for the Last Ride!! Lotus hits it with aplomb and covers McGroin!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!


Phoenix: Well, I don’t know what was up with the electronics but the match is over and Lotus has retained!
Jeffrey: McGroin put up a good fight, but it wasn’t enough tonight!
Roberts: He put up more than a “good” fight, he truly gave it all he had!

After the match, Lotus gets the title from Anna Molly and puts it back over his own shoulder. He then drags McGroin up to his feet and pushes him into the corner. McGroin is hurt, but he holds his ground. Lotus extends a hand. McGroin stares at it for a moment, before quickly shaking, stone-faced, then rolling out of the ring and leaving without looking back.

Roberts: A rare show of respect from both Lotus and McGroin there.
Phoenix: They are storied rivals, and tonight felt like something of a final chapter.

Suddenly, the tron begins to flicker again and the music cuts out.

Phoenix: Again? What is going on…?

A shadowy figure appears on the tron. Its identity cannot be established. The voice is clearly modified slightly.

???: Dark Lotus. I hear your cries. I see your signal. I am coming to rescue you. Stand tall, my brother.

The screen goes off, the crowd buzz in anticipation and Lotus and Smokey discuss what has just happened with frustration and confusion.


We are quickly shown the backstage parking lot area, where Quentin Cosmo’s ship is taking up a lot of the room. There are a small gathering of talent, namely Rane and Jerome Grayson of The Supergroup, Murder of Crows and Jani-Her. All of them are standing at different parts of the ship, trying to figure out a way to open the hatch to get in, or find some kind of structural weakness in the ship. Then, we cut back to the arena for the main event of the evening!

Phoenix: Coming up next is the Rumble in the Storm match and I’ve got some breaking news here: I’ve been told that tonight, we will see the debut of one of the most exciting new prospects in the world of wrestling. This man is, from all accounts, a phenomenal luchador wrestler and has been scouted by 4CW scouts and Sery himself, and it is confirmed that he will debut as a surprise entrant in the Rumble tonight!
Roberts: That’s exciting news but honestly, I just wanna get on with it already! Let’s gooo!

Carson: The following contest is the RUMBLE IN THE STORM match! Two competitors will start, with another competitor entering every sixty seconds until all thirty competitors have entered. Eliminations occur when someone goes over the top rope with both feet touching the floor! The winner of this match will become the number one contender to the 4CW Undisputed World Championship and will challenge Brian White at Gallows End 2022!!

”The Astral Dialogue” by Agalloch hits the PA system to a big pop from the crowd.

Carson: Introducing the competitor who drew #1, from The Dark Side of the MOOOOOOON, weighing in at 134lbs, she is one half of the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, 4CW Hall of Famer … PILGRIIIIM … PAAAAIGE!!

Phoenix: Pilgrim Paige was the first winner of the Rumble in the Storm when she and Eddie Wolfbaine both won the inaugural match. She went on to become 4CW World Champion and tonight, she looks to do the same … but she’s starting from the most disadvantageous position of the match at #1!
Roberts: That’s right! No-one has ever won this match from the #1 position - or #2 for that matter!
Jeffrey: Well, if anyone CAN do it, it’s The Moon Maiden!
Phoenix: I won’t argue with you there.

Pilgrim Paige makes it down to the ring and goes to the turnbuckle to acknowledge her fans. Once she is done, she comes back down to the ring and her music fades for the next competitor.

”Those In My Way” by Straplocked hits the PA system. The crowd “ooooh” in anticipation as the challenger for Paige is her own tag partner.

Carson: And introducing the competitor who drew #2, from Downtown New Toronto, Neontario, weighing in at 130lbs, she is the OTHER half of the 4CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS … “NEON RAIN” … KINZYYYYYY … KANE!!

Kinzy is hyped as she gets on stage and receives a warm welcome from the crowd, but then she sees Paige in the ring and realises the importance of the moment. She nods reassuringly to herself, then marches down to the ring.

Phoenix: An interesting dynamic here! The tag team champions will compete against each other to kick off the Rumble in the Storm!
Jeffrey: That’s why I love this match! Anything can happen!

Kane gets into the ring. She and Paige hug and shake hands as a sign of respect and then take their respective corners. Official Anna Molly looks to them both and gives some inaudible instructions, and then calls for the bell!

Entrant #1: Pilgrim Paige
Entrant #2: Kinzy Kane

In the opening exchanges, the two ladies lock up and go back and forth fairly evenly, clearly having spent more hours training together than virtually anything else and clearly knowing each other like the back of their hands. It becomes something of a stale mate with some equal early exchanges, until the countdown gets to 3…2…1…

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA.
Entrant #3: Zephyris

The first member of The Black Flame shows his face as he sprints down to the ring.

Phoenix: Well, at least now Paige and Kinzy have a common enemy to take their frustrations out on!

Phoenix’s prophetic words are emphasised when Zephyris gets into the ring and is immediately nailed to the mat with a lariat from Kinzy Kane. Kane picks up Zephyris and sends him to the ropes. She chases after him to clothesline him over but Zephyris has the good sense to duck and roll under the bottom rope to the outside.

Jeffrey: That may be the smartest thing Zephyris has ever done!

With Zephyris out of grasp, Kinzy turns attention back to Paige as they lock up again. An initial melee ends with Paige sending Kinzy to the ropes then taking her down on her return with a dropkick. She then grabs Kinzy and sends her to the corner. Paige chases after Kinzy with a clothesline attempt. Kinzy sees it coming and escapes the corner, turning on a now trapped Paige and unleashing some knife edge chops. Kinzy then takes down Paige with a hurricanrana as the timer counts down … 4… 3…2…1…

”Forever Lotus” by RUDE. hits the PA system.
Entrant #4: Oki-Kira

Phoenix: And here comes one-half of Silent Sorcery, the three-time tag champion Oki-Kira!
Roberts: Let’s not forget he also played a key part in the training of Hall of Famer Pilgrim Paige!

To a big pop from the MSG crowd, Oki-Kira sprints down and slides into the ring. Swift as ever, he takes down Kinzy with a leg sweep before she can even react. When a recovering Paige gets to her feet, she eats a Pele kick which sends her right back down to the mat!

Zephyris slides back into the ring behind Kira and clubs him with a blow to the back of the head. Zephyris sends Kira to the corner and manages a few knife edge chops, followed by a bulldog! Zephyris picks up Kira and shoves him over to the ropes. He tries to clothesline Kira over the top rope, but isn’t able to muster enough momentum. Kira returns with a leg sweep that wipes out Zephyris then follows up with an Enziguri! 5…4…3…2…1…

”Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco hits the PA system.
Entrant #5: Rane

The crowd cheers as one member of The Supergroup, and partly Franchise Champion, steps out on stage. She sees the competitors in the ring and nods, probably to hype herself up, then breaks into a sprint and slides into the ring. As soon as she gets in she eats a dropkick from Kira and almost goes over the ropes, but manages to cling on. Rane ducks under swinging boots from Kira and instead runs to the ropes. On her return, she clotheslines Kira to the mat. Before she can do anything else however, Zephyris has started clubbing her on the back. Sent to the ropes, Rane recovers enough to come back with a clothesline for Zephyris as well! 5…4…3…2..1..

”Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco hits the PA system
Entrant #6: Jerome Grayson

Rane’s excitement, despite her masked face, is obvious by her body language as fellow Supergroup member and boyfriend Jerome Grayson steps out onto the stage and runs down to the ring.

Phoenix: And here comes Jerome Grayson, giving us two pairings in this match who may now look to work together to ensure survival!

Grayson rolls into the ring and clobbers a recovering Zephyris with a brutal clothesline.

Grayson: You don’t ever touch my girl!

Rane swoons over her boyfriend until an oncoming Kira causes her to duck a superkick attempt but Kira is also clobbered from behind by Grayson. Grayson and Rane align themselves opposite the other two people standing in the ring. Pilgrim Paige and Kinzy Kane lock eyes with them, and the stand-off begins with applause from the crowd. The two teams collide in the middle of the ring, Paige exchanging with Grayson and Kinzy with Rane. Eventually, the tag champions get the advantage, taking down Grayson and Rane with tandem dropkicks! 6…5…4…3…2…1…

”Spider on the Wall” by Magnolia Bayou hits the PA system.
Entrant #7: Dark Lotus

Dark Lotus steps out onto the stage, the Universal Championship being held by Ol’ Smokey as Lotus spends just a moment taking in the arena before storming down to the ring.

Phoenix: And here comes Dark Lotus! He’s already fought tonight in that tough defence against Phil McGroin!
Roberts: He must have had no more than 15 minutes from the end of that match to right now!
Jeffrey: At least the adrenaline should still be pumping!

Lotus gets into the ring and the majority of the competitors give him a wide berth. Only Rane and Grayson, both groggy from the dropkicks and unsure what is going on, are the ones who stand in his direct path. Lotus charges at the both of them and with one, powerful double-armed clothesline, takes out both Grayson and Rane from the match!

Elimination #1: Jerome Grayson by Dark Lotus
Elimination #2: Rane by Dark Lotus

Phoenix: And just like that we have our first eliminations!

Lotus turns around and immediately charges at a recovering Zephyris. One clean boot to his jaw sends him flying over the top rope!

Elimination #3: Zephyris by Dark Lotus

Phoenix: Zephyris is gone, just like that!
Jeffrey: Lotus is on a rampage, something has pissed him off!
Roberts: I think we can guess it’s whoever keeps sending him messages…

Oki-Kira becomes Lotus’ next victim. After a failed attempt at sweeping Lotus’ leg, Kira is grabbed and slammed HARD with a chokeslam. Lotus then picks up Kira on his shoulders, and dumps him out of the ring!

Elimination #4: Oki-Kira by Dark Lotus

Phoenix: This is crazy! Lotus has just racked up four eliminations in under a minute!
Roberts: And we’re about to find out the next competitor!


The screen crackles… the shadowed figure is back… he speaks….

???: Dark Lotus… I told you I’d come… I promised!

The lights darken. Words appear on the screen with a female voice narrating them…. LOST … ADRIFT… DESPAIR …

Inside the ring, the action has all but stopped. Lotus is staring at the screen, eyes glaring. The female voice continues, as more words appear on the screen… HOPE … SAVIOUR …

A small pause, and then the final word…. FIGHT.

”Armee der Tristen” by Rammstein hits the PA system. Then, to an absolute nuclear eruption, the man recognised and known as JON VIPER steps through the curtain. He stands on the stage and just stares directly at Dark Lotus in the ring, as the atmosphere created by the Madison Square Garden crowd cuts through every molecule in the air.

Carson: On his way to the ring, from Madison, Wisconsin, weighing in at 220lbs, 4CW HALL OF FAMER … JOOOOON … VIIIIIPER!!

Entrant #8: Jon Viper

Phoenix: WHAT?! I don’t believe it! It’s him! JON VIPER IS HERE!
Jeffrey: Oh wow! This is great!
Roberts: 4CW Hall of Famer, former World Champion! And he’s here tonight, as part of the Rumble!
Phoenix: And it seems like he is the one who has been sending messages to Lotus… but why? What does he want with Lotus, the Universal Title?
Roberts: It could be the title but he hasn’t mentioned it once… it seems more personal than that.

Viper comes down the ramp and starts a slow walk up the steps, not taking his eyes off Lotus the whole time. On the outside, Ol’ Smokey keeps well away from Viper, on the other side of the ring. Viper takes so long getting into the ring that Paige recovers, grabbing Lotus from behind and hitting him with a German Suplex! Paige gets up and is hit with a BIG BOOT from Viper. Kinzy jumps on Viper’s back, but he takes her down with a throw over his own shoulder. 5…4…3…2…1…

”Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna hits the PA system. The crowd pops for the appearance of SENECCA as he comes through the curtain.

Entrant #9: Senecca

Senecca makes his way down to the ring and rolls in only to come face to face with Dark Lotus. The two begin taking chunks out of each other with lefts and rights, until Viper grabs Lotus from behind and hits a reverse DDT. Senecca turns his attention to Viper but before he can move for him, is attacked by Kane who takes him out with a dropkick.

Paige grabs Viper from behind with a reverse DDT of her own. She then runs to the ropes and hits a basement dropkick on the fellow Hall of Famer. Lotus recovers and goes for Viper, throwing him against the turnbuckle and throwing lefts and rights, not letting up. Meanwhile, Senecca grabs Kane and throws her over the ropes, but she holds on while standing on the apron. 4…3…2…1…

”Forever Lotus” by RUDE. hits the PA system. The crowd pops for the second half of Silent Sorcery, Tsukiko Mizuno, as she runs down to the ring.

Entrant #10: Tsukiko Mizuno

Phoenix: Well, Kiko’s tag partner is already out of this match so she will have an extra tough challenge on her hands tonight!

Kiko rolls into the ring and ducks under an incoming clothesline from Viper. She runs to the ropes, comes back to take a swing at Viper, who sidesteps. Viper is clobbered by Paige and Kiko sees Kinzy as a target to be struck. She grabs Kinzy and hits a neckbreaker with smooth execution. She then grabs her and attempts to throw her over the ropes, but Kinzy is ready to fight. Kinzy steps on the foot of Kiko and pushes her away, a quick slip under Kiko’s arms and a DDT later, Kinzy moves on to an approaching Senecca. Kiko stumbles back to her feet - and is BLINDSIDED by Viper, who launches her over the top rope with a nasty clothesline to the side of the head!

Elimination #5: Tsukiko Mizuno by Jon Viper

Phoenix: Oh no! And that’s her night over!
Jeffrey: She barely even got started!
Roberts: Such was her luck tonight!
Jeffrey: Shut up Roberts, I can’t hear the crowd over your whiny voice.


”Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera hits the PA system. The crowd boos as the younger Crow brother, Robert Crow, steps out from behind the curtain. He quickly makes his way down to the ring.

Entrant #11: Robert Crow

Robert Crow gets into the ring and immediately throws himself into a brawl between Kinzy Kane and Senecca. The three of them go around in circles with strikes on each other, completing a triangle effect. Eventually, Robert throws a boot up into the crotch of Senecca and then hits him with a DDT! Robert soon has to deal with an onslaught of stikes from Kinzy, but manages to avoid the worst of it, slipping behind her and taking her down with a Russian Leg Sweep!

Robert Crow sees his opportunity for an elimination and pulls Kinzy to her feet, when suddenly a holler from behind causes him to turn around. It’s Pilgrim Paige on the top rope, and she dives off and takes him down with a crossbody! Paige gets up and helps Kinzy to her feet, when suddenly Viper pulls Paige by her hair from behind, spins her around, double underhook - and hits the ELEVATED DDT!!

Phoenix: That’s Jon Viper’s new lethal weapon! And he calls it Fate Sealer!!
Roberts: That elevated DDT was brutal! Enough to put anyone down!

Viper counters a couple of strikes from Kinzy, then takes her down with a forearm smash! With her partner down, Viper grabs Paige and sends her to the ropes. Viper chases after Paige to clothesline her over but no! BOOM! Big Boot to the side of the head from Lotus takes down Viper! 5…4…3…2…1…

”Antivist” by Bring Me The Horizon hits the PA system. The crowd EXPLODES for the one and only, Miss Erica Moxie!!

Entrant #12 : Erica Moxie

Phoenix: Here comes Erica Moxie! She got a monumental victory back at Revival against Rhys Cain and ever since her momentum has been brimming!
Roberts: She found some new friends and has a whole new confidence! And you all know as well as I do, Erica Moxie isn’t here to fill the numbers! Erica Moxie will have her heart set on nothing less than winning this whole damn thing!

Moxie sprints down to the ring and slides into the ring. Wasting not a second, she immediately jumps on the offence. Moxie takes down Paige with a clothesline and Senecca with a sidestep and a superkick! Moxie, standing near the ropes, sees Robert Crow charging towards her. She ducks, and lifts Crow up and over with a back body drop to the outside of the ring!!

Elimination #6: Robert Crow by Erica Moxie

Phoenix: A very impressive elimination from Moxie just seconds after she enters the match!
Jeffrey: Oh, she’s in it to win it alright!

The fights break off into three groups. Paige and Moxie go back and forth near the ropes, Lotus and Senecca locking horns in the centre of the ring and Viper stalking Kinzy without her knowledge. Viper grabs Kinzy from behind and takes her out with a bulldog! Viper then grabs Kinzy and throws her over the top rope! Kinzy hangs on but Viper goes in for the finishing blow. Kinzy drops to the apron, then sweeps the leg of Viper from under the bottom rope, and rolls back in to safety.

In the centre of the ring, Lotus sends Senecca to the ropes and on his return takes him out with a compounding sidewalk slam! Lotus sets up Senecca for a powerbomb, when suddenly the brawl between Paige and Moxie falls into Lotus. Furious, he grabs Moxie and ragdolls her across the ring. He then throws Viper aside and grabs Paige, setting her up and slamming her in the centre of the ring with a powerbomb! 5…4…3…2…1…

”Ravenous” by Killswitch Engage hits the PA system. The new leader of The Black Flame, Eli Waters, steps through the curtain, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Entrant #13: Eli Waters

Phoenix: And here’s someone who Erica Moxie will want to get her hands on! Her former ally and rival, now bitter enemy, and the new leader of The Black Flame, Eli Waters!
Jeffrey: When you cut off the head of the dragon, another one grows in its place! Waters is the new head!

Waters walks swiftly down the ramp but quickly breaks into a sprint and slides into the ring. Moxie charges at Waters and the two collide in the middle of the ring with lefts and rights. Senecca gets some back on Lotus by taking him down with a body slam. Senecca then goes to the ropes and comes back with a big splash on Lotus! With Lotus down, Senecca grabs the next nearest opponent, Kinzy, and takes her out with a body slam too, directly on top of Lotus! 7…6…5…4…3…2…1…

”Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera hits the PA system. The crowd boos again as the other Crow brother, Jason Crow, runs down to the ring.

Entrant #14: Jason Crow

Phoenix: Former Hardcore Champion and a man not to be messed with - but it is worth noting his brother Robert has already been eliminated from this match!

Jason enters the ring and jumps into a brawl with Moxie and Waters. The three of them exchange strikes indiscriminately. Lotus comes out of nowhere and takes down Senecca with a big boot, until Viper takes down Lotus with a German suplex! Kinzy recovers in the corner of the ring with Paige as they discuss some unheard plan. 5…4…3…2…1…

”Inked in Blood” by Sigh. The crowd cheers at the high-octane arrival of the unpredictable Witch Hazel. She jumps on the railguard and runs down it rather than the ramp, then jumps off and rolls into the ring.

Entrant #15: Witch Hazel

Phoenix: Witch Hazel is wasting no time getting involved!

Hazel takes down Kinzy with a dropkick, before she is clubbed from behind by Jason Crow. Crow grabs her and attempts to throw her over the top rope. Hazel lands on the apron, and shoulders Jason in the gut. Jason stumbles back, Hazel springboards from the top rope and takes down Jason with a hurricanrana! Jason stumbles back to his feet only to eat a Big Boot from Lotus which sends him crashing out of the ring and to the floor!

Elimination #7: Jason Crow by Dark Lotus

Immediately after this, Jon Viper sneaks up from behind and launches Lotus over the top rope! The crowd gasps in shock as Lotus does indeed fall to the outside and crashes and burns!

Elimination #8: Dark Lotus by Jon Viper

Phoenix: And he’s gone! Lotus is out of there, thanks to Jon Viper! And it honestly feels more targeted than a typical elimination in this thing!
Roberts: It does beg the question, what does Viper want with Lotus?

Viper turns around to fight off an oncoming Pilgrim Paige. Kinzy Kane soon joins the brawl, and the two of them take down Jon Viper with a double suplex! 4…3…2…1…

”Between II Worlds” by NERO hits the PA system. The Hardcore Champion, who hasn’t been seen outside of his spaceship appears on the stage, title around his waist.

Phoenix: I guess the Rumble is too big an opportunity for Cosmo not to risk his title for, since he’s been hiding since April!
Roberts: I’d hide too if I caused a space-time event.
Jeffrey: You guys have no idea! He was just biding his time, for this moment!

Entrant #16: Quentin Cosmo

Cosmo runs into the ring, leaving his belt at ringside. Cosmo gets into it with Hazel, both of them exchanging forearms at first contact. Outside of the ring, Lotus is just recovering from his elimination and realising what has happened. He does not look happy. He stalks around the ring, not entering it, but glaring at Viper, waiting for him to get within reach. Viper sidesteps a dropkick attempt from Kinzy and hits Paige with a belly-to-belly suplex. Viper is then grabbed by Senecca, who lifts him in his shoulders from behind, but Viper manages to roll down back to his feet behind Senecca and hits a HUGE German Suplex! 4…3…2…1…

”Roadgame” by Kavinsky hits the PA system. The crowd pops as one half of Synth City Thrillers steps out onto the stage.

Phoenix: Here comes The Keeper of the Keys! It’s Devon Drummond!
Roberts: A huge opportunity for the submission specialist here tonight, and that ring is starting to look a bit crowded now!

Entrant #17: Devon Drummond

Drummond enters the ring, becoming the tenth competitor currently in it.

Drummond avoids a swing by Cosmo and hits him with a superkick. Drummond ducks under a lariat attempt from Waters and hits him with a neckbreaker. Moxie hits Drummond with a few forearms, before Drummond sends her to the ropes and hits her with a lariat on her return. Viper charges at Drummond, who rolls out of the way, and Viper instead clotheslines Cosmo right over the top rope and to the outside!

Elimination #9: Quentin Cosmo by Jon Viper

Roberts: Ha! Shame Cosmo didn’t see that one coming!
Phoenix: Another elimination for Viper!

Viper doesn’t see Lotus so close to him immediately after the elimination and Lotus grabs his foot. As Viper tries to fight him off, Paige runs in with a missile dropkick that sends Viper flying over the top rope!

Elimination #10: Jon Viper by Pilgrim Paige

Phoenix: And Viper’s gone!
Jeffrey: Revenge from Dark Lotus! These two have ended up costing each other the match!

Outside the ring, Lotus whips Viper into the steel steps! Lotus then launches Viper over the barricade and into the crowd area, before storming off, furious!

Phoenix: Lotus has proverbially thrown out the trash, but I don’t think Viper will give up that easily!
Roberts: Yeah, I doubt we’ve seen the end of this!

Inside the ring, Paige and Kinzy continue to use their alliance as an advantage as they brawl with Senecca and Drummond, which takes up one corner of the ring. On the other side of the ring, Waters is wailing on Hazel, who is slouched in the corner. Moxie pulls Waters from Hazel, and hooks him up for a DDT, but Waters reverses into a back body drop! Waters then grabs Hazel and Moxie and suplexes them both, one in each arm! 3…2…1…

”You Ain’t Ready” by Skillet hits the PA system. The crowd pops loud for Avana as he steps through the curtain. Avana looks annoyed but determined.

Phoenix: Avana will of course still be reeling from losing the Custom Cup Championship earlier tonight, but this is an opportunity to move on to bigger and better things with a 4CW Undisputed World Championship shot on the line if he can overcome the odds!

Entrant #18: Xavier Avana

Avana, while clearly not 100%, nevertheless breaks into a run and jumps into the fray of the match. Avana ends up brawling with Drummond, who has since broken away from Senecca and Neon Moon. Drummond and Avana exchange strikes and Avana eventually takes down Drummond with an enziguri! Waters fights off both Moxie and Hazel as they form a temporary alliance, eventually taking him down with a double dropkick! Moxie then hooks up Waters and hits the MOXIE MASSACRE DDT! But before she can do anything, Senecca clobbers her with a big clothesline! 3…2…1…

”Taking You Down” by Egypt Central hits the PA system. Elfan Simtul steps out through the curtain and the crowd hisses with distaste as he walks down to the ring.

Phoenix: Here comes Elfan Simtul and he is by no means someone to be underestimated! Of the three Rumble in the Storm matches, he has ended up in the Final Four of two of them!
Jeffrey: That’s right! He is no stranger to World Title matches either! Simtul is a good pick to win this whole thing!

Entrant #19: Elfan Simtul

Simtul charges down to the ring and gets in, taking down Paige and Kinzy with quick clotheslines. He takes down Senecca with a Big Boot and Moxie with a body slam!

Jeffrey: Simtul cleaning house here!!

Drummond takes Simtul on next. He gets in two good left hands, before succumbing to an open-hand chop and a suplex from Simtul! Simtul throws Drummond over the top rope, but Drummond manages to hold on while finding footing on the apron. Simtul doesn’t get a chance to finish Drummond off, as Hazel jumps on his back in an attempt to choke him out… 5…4…3…2…1…

”Into Nothing” by Bleed From Within hits the PA system. Zaiden marches out from behind the curtain and down to the ring.
Phoenix: And here comes the second of three members of the Antivists, Grant Zaiden!

Entrant #20: Grant Zaiden

Zaiden gets into the ring and Drummond, still recovering from Simtul’s attack, is suddenly blasted by a big boot from a recovering Eli Waters!

Elimination #11: Devon Drummond by Eli Waters

Phoenix: And Drummond is gone! Just like that!
Jeffrey: Give Waters an inch and he’ll take a mile!

While Senecca fights off the combination of Hazel, Moxie and Paige, Kinzy Kane stumbles into an exchange with Xavier Avana. She manages to hit him with a hurricanrana, which sends him over the top rope. Avana holds on and lands on the apron. Kinzy goes to finish the job when Avana suddenly reaches over and pulls her from the ring, throwing her to the outside and retreating back into the ring himself under the bottom rope!

Elimination #12: Kinzy Kane by Xavier Avana

Phoenix: One half of the tag champions, Kinzy Kane, is gone! You have to be aware of everything in this match because one second of complacency and it’s over!

Kinzy looks distraught at her own lapse of judgement on the outside as the crowd chants 4…3…2…1…

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system. Boos fester as Bruce Rigg breaks through the curtain and makes his way down to the ring.

Phoenix: Here comes Bruce Rigg, and Eli Waters will be grateful to have an ally in the ring as his Black Flame comrade makes his way down!

Entrant #21: Bruce Rigg

Rigg gets into the ring and immediately comes to the side of Waters. Together, Waters and Rigg fight off Avana and Zaiden. Senecca manages to headbutt Paige away from him, giving him some breathing space. He stumbles away and runs into Simtul. Almost sighing, Senecca resigns to another round of forearm strikes with the big man. Together, the two behemoths lock horns and become the spectacle of the match while other skirmishes take part around the sides of the ring. 4…3…2…1…

”Roadgame” by Kavinsky hits the PA system. The second half of Synth City Thrillers, Reuben Kojo steps out onto the stage.

Phoenix: Here comes The Knockout King, Reuben Kojo! His partner Devon Drummond has already been eliminated, so he’s all alone in this challenge tonight!

Entrant #22: Reuben Kojo
Kojo gets into the ring and observes the other nine competitors in their various skirmishes. Kojo sees an opportunity and grabs Rigg from behind hitting a German Suplex. He rolls back to his feet, slips behind Senecca and hits him with a German Suplex too! Finally, he sees the third-biggest man, Elfan Simtul, and takes him out with a Kojo Kick! Simtul falls back against the ropes, Kojo tries to clothesline him over, but Simtul holds strong. Simtul returns an elbow smash and Kojo stumbles backwards into Witch Hazel. Hazel pushes Kojo back towards Simtul, when suddenly she is blasted by Waters from a side position and he dumps her over the top rope!

Elimination #13: Witch Hazel by Eli Waters

Roberts: Oh no!
Phoenix: Hazel is gone as Waters racks up another elimination!

While the crowd reels from the elimination of one of their favourites, the countdown gets near its end again as it goes 3…2…1…

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system. This does nothing to improve the mood of the crowd, who continue to boo and grumble as Garret Fischer runs down to the ring.

Phoenix: Waters, Rigg and Fischer are now all active in this match which gives The Black Flame a massive advantage!
Jeffrey: Tonight will be the night Black Flame takes this whole thing, mark my words!

Entrant #23: Garret Fischer

Fischer gets into the ring. He aligns himself with Waters and Rigg and the three of them have a newfound confidence knowing they are the biggest active alliance in the match. The three of them decide to target Paige and Moxie. The Liberation corner Moxie two on one while Waters grabs Paige and throws her into the adjacent corner. Rigg holds Moxie up while Fischer takes her down with a superkick! Fischer tries to throw another superkick at his next opponent, Reuben Kojo. However, Kojo quickly sidesteps and Fischer kicks his own partner Rigg in the face! Rigg stumbles backwards and eats a huge lariat from Kojo that sends him over the top rope and out of the ring!

Elimination #14: Bruce Rigg by Reuben Kojo

Phoenix: Well, there goes Rigg!
Roberts: So much for that advantage!

On the other side of the ring, Avana takes down Simtul with a DDT. He then gets clubbed in the back by Senecca and thrown over the top rope, but Avana manages to hold on to Senecca! There’s a short struggle, and then Senecca comes toppling over the top rope and to the outside, while Avana hangs on to the middle rope for dear life!

Elimination #15: Senecca by Xavier Avana

Phoenix: Another impressive elimination for Avana takes out Senecca, after quite a performance!


”Taking You Down” by Egypt Central hits the PA system. The other half of Umbra Maxima, Maximilian Yesgill, sprints down to the ring and slides in to assist his tag partner.

Phoenix: Here comes Yesgill! The most dominant tag team in 4CW history are now in this match!

Entrant #24: Maximilian Yesgill

Umbra Maxima immediately becomes a unit and together take on Moxie and Zaiden, who step up to them in the middle of the ring. The two teams break into a brawl, throwing wild lefts and rights. Moxie and Zaiden manage to get their respective opponents into a corner, but Simtul headbutts Moxie and pushes her backwards, before taking out Zaiden with a clothesline to the back of the head.

On the other side of the ring, Waters, Avana and Paige exchange blows as they battle three-ways. Avana knocks Paige down, and then takes down Waters with a sudden neckbreaker. 5…4…3…2…1…

”Supernova Goes Pop” by Powerman 5000 hits the PA system. For the second time that night, Avana’s attention is distracted by Jack Valentine. Valentine comes out with the title and holds it high. He then gives it to an assistant on the stage and sprints down to the ring. Avana is ready and waiting to take him on, but suddenly Garret Fischer takes Avana out with a hurricanrana.

Entrant #25: Jack Valentine

Instead, Fischer takes on Valentine and attempts to hurricanrana him as well, but Valentine holds his ground and reverses into a powerbomb! Simtul runs in and Valentine moves swiftly, so that Simtul clubs Fischer instead. Simtul then gets taken out from behind with a reverse DDT from Valentine. Valentine then grabs Fischer and throws him over the top rope!

Elimination #16: Garret Fischer by Jack Valentine

Phoenix: Fischer is gone, thanks to Valentine!

Simtul recovers from Valentine’s attack and charges at him, but Valentine swiftly pulls down the top rope, sending Simtul heaving over! Simtul doesn’t go over immediately, but Valentine gets back up and pushes his legs over, sending him crashing!

Elimination #17: Elfan Simtul by Jack Valentine

Phoenix: And there goes Simtul! What an incredible elimination!

But Valentine isn’t done there! He recovers in time to see Waters charging at him, ducks the clothesline attempt, kicks Waters in the nuts and tosses him over the top rope as well!

Elimination #18: Eli Waters by Jack Valentine

Roberts: Wow! Three quick eliminations in succession for Valentine!
Jeffrey: And you expected anything less? Valentine is the GOAT!
Phoenix: Eli Waters is also gone, and Valentine is racking up quite a list here so far!

With all the excitement of three quick eliminations, the crowd are hyped as they count down 5…4…3…2…1…

”Creatures of Habit” by Polaris hits the PA system. The crowd pops as the final member of the Antivists steps through the curtain.

Phoenix: Number twenty six is Lindon Jett! All three members of the Antivists are now active in this match!

Entrant #26: Lindon Jett

Jett wastes no time in sprinting down to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope, immediately taking down Kojo with a Lou Thesz Press. He throws a few shots at the fallen Kojo, then turns his attention to Jack Valentine. He kicks Valentine in the gut, hooks the arms and sets up for a variation of a suplex, but Valentine breaks free. Valentine pushes Zaiden into Jett, and the two clash into a tumble. Valentine then grabs the groggy Zaiden, pushes him against the ropes and clotheslines him over to ringside!

Elimination #19: Grant Zaiden by Jack Valentine

Phoenix: The new Custom Cup Champion is racking up these eliminations! He’s now taken out four competitors!
Roberts: And the Antivist reunion was short-lived in this match!

Valentine grabs Jett and tries to throw him over also, but Jett throws an elbow back into the face of Valentine which rocks him. He then takes out Valentine with a snap suplex! 5…4…3…2…1…

”Aces High” by Iron Maiden hits the PA system. The high energy from the music matches the crowd’s excitement as Tommy Young sprints down the ramp and into the ring!

Phoenix: It’s Tommy Young! And he’s wasting no time here!
Roberts: Look at him go!

Entrant #27: Tommy Young

Valentine has now moved on to Pilgrim Paige. The two Hall of Famers go back and forth with lefts and rights, until Valentine takes Paige down with a snap suplex. He attempts to follow up with a Flea Shott DDT but Paige reverses and hits a hurricanrana! Paige jumps back up to her feet - only to be CLOBBERED by Xavier Avana as she is launched to the outside!

Elimination #20: Pilgrim Paige by Xavier Avana

Phoenix: And Pilgrim Paige is gone! Avana gets another elimination!
Jeffrey: It seems to me that this has turned into a contest between Valentine and Avana! They both want to outdo the other!

Avana fights off Valentine with a superkick. He then is blasted by Moxie, who pushes Avana into the corner and unleashes Moxie Madness! A string of chops and punches only broken up with Yesgill superkicks Moxie! Yesgill looks to finish the job Moxie started, but Avana crouches low, and lifts Yesgill up and over the turnbuckle to the outside! Yesgill lands on the apron, but a stiff elbow smash from Avana sends him crashing to ringside!

Elimination #21: Maximilian Yesgill by Xavier Avana

Phoenix: Yesgill is gone! Avana is on fire!

There are now only five competitors in the ring. Erica Moxie and Jack Valentine are recovering in opposite corners, while Kojo and Young are exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Avana stays where he is, taking the moment to recover some energy as the crowd counts 5…4…3…2…1…

”Numb” by Linkin Park hits the PA system. Phil McGroin comes down to the ring, his Camera Man lagging behind, with purpose and spirit.

Phoenix: He was unsuccessful in a brutal battle with Dark Lotus tonight, but this late entry will give McGroin the ultimate opportunity to do something huge here tonight!
Jeffrey: And Lotus has already been eliminated, so that’s one less thing he has to worry about!

Entrant #28: Phil McGroin

McGroin jumps on Avana and the two start to brawl near the ropes. Valentine and Moxie see each other in opposite corners of the ring and decide at the same time to attack the other, causing them to clash in the middle of the ring. Kojo and Young similarly end up clashing due to the lack of other opponents. Kojo takes down Avana with a Reubenage! He tries to toss Avana over the top rope, but Avana fights back with a few forearms and a headbutt! Avana then hits a missile dropkick which knocks Kojo on his ass. 5…4…3…2…1…

”Ding Dong Song” by Gunther hits the PA system as Janitur steps through the curtain. He brings his mop with him as he sprints down to the ring, leaving the bucket on stage. Almost falling over a couple of times, Janitur eventually makes it into the ring.

Entrant #29: Janitur

Getting into the ring, Janitur swings the mop at his nearest opponent - Young - knocking him down to the mat. He then takes down McGroin with a mop shot and when Kojo kicks the mop out of his hand, Janitur ducks under a clothesline and takes down Kojo with a neckbreaker from behind. Kojo stumbles back to his feet, but before Janitur can do anything else, Valentine runs in and clotheslines Kojo right over the top rope and to the outside!

Elimination #22: Reuben Kojo by Jack Valentine

Phoenix: Kojo is gone and yet again, Valentine scores the elimination!

Seeing the elimination take place, Avana locks eyes on Jett - who is recovering from a recent assault from Moxie - and charges at him. One swift clothesline later and Jett crashes to the outside!

Elimination #23: Lindon Jett by Xavier Avana

Phoenix: And just like clockwork, Avana pulls out another elimination of his own! Lindon Jett is outta here!
Roberts: There are six competitors in the ring and one more to come out! Valentine and Avana are seriously making their mark here!

McGroin attempts to pull Moxie’s legs up over the top rope as Avana moves towards his next closest opponent, Janitur. Janitur reaches for his mop but Avana kicks it out of the ring before taking out Janitur with a dropkick. Tommy Young comes off the top rope to take down Avana with a big crossbody. He then gets back up and eats a big superkick from Valentine, followed by the FLEA SHOT DDT!! Moxie grabs Valentine for a DDT of her own, but he pushes her off and hits another FLEA SHOT DDT! As Young crawls towards the ropes, Valentine grabs him and sends him swinging to the ropes. Young ducks a clothesline and comes back with one of his own. He grabs Valentine in an attempt to throw him out but Valentine rakes the eyes and clotheslines Young over the top rope!

Elimination #24: Tommy Young by Jack Valentine

At almost the same time, on the other side of the ring, McGroin gets his Fisherman’s Suplex reversed by Moxie, who then hits him with a gnarly forearm and dumps him over the top rope!!

Elimination #25: Phil McGroin by Erica Moxie

Phoenix: Two eliminations in quick succession! Valentine takes out Young and Moxie takes out McGroin!
Jeffrey: Four competitors left in the ring! Erica Moxie, Xavier Avana, Jack Valentine… and somehow, Janitur!
Roberts: And it’s about time for our final entrant! #30! Who’s it gonna be?!


The lights go out…
A spotlight illuminates the centre of the stage, where a small orchestra sits and starts playing ”Flight of Dragons” by Ramin Djawadi. On the screen and the LED floors, are graphics of great beasts colliding in slow motion…of great, yellow eyes…. Deep, red scales… burning, roaring flames. Flames and smoke comes from the pyro as the orchestra builds and builds … Then silence… then unleashes the full force of the score, with flashing lights, roaring dragons and cannons of fire and rivers of smoke enveloping the stage… the orchestra calms to a halt, except for one small, mournful melody… this whole presentation takes about two minutes and the wrestlers in the ring have stopped fighting and are watching the stage as the entrance music finally plays…

The lights go out again…

”As I Am” by Dream Theatre hits the PA system. First, an outroar of shock, perhaps horror, as the sea of people recognises the music playing. The roar becomes deafening excitement with a layer of contempt simmering underneath. A masked luchadore steps out on to the stage, but something just feels... wrong.

Phoenix: No… dammit, no, it can’t be!
Jeffrey: Is that - ?
Roberts: Is he really here?!

He is. With a triumphant burst, RHYS CAIN RIPS OFF THE MASK TO REVEAL HIMSELF! He stands tall, columns of fire erupting all around him on the now-empty stage.

Phoenix: Fuck! No!
Roberts: It’s him! But how?
Phoenix: But how is this possible? He lost to Erica Moxie at Revival! He was fired! What on EARTH was Sery thinking, rehiring him?!

Entrant #30: Rhys Cain

Rhys Cain marches down to the ring at a steady pace as the wrestlers in the ring come to terms with what has just happened. Valentine takes advantage of everyone being distracted and attacks Avana from behind, clotheslining him in the back of the head. Meanwhile, stony-faced Moxie, with eyes of pure rage, slides out of the ring, runs up the ramp and meets Cain head on!!

Phoenix: Yes! Get him Moxie!
Roberts: You can understand her rage! She put Cain out of commission at Revival and now she’s seen it all thrown back in her face!

Cain and Moxie exchange blows on the ramp. Moxie comes hard and fast but she has also been in the match a long time. Cain, fresh and healthy, quickly overpowers Moxie and throws her into the steel steps! Cain then rolls into the ring. Janitur is the only man without someone to fight so Cain obliges by smashing him in the back of the head with a forearm! Cain lines up Janitur as he stumbles to his feet and hits the BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!

Jeffrey: Dragon Rage! Cain takes out Janitur!

Cain picks up Janitur and throws him over the top rope! Janitur crashes to the ringside area.

Elimination #26: Janitur by Rhys Cain

Avana takes down Valentine with a clothesline and retreats. Each remaining member of the match ends up in a separate corner of the ring, with Moxie rolling back in from her crash with the steel steps, and at the same time, they all realise they are the last four.

Phoenix: We’re down to the final four! It’s Erica Moxie, Xavier Avana, Jack Valentine and Rhys Cain! One of these four will be walking out of here with a 4CW World Championship match!
Jeffrey: Who’s it going to be? Cain is the freshest, but both Avana and Valentine have had their fair share of eliminations! And Moxie can never be ruled out, she’s as dangerous as they come!

A moment passes of no movement, and then the four competitors collide. Moxie naturally charges at Cain and the two once again break into a flurry of lefts and rights. Meanwhile, Valentine ducks under a clothesline from Avana, spins him on the spot - and hits him right in the crotch with a LOW BLOW!

Phoenix: Dammit! How many more times is Valentine going to blatantly cheat in this match?
Jeffrey: He’s not blatantly doing anything! The only rule of this match is competitors go over the top rope and to the outside! Everything else is fair game!

After the lowblow, Valentine grabs Avana - FLEA SHOT DDT!!

Roberts: That’s despicable!

Valentine pisses off the crowd even more after he grabs Avana - and tosses him over the top rope!

Elimination #27: Xavier Avana by Jack Valentine

Phoenix: Valentine gets Avana - and we’re down to three!

Before Phoenix can even finish his sentence, Moxie comes up from behind Valentine and throws him up and over, so that he crashes right on top of Avana on the outside!!

Elimination #28: Jack Valentine by Erica Moxie

Phoenix: Oh my god! And there goes Valentine! We’re down to two already!
Roberts: It’s Moxie! It’s Cain! Who’s gonna take this?!

Cain is right behind Moxie and tries to do to her what she did to Valentine. Moxie lands on the apron, however, and slaps Cain across the face hard. Cain charges but Moxie shoulders him in the gut. Cain stumbles backwards, Moxie dives in through the middle rope, and hits the ROLLING THUNDER CUTTER!!

Roberts: Moxie may have it here!

Moxie picks up Cain and throws him towards the ropes. She tries to clothesline him over, but isn’t able to get enough power in her shot. Cain knees Moxie in the gut and throws her over, but Moxie lands on the apron again. They send lefts and rights to each other, with Moxie teetering on the apron. A neat elbow to the jaw of Moxie causes her to let go of the rope, balancing on the apron with her feet alone. Cain throws a fist. Moxie ducks and clutches to the middle rope. Moxie then jumps back into the ring, swings behind Cain and hits a German suplex! With Cain rocked, Moxie picks him up and swings him to the ropes. She chases after Cain, but Cain sees her coming, ducks and lifts her up - AND OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE!!

Elimination #29: Erica Moxie by Rhys Cain


”As I Am” by Dream Theatre hits the PA system again. Cain falls to his knees as his music plays and the victory is announced.

Phoenix: Dammit, no!
Roberts: He caught out Moxie! Cain did it!
Jeffrey: At #30, Cain has taken advantage of the ultimate advantage! Cain is the winner of the fourth annual Rumble in the Storm match!

The Liberation, Eli Waters and Zephyris make their way down to the ring. They look just as shocked to see Rhys Cain as the rest of the crowd, but they roll into the ring and each offer words of congratulations as he stands up. Cain looks around at them all, says something quietly to them, nods in approval, and then heads to the turnbuckle where he celebrates while the rest of the crew leave the ring and walk up the ramp.

Phoenix: As much as I hate to say it, Rhys Cain has indeed made history here tonight! He has won the Rumble in the Storm and as such, we now know our main event for Gallows End 2022! It’ll be Rhys Cain vs Brian White for the 4CW Undisputed World Championship!
Jeffrey: It’s been an incredibly shocking night and none so more than the shock of the return of Rhys Cain!
Roberts: Thank you for joining us, everyone! We’ll be back next month, for another edition of Storm Front!
Phoenix: Goodnight!

Quick Results:
-Jack Valentine defeated Xavier Avana © to win the 4CW Custom Cup Championship.
-Dark Lotus © defeated Phil McGroin to retain the 4CW Universal Championship.
-Rhys Cain wins the Rumble in the Storm match, last eliminating Erica Moxie to become #1 contender for the 4CW Undisputed World Championship.

Rumble in the Storm IV stats

Entrants in order:
Entrant #1: Pilgrim Paige
Entrant #2: Kinzy Kane
Entrant #3: Zephyris
Entrant #4: Oki-Kira
Entrant #5: Rane
Entrant #6: Jerome Grayson
Entrant #7: Dark Lotus
Entrant #8: Jon Viper
Entrant #9: Senecca
Entrant #10: Tsukiko Mizuno
Entrant #11: Robert Crow
Entrant #12 : Erica Moxie
Entrant #13: Eli Waters
Entrant #14: Jason Crow
Entrant #15: Witch Hazel
Entrant #16:Quentin Cosmo
Entrant #17: Devon Drummond
Entrant #18: Xavier Avana
Entrant #19: Elfan Simtul
Entrant #20: Grant Zaiden
Entrant #21: Bruce Rigg
Entrant #22: Reuben Kojo
Entrant #23: Garret Fischer
Entrant #24: Maximilian Yesgill
Entrant #25: Jack Valentine
Entrant #26: Lindon Jett
Entrant #27: Tommy Young
Entrant #28: Phil McGroin
Entrant #29: Janitur
Entrant #30: Rhys Cain

Eliminations in order:
Elimination #1: Jerome Grayson by Dark Lotus
Elimination #2: Rane by Dark Lotus
Elimination #3: Zephyris by Dark Lotus
Elimination #4: Oki-Kira by Dark Lotus
Elimination #5: Tsukiko Mizuno by Jon Viper
Elimination #6: Robert Crow by Erica Moxie
Elimination #7: Jason Crow by Dark Lotus
Elimination #8: Dark Lotus by Jon Viper
Elimination #9: Quentin Cosmo by Jon Viper
Elimination #10: Jon Viper by Pilgrim Paige
Elimination #11: Devon Drummond by Eli Waters
Elimination #12: Kinzy Kane by Xavier Avana
Elimination #13: Witch Hazel by Eli Waters
Elimination #14: Bruce Rigg by Reuben Kojo
Elimination #15: Senecca by Xavier Avana
Elimination #16: Garret Fischer by Jack Valentine
Elimination #17: Elfan Simtul by Jack Valentine
Elimination #18: Eli Waters by Jack Valentine
Elimination #19: Grant Zaiden by Jack Valentine
Elimination #20: Pilgrim Paige by Xavier Avana
Elimination #21: Maximilian Yesgill by Xavier Avana
Elimination #22: Reuben Kojo by Jack Valentine
Elimination #23: Lindon Jett by Xavier Avana
Elimination #24: Tommy Young by Jack Valentine
Elimination #25: Phil McGroin by Erica Moxie
Elimination #26: Janitur by Rhys Cain
Elimination #27: Xavier Avana by Jack Valentine
Elimination #28: Jack Valentine by Erica Moxie
Elimination #29: Erica Moxie by Rhys Cain

Final Four:
Rhys Cain, Erica Moxie, Jack Valentine [2], Xavier Avana [2]

Jack Valentine - 7
Dark Lotus - 5
Xavier Avana - 5
Jon Viper - 3
Erica Moxie - 3
Rhys Cain - 2
Eli Waters - 2
Pilgrim Paige - 1
Reuben Kojo - 1

Writing Credit:
Rhys (with creative input from Snake!, TheSurrealOne And LHeat87)

Review Sheet:
Custom Cup, Avana (c) vs Valentine:
Universal, Lotus (c) vs McGroin
Rumble in the Storm:
Moment of the Night:
MVP of the Night:
Match of the Night:

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