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So, since this isn't for a particular promotion, I've put it in this section. Basically, I just wanna know who wins your End of Year awards for 2021. I've listed a bunch of categories that I think cover the important things.

Most Underrated:
Most Improved:
Most Charismatic:
Best Non-Wrestler:
Best Gimmick:
Feud of the Year:
Show of the Year:
Match of the Year:
Promotion of the Year:
Wrestler of the Year:

And here are my personal picks for these awards:

Most Underrated: Sheamus

A lot of people may baulk at this choice but I genuinely think, bell to bell, Sheamus has been providing the best work of his career this year. He may not have had many relevant feuds or anything, but any time he's wrestling, he has been pretty damn great. He's had good to great matches with everyone from McIntyre, Ricochet, Morrison, Lashley, Riddle and many more. He's made the most of injuries to make them part of his character, he's made everyone around him look good without making himself look weak. I don't know what he put in his breakfast cereal this year, but whatever it is, it's working.

Most Improved: Tay Conti

Tay Conti has been improving dramatically for a while but I feel this year she has really made her mark. She's also been in several high profile title matches and delivered every time.

Most Charismatic: MJF

While his promos sometimes go a little into the "tacky" territory for me, it can't be denied that he oozes charisma and whether fans cheer him (in his hometown) or boo the hell out of him, he has them all in the palm of his hand with pure ease.

Best Non-Wrestler: Paul Heyman

What can I say? He's Paul fucking Heyman. And he can sell ice to an eskimo. He's also arguably the biggest contributing factor to Roman Reigns' success the last couple years.

Best Gimmick: Miro

Miro's gimmick change from the very meh "Game Over" gimmick to the fantastic "Redeemer" gimmick has been nothing short of sublime. I've loved his vignettes this year  and he comes across as a truly terrifying monster.

Feud of the Year: Omega vs Hangman

You just don't get thought out, drawn out, booked well feuds like this anymore. Not much anyway. Years in the making, but this year the feud hit its apex and had a wonderful conclusion.

Show of the Year: AEW All Out
(Hon. Mentions: AEW Full Gear, WWE WrestleMania 37, WWE Crown Jewel)

Fantastic card nearly all the way through, great story progression and two iconic and ground breaking debuts in Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, this show was fantastic.

Match of the Year: Ilja Dragunov vs WALTER II, NXT UK Title, TakeOver 36.
(Hon. Mentions: Lucha Bros vs Bucks, AEW Tag Titles, Cage Match, All Out. Rosa vs Baker, AEW Womens, Dynamite, March)

Anyone who knows about Ilja vs WALTER 2 doesn't need me to tell them why it's match of the year for me. An absolutely thunderous and superb outing from both of them. A great climax to an incredibly built story, fantastic character work from Ilja and an end to one of the most iconic reigns in NXT history. Anyone who doesn't know about this match, you're missing out on a barn burner and you should drop everything you're doing and go and watch it.

Promotion of the Year: AEW

No brainer really. A lot of smaller promotions haven't been able to do much, and WWE while it's had its moments, has been fairly average this year. However, AEW continue to grow and thrive. Multiple fantastic PPVs, unforgettable debuts and moments, and a consistently good product. AEW wins it for me by a landslide.

Wrestler of the Year: Bryan Danielson

He's Bryan Fucking Danielson. Nuff Said. (But also, just check out his body of work this year, amazing throughout.)

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