4CW Duskfall - April 4, 2021


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4CW Presents… Duskfall
April 4, 2021
Live from St Louis, Missouri

”Ties That Bind” by Alter Bridge plays over the opening video for Duskfall, which highlights stars such as Phil McGroin, The Janiturs, The Black Flame, Jack Valentine and Xavier Avana. Then, we cut to the arena live and pan the crowd as they all cheer for the opening pyro display. Then, we are introduced to the show by our commentary team.

Phoenix: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, people of all ages to 4CW DUSKFALL!! We are on the road to Revival XV and this is the last stop! I’m Scott Phoenix, joined by my broadcast partner Olivia Ito. Olivia, why don’t you tell the viewers what we have in store tonight?
Ito: I’d love nothing more! Tonight, Eli Waters will be in one on one action as he takes on Robert Smith! Waters has been on a bit of a losing streak lately and he will want to change that!
Phoenix: That’s right and also tonight, Phil McGroin will be in action as he goes one on one with Quentin Cosmo!
Ito: And of course, our main event tonight: Jack Valentine will go one on one with Tommy Young! I would like to explain how it came to be and what lies on the match but frankly it gets complicated! The main brunt of it is Brian White will serve as the special referee and if Tommy Young wins, White loses his title shot at Revival!
Phoenix: But before we get to any of that, it’s time for us to open the show with some tag team action!

Carson: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

”Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco hits the PA system as Rane comes out with her tag team partner, apparently the newest member of The Supergroup… JEROME GRAYSON!

Carson: Introducing first, representing The Supergroup… JEROME GRAYSON … and RAAAANE!!

Phoenix: It seems the blossoming relationship between Grayson and Rane has extended to the ring as they will be teaming tonight.
Roberts: The Supergroup will challenge for the Franchise Championship at Revival against the Janiturs, so this is something of a preview of what’s to come later this month!

”Ding Dong Song'' by Gunther hits the PA system. To a decent pop, Janitur and Jani-Her step out on the stage, Janitur wearing the championship around his waist as they both use their mop buckets to ride down the ramp to the ring.

Phoenix: And here come the Franchise Champions! Newest referee Dirk Meyer is set to officiate this match and we are ready to go!

Meyer calls for the bell.


The match begins with both Janitur and Grayson inside the ring. They go back and forth with some basic combos, neither man getting the edge in the early stages. Grayson gains the first advantage when he takes out Janitur with a superkick and sends him to the corner, tagging in Rane.

Grayson and Rane work well together as a team for a moment, isolating Janitur and taking turns to deliver flurries of offence. Rane eventually brings the match back to the middle of the ring and takes down Janitur with a DDT to score a two count.

Rane picks up Janitur and sets up the Chokeslam From Well, but Janitur reverses and hits a snapmare. He then manages to make the tag to Jani-Her! Jani-Her takes out the seated Rane with a running basement dropkick and makes the cover, but only gets a two count!

Jani-Her sets up for a neckbreaker, but Rane manages to break free of Jani-Her’s grip. She grabs the custodian and hits a suplex of her own. Rane follows up with a Tornado DDT for a close two count!

The match comes to a finish when Rane picks up Jani-Her for another DDT, but Jani-Her reverses and takes her out with a clothesline. Jani-Her gets the tag back to Janitur, but Rane plays possum and catches Janitur in a schoolboy! ONE … TWO … Rane grabs the rope for leverage, Meyer doesn’t see it! THREE!!

Carson: Here are your winners… RANE … and JEROOOME GRAYSON!!

Win Loss Records:
Rane 1-1
Jerome Grayson 1-3
Janitur 2-1
Jani-Her 1-1

Phoenix: A solid win for this apparent new couple here in 4CW! A little underhanded but once again, Meyer didn’t see it!
Ito: You would certainly think Meyer is simply overwhelmed by all this. He’s never had to referee on a permanent basis before! And Rane and Grayson seem to have good chemistry in the ring! This could be the start of a great tandem!

As Rane and Grayson celebrate, we cut to a commercial break.


When we return, the ring is empty except for Michael Carson, who introduces the next contest.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring from Omaha, Nebraska, weighing in at 190.5lbs … THE WRESTLER… ROBERT … SMITH!!

Phoenix: “The Wrestler” Robert Smith is a season veteran here in 4CW and tonight, he goes up against a man he helped train!

”Ravenous” by Killswitch Engage hits the PA system. The crowd starts to boo as the Welshman Eli Waters steps through the curtain.

Carson: And his opponent, from Newport, Wales, weighing in at 231lbs … THE HORIZON … ELIIII … WATEEEERS!!

Ito: And one thing you can clearly notice by Eli’s scowl, he is not in a good mood tonight!
Phoenix: It seems he is still sour about his loss to Supreme on Storm Front last month!
Ito: Well, I wouldn’t want to be Robert Smith right now!

After the referee, Jason Trent, completes the pre-match checks, he calls for the bell.


Immediately, Robert Smith is blasted with a thunderous big boot to the face. He picks up Robert Smith and throws him into the corner. Waters throws a few right hands but Robert Smith reverses and throws Waters into the corner. Robert Smith hits a few knife edge chops but Waters knees Robert Smith in the gut and hits a gutwrench powerbomb out of nowhere! ONE … TWO … NO! Robert Smith kicks out!

More annoyed than anything else, Eli Waters picks up Robert Smith and sends him to the ropes. On his return, Robert Smith eats THE DEATH OF INJUSTICE (brogue kick) right to the face and crumbles! Waters makes the cover! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner… THE HORIZON … ELIIIII … WATERS!!

Win Loss Records:
Eli Waters 1-4
Robert Smith 0-2

Phoenix: And that is that! I don’t think Eli Waters has time to hang around tonight! He was desperate for that win tonight and he got it!
Ito: Waters puts Smith away in under a minute! It just goes to show he is dangerous every time he steps in that ring!
Phoenix: And it certainly lets him build some momentum for Revival, where he wil compete in the third annual Lightning in the Bottle match!
Ito: Especially given the news that 4CW alumni Damien Blood and Retro Modern will be returning to compete in that match!

After the match, Eli Waters snatches his hand from the referee’s grasp and raises it high himself as “Ravenous” by Killswitch Engage plays over the speakers.


We cut backstage where Leon Teller is walking through the hallway with a camera man. He spots someone in the distance and chases after them. It becomes soon apparent that it’s Quentin Cosmo.

Teller: Mr Cosmo, Mr Cosmo… just wanted a quick word, if you don’t mind?

Cosmo looks back at Teller and the cameraman. He does not look surprised to see them.

Cosmo: How can I help you, Teller?
Teller: Well, the world has been watching your pursuit of the Hardcore Championship for months now. You got through Robert Crow, and at Revival you’ll get your shot at Jason Crow. We saw you recently talking about how “you know what you have to do” and my question is… do you care to enlighten us?

Cosmo grins wryly.

Cosmo: I’m a very busy man, Teller… but I’ll tell you this… I don’t need to enlighten you. You already know what I’m going to do, because I’ve already done it…

Teller just looks at Cosmo puzzled.

Cosmo: Thank you, have a good night.

Cosmo walks off leaving Teller in the dark as we cut to a break.


We cut backstage where we see Sery standing in his office with a camera ready to address the fans.

Sery: Revival is just around the corner and I wanted to remind you all of a little tradition we have established. SERY’S SHOWCASE!! As you’ll recall, we debuted this tradition last year with the debuts of Eli Waters, Quentin Cosmo and Jerome Grayson in a triple threat match. Nearly a year later, two of them competed tonight and won their matches! I hope that when Sery’s Showcase returns this year, in a singles match, you will all be as welcoming and supportive to the newest members of the 4CW roster! But that’s Revival, for now, enjoy the rest of the show!

We cut back to the ring where Michael Carson stands ready to announce the main event.

Carson: The following contest is OUR MAIN EVENT of the evening scheduled for one fall!!! And is for the 4CW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World!!!! Introducing first, the challenger!

”Aces High'' by Iron Maiden hits the PA system. One half of Run ‘N’ Gun steps out onto the stage, absorbing the cheers from the crowd as he stands on the stage. He sports an uneasy expression and heads down the ramp.

Carson: From Barry, South Wales and weighing in at 195lbs… TOP GUN… TOMMMMYYYYY … YOUNG!!

Phoenix: What a spot to be in if you’re Tommy Young. A rare World title opportunity, but a win would cost his friend and tag team partner, everything. And this match is so big, that we had to bring in my Storm Front partners James Roberts and Ray Jeffrey for this one!
Jeffrey: Tommy Young will never get an opportunity like this again. Those who make it in this business, know when to cut bait. His loyalty will only ever make him second fiddle to White.
Roberts: Don’t be stupid Ray. There’s no chance Valentine would allow himself to ever lose that title.
Jeffrey: If it meant the end of Brian White, he could loan it to Tommy here. Then easily get it back.
Ito: And it certainly rings true to Valentine’s dastardly history. This entire charade is one big mind game for the World Champion.

Young slides into the ring and puts up a half hearted hand raise to the crowd, still looking uneasy and awkward. He leans up against the turnbuckle and waits.

Carson: And his opponent, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, weighing in at 220lbs… he is the reigning, defending Undisputed 4CW Heavyweight Champion of the World… JACK… MAD DOOOOOOOG … VALENTINE!!

“Supernova Goes Pop” by Powerman 5000 hits the PA system and Jack Valentine emerges almost immediately. He looks completely filled with glee as he holds his title up with both hands above his head. Miss Teri begrudgingly follows him as he struts down the ramp as casually as if he were walking down the street.

Not a care in the world, Valentine runs up the steel steps and swiftly moves into the ring. He flips the title onto his shoulder and looks over to Young. He mouths to him that “This is your shot” and even says “And I don’t feel good today”. Miss Teri makes her way around the ring near the announce table.

The music cuts and Carson raises the microphone to his mouth again.

Carson: And the special guest referee of the evening… Brian White.

Roberts: What kind of intro was that?

“Everybody Farts” by Howdytoons hits the PA system and the titantron begins playing all of Brian White’s greatest gaffs and failures. White immediately appears and starts heading down the ramp. He’s wearing a Jack Valentine Championship shirt that’s way too tight for him.

Jeffrey: I……I can’t……I just…….I can’t!
Ito: Naturally, Ray would be the one who finds it funny.
Phoenix: Truly juvenile and disrespectful… so exactly what’s expected of Jack Valentine.
Roberts: This is just dumb.

White makes it down the ramp and slides into the ring. He pops up and, almost as it he’s been doing it for years, starts checking Tommy Young for any “forgein” objects. Valentine watches on with a grin plastered across his face. White then looks to Valentine and tells him he’s good, somehow with holding any anger. This seems to annoy Valentine a bit, but he shrugs it off as White signals for the bell.

Jeffrey: Valentine won’t even let White touch the belt to show the crowd!
Roberts: Gotta compliment White’s professionalism here. He knows what’s at stake.


Valentine and Young meet in the centre of the ring. Young, unsure of what to do, takes a defensive stance. Valentine bobs and weaves like a boxer and then just hits the canvas. Young looks confused and then to White and then to Valentine. He goes for the pin, hooking the leg. White gets down.

Phoenix: There’s no way.


Valentine turns his head and stares at White with his pearly whites gleaming.


Young and White lock eyes.


Ito: No! Young doesn’t want to win like that!

White can’t bring himself to slap the mat and Young also flings himself off of Valentine. Valentine snaps up and starts screaming in White’s face about one mistake and last warning. A terrified White yells back that Young stood up at 2 ½.

Young approaches Valentine from behind to back up White’s claims, but Valentine just turns and kicks Young in his groin like he’s kicking a field goal. He looks at White and can be heard saying, “Couldn’t do it right! Couldn’t do it my way. Now this is happening!!”

Valentine starts stomping the hell out of Young as White watches on in horror. A quick shot of Miss Teri holding her hands over her face. Then she looks down and yells out. Mike Kim and Julian MagenZ simultaneously roll out from under the ring with weapons in hand, Kim with a Louisville slugger and MagneZ with a chair. Valentine has picked Young up and stares at White as he hits him with the Flea Shot! His two cronies soon join him as Kim brings down the bat on Young’a back hard! Miss Teri can be heard screaming.

Roberts: Well I’m not surprised.
Ito: Can someone do something? Someone not named Brian White?
Jeffrey: I’m sure White doesn’t want to take any chances and I’m sure Valentine had that in fine print somewhere.
Phoenix: This is going to be painful to watch, I hope it’s quick.

The trio stand Young up as Kim holds his arms back. MagneZ crushes him with the steel chair and immediately busts his forehead wide open. Valentine shouts for another and MagneZ obliges. Valentine keeps calling for more and even MagneZ gives him a look of concern. MagneZ hits Young for a 5th time and Kim just lets him fall.

Valentine starts screaming at them and then just positions the chair and forces a barely conscious Young to his feet. He sets him up and lands a vicious Flea Shot, directly onto the chair. Brian White drops to his knees.

Miss Teri in disbelief on the outside. Valentine then screams for her to enter the ring. She’s hesitant. Hesitant for too long, so Valentine grabs the bat and cracks it across Young’s right knee. That seems to temporarily wake him up as he screams in agony. Miss Teri then quickly gets in.

Phoenix: This is sickening. Valentine should be in jail!
Roberts: Someone from the back should take a goddamn stand!
Jeffrey: And ruin White’s life? Nobody is gonna take that risk!

Valentine demands that Miss Teri attack Young. And after a few moments of more shouting she softly kicks him in the side. Valentine watches on and then raises the bat up high towards Young. Miss Teri freaks out and stands in front of him repeatedly saying “Ok!” She turns and starts actually kicking him.

Ito: This is truly horrific…

She tries to stay strong, but tears are starting to fall down Teri’s face. Brian White looks to be catatonic on his knees. Valentine then hands Miss Teri the bat and points. She pleads with him not to make her do this, but before she can get going, Valentine screams “NOW!” She holds the bat up and looks away as she brings it down on Young’s back. She immediately releases it and it rolls out of the ring.

She backs away into the corner with her hands over her face. Valentine, breathing heavily, looks around and sees that Kim and MagneZ have exited the ring and start heading to the back in disgust.

Phoenix: And look at that! Even Kim and MagneZ have seen enough now!
Ito: You know you’ve gone too far when you’ve offended them.

Valentine gives them the Italian gesture of the hand under the chin. He then positions Young directly in front of White and covers him. White still catatonic until is seen mouthing “Count it”. White snaps out of it and glares at Valentine.

Valentine: Count it! COUNT IT NOW!

White then closes his eyes and ONE… TWO… THREE!!

Win Loss Records:
Jack Valentine 2-0
Tommy Young 0-3

The bell rings. Miss Teri checks on Young who is motionless, as Valentine rises. There is no music playing and Carson remains silent.

Valentine: Go get my belt and hand it to me.

White slowly stands, avoiding making eye contact, and walks over to the ropes. He grabs the belt and turns, only to have Valentine rip it out of his hands. He goes on to celebrate as White looks blank with suppressed rage.

Phoenix: Don’t lose it now Brian!
Jeffrey: He’s gonna crack….

”Supernova Goes Pop” starts to play over the speakers. White takes a step toward Valentine, who is facing away. White’s hands clench into shaking fists. He begins seething and his face turns red. He takes another step and another! He starts to pick up speed, before he is finally stopped by Miss Teri. She looks up at him and just shakes her head. White dips his head, but at least he’s been calmed.

Valentine turns around and forcefully grabs Miss Teri by the hand and demands they leave now. White drops to his knees and watches his arch nemesis take off with his would-be bride. He glances to his right and sees his friend and partner, battered.

Jeffrey: White couldn’t get any lower than this! I don’t know how he’s going to compete at Revival!
Roberts: Are you kidding me!? He’s gonna rip Valentine’s head off!
Jeffrey: He’s going to be very angry and very off his game. Valentine doesn’t keep that belt for as long as he does without knowing how to get competitors to play “his” game!
Phoenix: My pick is still White, but Ray does make an interesting point. Brian White can’t afford to not think his strategy through. He needs a real game plan to beat Valentine, he can’t think he can just unload and call it a night. But I’m sure he’s learned a thing or two in all the matches he’s had with Valentine up to this point. And EVERYTHING is on the line.

Valentine, with Tommy Young’s blood on his chest and neck, turns back to the ring from the top of the ramp. He holds his title up with one hand and pulls Miss Teri on close with the other. His grin turns into a maniacal laugh that he can barely control. The two then disappear behind the curtain, leaving White in the ring with his sorrows.

Phoenix: I wish we were doing so on better terms, but we have to leave you here! We’ll see your later this month for REVIVAL!! GOODNIGHT!!

Quick Results:
Rane and Jerome Grayson defeated Janitur and Jani-Her
Eli Waters defeated Robert Smith
Jack Valentine © defeated Tommy Young to retain the 4CW World Championship (Brian White was the special referee)

Writing Credit:
Rane and Grayson vs Janiturs: Rhys
Waters vs Smith: Rhys
Cosmo segment: Rhys
Sery’s Showcase announcement: Rhys
Valentine vs Young: LHeat87

Rane and Grayson vs Janiturs:
Waters vs Smith:
Cosmo segment:
Sery’s Showcase announcement:
Valentine vs Young:


4CW World Championship
Jack Valentine © vs Brian White

4CW Universal Championship
Inferno match
Madeline Phoenix © vs Dark Lotus

Loser Leaves Town
Death match
Rhys Cain vs Erica Moxie

4CW Tag Team Championships
Gauntlet match
Umbra Maxima © vs Pilgrim Paige & Kinzy Kane vs Synth City Thrillers vs Silent Sorcery vs The Liberation

Best of Seven Series - Match 7 of 7
Jett 3-3 Zaiden
Last Man Standing match
Lindon Jett vs Grant Zaiden

4CW Custom Cup Championship
Ante Up Open Challenge
Xavier Avana © vs ???

4CW Hardcore Championship
Jason Crow © vs Quentin Cosmo

Lightning in the Bottle match
Phil McGroin vs Witch Hazel vs Senecca vs Damien Blood vs Retro Modern

Sery’s Showcase
??? vs ???

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