Match Writers Wanted


By rhys Fri-29-Jul-2022 02:27:23

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Hey guys, just doing an open forum to see who can commit to writing any matches.

I would really only be looking for you to write one match a month, and it doesn't need to be an essay. A few paragraphs would be fine. It would really help my workload as with uni, work and life I'm struggling to keep up with 4CW.

And I don't mean this in a rude way, but please don't put your name down if you can't commit to writing a match and giving it to me within a reasonable deadline. I appreciate all the help I get, but I also can't be waiting three months for a match every show.

So if you're interested, let me know, and I'll start giving out matches. If I do give you a match, I promise you'll have a minimum of two weeks to get it written.

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


By Gorgrim Fri-29-Jul-2022 13:41:15

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send me what you need dude ;-)

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By Pilgrim Paige Mon-19-Sep-2022 17:52:57

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Aye, I'll help out when I can.

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