4CW Storm Front - March 28, 2021


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4CW Presents… Storm Front
March 28, 2021
Live from Fiserv Forum - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The 4CW theme ”Lightning Strike” by Judas Priest plays over the opening video, which highlights the champions Jack Valentine, Madeline Phoenix, Umbra Maxima, Xavier Avana, Hyperdrive and Jason Crow, as well as highlights of other stars such as Rhys Cain, Brian White, Tommy Young, Witch Hazel, Pilgrim Paige and Dark Lotus. Then, we cut to the arena, and the live Milwaukee crowd, who are hot and ready to get the show underway!

Phoenix: Ladies and gentlemen, people of all ages - WELCOME, to the penultimate Storm Front before Revival XV! We’re so close to the biggest show of the year I can almost taste the excitement in the air! My name is Scott Phoenix and I am joined as always by my illustrious broadcast partners, Ray Jeffrey and James Roberts!
Jeffrey: And tonight is shaping up to be a hell of a hot go-home show! We all know at this point that Jack Valentine will face Brian White with his 4CW World Championship on the line in the main event of Revival, but we all wanna hear from both Valentine and White about this match and I can confirm that BOTH men are here tonight!
Roberts: That is gonna be exciting, but let’s not forget what else we have packed on this show! Tonight, Supreme takes on Eli Waters in one on one action! Waters became Universal Champion in his rookie year and as he approaches his second year in this company, a win against a bonafide Hall of Famer would do wonders for his career!
Phoenix: While that’s true, Supreme has been showing dominance lately and he won’t be looking for anything other than another dominant win!
Roberts: After his monumental comeback victory against Grant Zaiden at Duskfall, Lindon Jett will reveal the stipulation for the seventh and final match in their best of seven series to take place at Revival!
Jeffrey: And if all that isn’t enough for you, we also have an eight-person tag that will fill you up for sure! Umbra Maxima will team up with The Liberation to take on Pilgrim Paige and Hyperdrive! There’s a lot of history and even a little bad blood between these participants, so you’ve got all that to look forward to and more!
Phoenix: And let’s go to Michael Carson for the introductions of our opening contest!

The camera cuts to Michael Carson in the ring.

Carson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

”Good Times” by Finger Eleven hits the PA system. The crowd gives a mixed, but loud reaction to the 4CW Hall of Famer who steps out on stage.

Carson: Introducing first, from Supremeville, USA…weighing in at 240lbs.. he is a 4CW Grand Slam Champion and Hall of Famer… SUPREME!!

Supreme comes down the ramp, looking confident and ready to compete.

Phoenix: And we’re kicking things off tonight with Supreme himself! He’s done it all here in 4CW but he’s still here carving his legacy! Supreme has racked up a few wins this year, so he’ll be looking to continue that momentum tonight against his opponent!
Jeffrey: And if you can be sure of one thing, it’s that Supreme can ride momentum like a world class surfer!

Supreme enters the ring and stands in his corner, awaiting his opponent with urgency.

”Ravenous” by Killswitch Engage hits the PA system. Out comes The Black Flame’s own Eli Waters, to a rupture around the arena of boos.

Phoenix: And as we all know, Eli Waters burst onto the scene last year fresh out of Cain’s school. He ended up winning the Universal Championship in his rookie year and held it for two months but ever since then, he’s really been struggling to find any success in the ring.
Roberts: And here’s food for thought: Rhys Cain booted out Erica Moxie with their horrendous betrayal and Waters was the only one who showed any kind of hesitation. Maybe he sees his recent failures, parallel to the failures of Moxie when the tension with Cain started?
Jeffrey: Sounds like a stupid consipiracy to me, Roberts. So shut up. Anyway, Eli Waters has a point to prove tonight, that much is clear. But he may have bitten off more than he can chew here with Supreme

Before Michael Carson can even start Eli Waters’ introduction, the man himself puts a mic to his lips and starts to speak.

Waters: Cut the music!

The music dies and the crowd boos start to take over the airwaves.

Waters: It seems that a lot of people have been very vocal about me lately. All over the internet I’m being blasted… “oh, Eli Waters sold out!” well news flash people, I sold out A LONG TIME AGO. When I joined The Black Flame, I made a decision… not for the fans, not for my peers… but for ME! So when I … sold out, as it’s been phrased, I made the choice that would guarantee me a legacy and a historic career in 4CW. They don’t call me THE HORIZON for nothing. It’s because I can see what no-one else can. I can see past where the eye can see. As part of The Black Flame, I burn so bright that you are all blinded to my true path -

Inside the ring, Supreme motions for a microphone and is handed one.

Supreme: Oh hey, kid. I don’t remember being told you’d be cutting a promo in your entrance. And I’m Supreme. I always get told. Which means you’re taking it upon yourself … which honestly, I kind of respect. But I can’t listen to someone else’s voice too long without wanting to hear my own so… let me ask you this… when you joined The Black Flame, and decided to commit your loyalty to The Black Flame… did you expect to see yourself as the type of person who would betray a friend?
Waters: Oh, you want to ask me that? Bit rich coming from you, don’t you think?
Supreme: Not at all! There’s one big difference between me and you, Waters… I am completely open and comfortable with who I am. You think I’m a traitorous scumbag? That’s fine… but I don’t pretend to be ANYTHING ELSE. You, though… believe it or not, despite my ego the size of this company, I do pay attention to the rest of the show sometimes… and I watched as you and Erica Moxie beat the crap out of each other… and I saw… I know I saw it because I’ve experienced it myself… I saw respect in your eyes… and I may be a traitorous scumbag, but if you earn my respect… then we’re good. Same can’t be said for you, huh?
Waters: I respected Erica Moxie until she crossed the line… just like I respected you until you became a shell of yourself, beating jobbers to try and relive the glory days…

The crowd “oooh” at this insult. Supreme chuckles to himself and nods.

Supreme: Well, you know what? It’s working so far… Why don’t you hurry up and get down here so I can beat another jobber?

The crowd “oooh” even louder at the retort. Waters decides the time for talking is over and drops the mic on the ramp, running down and sliding into the ring. The referee Anna Molly reads the room and calls for the bell immediately.


Waters charges towards Supreme and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Supreme is quick to recover as Waters comes back from the ropes a second time and takes him down with a clothesline. Evenly matched with one knock down each, they both clash in the middle of the ring with a grapple. Supreme quickly transitions into a side headlock, but Waters pulls out and pushes Supreme to the ropes. Supreme comes back with a clothesline that Waters ducks, comes back again with a leapfrog over Waters, then stops, spins on the spot - and eats a SUPERKICK from Waters. Waters quickly makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Supreme kicks out!

Phoenix: Wow! An intense opening exchange between the two there and when Supreme thought he had outsmarted Waters, he realised Waters was already one step ahead!
Jeffrey: And I promise you that is the last time Supreme will let that happen in this match!

The match continues on with Supreme recovering from his early mistake and he begins to dominate the match. A couple of German Suplexes put him in prime position to pick away at Waters, which he does by going to work on Waters’ arm with some stomps and armbars. At one point, Supreme slides out of the ring, still holding Waters’ arm and smashes it against the ring post.

When Supreme gets back into the ring, Waters starts to fight back purely on adrenaline, and only one properly working arm. He hits the Hate By Design (Discus clothesline) with his good arm, but only gets a two count. Waters follows up with a spinning handstand capoeira kick but gets another near fall.

Phoenix: Somehow, Waters has found a way to fight through the pain and get back into this match! And now he’s in an advantageous position!
Roberts: But can he take advantage?

Eli Waters picks up Supreme and sets him up for the strait jacket powerbomb, but Supreme struggles out of Waters’ grasp and hits a ROARING ELBOW out of nowhere which rocks Waters.

Jeffrey: Supreme Annoyance! Right in the temple!

Waters throws a few punches into the air, but his equilibrium is clearly off after that smashing blow. He becomes easy pickings as Supreme hits the Supreme Compromise (Fisherman’s Suplex) and holds the bridge for the count! ONE … TWO … NO!! Waters kicks out!

Jeffrey: I really thought Supreme had it there!
Roberts: I think we all did! But Waters kicks out!

Supreme wastes no time in taking advantage and locks in a tight cross arm bar! Waters struggles with the pain and writhes, trying to find the salvation of a rope break while battling his desire to quit. Supreme cinches the hold in nicely and Waters looks red in the face from the agony…. But he DOESN’T TAP! He claws across the ring with pure power and grabs  the bottom rope with a finger!! Supreme relinquishes the hold!

Phoenix: Waters reaches the ropes!
Jeffrey: But I don’t think it matters! The damage is done!

Jeffrey seems somewhat prophetic as Supreme picks up Waters and hits a second roaring elbow, point-blank range to the standing target! The second Supreme Annoyance knocks Waters out cold and Supreme makes the cover! ONE … TWO … THREE!!

Carson: Here is your winner… SUPREME!!

Win-Loss Records:
Supreme 3-1
Eli Waters 0-4

Jeffrey: As if there was any doubt who the winner would be!
Phoenix: Supreme continues his impressive run of victories tonight and with Revival just around the corner, I’m sure he’s thinking how he can contribute to such a show!

Supreme celebrates his victory in the ring as the camera cuts to a backstage area.

Lindon Jett is backstage in an interview corner, but he is not being interviewed. Instead, he addresses the camera directly.

Jett: It’s been a long road between you and I, Grant Zaiden… and I won’t lie when I first crossed paths with you and beat you, I thought this would be easy pickings… but you proved me wrong. You showed grit. After I beat you twice, you went ahead and beat me three times in a row. At Duskfall, earlier this month, I gave you a taste of your own medicine with a comeback of my own… so it comes down to this… one more match to decide it all…

Jett smiles, mischievously.

Jett: It’s been a hell of a ride, but Revival is the final stop. Let’s do it one more time, Zaiden.. And bring everything you’ve got… and I mean fucking EVERYTHING… because one man… only one man… will be the LAST MAN STANDING!!

The crowd cheers as Lindon Jett storms off, hyped up.

Phoenix: That’s one hell of an announcement! The deciding match in the best of seven series at Revival - Lindon Jett vs Grant Zaiden - LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!
Jeffrey: I can’t think of a better way to decide it myself! THIS is what 4CW is all about!


We come back from the break. The lights are down and the arena is foggy, as ”Spiders on the Wall” by Magnolia Bayou is playing. Dark Lotus enters the ring, with Ol’ Smokey right behind him and a gathering of Swamp Folk on the outside, covered in rags and looking vacant where their faces are visible.

Ol’ Smokey takes the mic as the music fades and Dark Lotus stares into the souls of everyone watching.

Smokey: Behold, the most dominant force in here now 4CW, the one and only DARK LOTUS!

The crowd boos but Smokey perseveres.

Smokey: I’m glad you all understand the magnitude of the man standing in front of you. From the depths of the swamps, Dark Lotus has risen to become the most dangerous man in 4CW. But there is one person who seems determined to deny this. Her name is Madeline Phoenix.

The crowd bursts into a big pop at the mention of the Universal Champion.

Smokey: Madeline Phoenix decided to make herself a problem to Dark Lotus by eliminating him from the World Title #1 Contendership Battle Royal in January. And she decided to piss him off by fluking a victory to retain the 4CW Universal Championship at Storm Front: Declaration. Now, after causing all of this trouble, it was only a matter of time before Phoenix incurred the wrath of Lotus, and that is what happened at Declaration.

The crowd boos and hisses as they remember the brutal attack Lotus delivered on Phoenix at Declaration.

Smokey: Now, the way we see it, Madeline Phoenix is at the edge of the swamp, with a rotten picket sign giving her multiple directions… a crossroads, if you will... She can stay in whatever grimy ditch she was left in after her collision with Dark Lotus, and stay hidden in shame and regret. Being the guardian of the people that Dark Lotus is, he does not wish for Phoenix to go down this route. He wants her to grow and to learn. She could return, and try and move on from Dark Lotus… but you only move on from Dark Lotus when Dark Lotus moves on from you. She will not redeem herself this way. Fifolet haunt this road. So the last road she can go down… and it’s really the only real choice… is where she comes back with the intention of accepting the influence of Dark Lotus. One more match where he can teach her the lesson she so desperately needs to learn.

A chant starts from the crowd, as they begin to bellow out “PHOENIX. PHOENIX. PHOENIX.”

Smokey: Yes, yes… she is indeed a Phoenix… Lotus understands his opponents and what they need. The Swamp Folk follow him because they appreciate and understand his guidance. We all face the White Knight at midnight, and Dark Lotus is the keeper. Madeline Phoenix, like her namesake, needs to rise from the ashes like a phoenix… and to become ashes… you need to burn.

The crowd boos.

Smokey: Dark Lotus’ challenge is simple: Madeline Phoenix vs Dark Lotus for the 4CW Universal Championship… in an INFERNO MATCH!!

The crowd gasps and cheers at this challenge.

Smokey: The flames call you, Madeline… and Dark Lotus is waiting to unleash the Rougarou to burn with you… and take the 4CW Universal Championship!

Phoenix: The challenge has been laid down… a dark and twisted challenge.
Roberts: Will Madeline Phoenix accept?


We cut backstage where Sery is in his office when there is a knock on the door.

Sery: Come in..

The door opens and DIRK MEYER walks in.

Sery: Hey Dirk! Great to see you! How can I help you?
Meyer: *sigh* You saw what happened at Duskfall! I lost everything! I can’t pay the rent, I’m down to two ready meals a day instead of three… I need work, man.

Sery rolls his eyes.

Sery: Come with me.

They leave the office and enter a hallway. Then go into the locker room. Sery opens one of the lockers.

Sery: You’re still employed by 4CW. Your contract is still valid… and you’re still getting paid, so here -

Sery throws a shirt at Meyer. Meyer catches it and unfurls it. It’s a referee shirt.

Meyer: I’m a referee now?
Sery: Well, I’m not going to pay you for doing nothing, my friend. Hell, you could even still wrestle!

Meyer looks startled.

Meyer: Wrestle? Barefoot? What kind of savage do you think I am?
Sery: Barefoot?
Meyer: I lost my boots to Avana! Keep up, Sery!

Sery rolls his eyes again.

Sery: Whatever… get that shirt on. I need you to referee the eight man tag tonight.

Sery walks out leaving Meyer looking at his newly acquired shirt.

We cut backstage where Jerome Grayson is standing outside The Supergroup locker room. He looks nervous about something, is dressed oddly smartly in a striped button-down shirt and jeans, as well as black shoes. He is also holding a bouquet of blue roses. He looks around nervously one more time, then knocks on the door.

There is a moment of nothing… Jerome almost turns around and leaves, when suddenly the door opens a crack. Grayson smiles in relief as he sees whoever he was expecting. The masked face of Rane is visible through the crack.

Grayson: You said they all left?
Rane: Yes… are they for me?
Grayson: Absolutely! And they are fake, so you don’t need to water them.
Rane: That’s so thoughtful… but maybe, just this once, I don’t mind getting a little… wet. Come in...

Grayson goes into the locker room and Rane slams the door behind her. There is a clear “click” as the door is locked behind them.

Jeffrey: Alright! Go Jerome!
Roberts: Let’s not assume anything here…
Jeffrey: Oh shut up, you square!
Phoenix: Well, we have to take a short break. But don’t go anywhere, we have eight-person tag team action, next!


”Taking You Down” by Egypt Central hits the PA system as we come back from the break.

Carson: The following contest is an eight person tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York, New York, they are the 4CW Tag Team Champions… weighing in at a combined weight of 485lbs … MAXIMILLIAN YESGILL … ELFAN SIMTUL … UMBRAAA … MAXIMA!!
Phoenix: What can we say about Umbra Maxima that we don’t say every week? Arguably the greatest tag team in 4CW history, nobody has dominated the tag division like they have!

As Umbra Maxima reaches the top of the ramp, ”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system.

Carson: And their partners, representing The Black Flame, weighing in at a combined weight of 530lbs… GARRET FISCHER … BRUCE RIGG … THE LIBERATIOOOON!!

The four men come down to the ring as a unit. They surround one half of the ring as they enter.

”Roadgame” by Kavinsky hits the PA system.

Carson: And their opponents, first from London, England, weighing in at a combined weight of 485lbs… DEVON DRUMMOND … REUBEN KOJO … SYNTH CITYYYY … THRILLERS!!

Phoenix: I love this team! They have incredible chemistry and they bring such entertainment, from their entrance to the action inside the ring!
Jeffrey: They know how to get a party started, that’s for sure!

Turboslash's "GodMode Domination" as two women step out on stage to a big pop from the excited crowd.

Carson: And their partners, on the way to the ring, at a combined weight of 264lbs... the team of "Neon Rain" Kinzy Kane and Pilgrim Paige... coming to us from THE DARK SIDE OF NEONTARIO... NEEEOOON MOOOOOON!!

Paige and Kinzy sync up with Synth City. They all do a quick dance on top of the stage then head down the ramp to battle!

Phoenix: There’s a lot of tension between these two sides for many reasons… most prime of which is likely the tension between Paige and Kinzy and Umbra Maxima! Paige and Kinzy have risen as a threat to Maxima’s reign, and they don’t like it one bit! They’ve been using all sorts of underhand tactics but it will come to a head at Revival when Maxima do battle with multiple teams, including Paige and Kinzy in a Gauntlet match!
Jeffrey: You could even call this a preview of that match!

Both groups surround each side of the ring. After some discussions, it is decided that Paige will start the match for the faces and the heels will start the match with Elfan Simtul. Referee Dirk Meyer calls for the bell!

Phoenix: Eight-person tag, one fall to a finish - here we go!


Paige and Simtul lock up in the middle of the ring and Simtul easily wins the exchange pushing Paige back across the ring. Paige gets up and storms over to Simtul but Simtul swats her away, and then clotheslines her to the mat. Simtul whips Paige into a vacant corner and then throws himself into her with a corner clothesline. Holding Paige against the turnbuckle, Simtul unleashes some nasty knife edge chops, then takes out Paige with a hip toss back into the middle of the ring.

Paige gets back up but is manhandled by Simtul, who lifts her high into the air and brings her down with a military press slam! Cover! One … NO! Paige kicks out!

Phoenix: 4CW Hall of Famer Pilgrim Paige is a hell of a lot tougher than that!

Simtul doesn’t appreciate the kick out at one and rewards Paige with a snap suplex, before throwing her into his own corner and tagging in Bruce Rigg. Rigg takes advantage of the cornered Pilgrim and smashes her in the gut with some rough boots. Paige keels and Rigg hits a sturdy DDT, then hooks the leg! ONE … TWO … NO! Paige kicks out!

Paige fights off Rigg with a few wild shots, but Rigg quickly takes control by ducking under Paige’s clothesline attempt and sweeping the legs from behind. Rigg then picks up Paige onto his shoulders and hits a powerslam! Hooks the leg! ONE … TWO … NO! Paige kicks out!

Rigg pulls Paige back to her feet by her hair. The disrespect lights a fire under Paige, who slaps Rigg’s hand away, delivers a HEADBUTT for good measure, and then takes him down with a running dropkick! Paige screams as she gets up and pulls Rigg with her. She sends him to the ropes but he sidesteps another dropkick before grabbing Paige from behind and hitting a deadlift German suplex! Instead of covering her however, Rigg tags in his partner Fischer.

Phoenix: Time for a change in pace, I guess!

Fischer climbs the top rope and jumps off with a diving elbow drop, hitting Paige perfectly! Fischer hooks the leg! ONE … TWO … NO! PAIGE KICKS OUT!

Fischer is annoyed at the kickout and stomps Paige a couple of times. He picks her up and sets her up for a spinning neckbreaker but Paige spins out of his grasp and takes out Fischer with an Enziguri! Paige then finds herself close to her corner. She jumps up and TAGS in Reuben Kojo!

Kojo runs in all guns blazing. He takes out Fischer with a clothesline, then runs at his corner and knocks Simtul off the apron with a spinning back fist! Kojo turns around and takes out Fischer with the Synthbuster! ONE … TWO ... no! Rigg breaks the count! Rigg grabs Kojo as Meyer tries to maintain order, but Kojo reverses and throws Rigg over the top rope, crashing on top of Simtul!

During the distraction, Fischer tags in Yesgill! Yesgill takes down Kojo with a clothesline to the back of the head, and follows it up with a running dropkick! Yesgill then takes out Kojo with the Lunar Lasso (Slingblade) and makes the cover! ONE … TWO … NO! Kojo kicks out!

Phoenix: Bodies are flying everywhere but this match is still underway!
Jeffrey: This is great!

Over the next few minutes, the action continues with Yesgill and Simtul making quick tags to wear down Kojo. Eventually, Simtul sets him up for a powerslam, but Kojo fights out of his grip. When Simtul turns around to face Kojo he goes down after eating a superkick!

Kojo uses the reprieve as a chance to tag in Kinzy. At the same time, Simtul tags in Rigg. Kinzy runs in and ducks the clothesline charge from Rigg, before coming back from the ropes and taking him out with a running dropkick.

Phoenix: The electricity flowing through Neon Rain!

Kinzy clotheslines Fischer over the top rope just as he tries to get in to interfere. Kinzy then grabs the recovering Rigg and sets him up for the Tesla Coil - but no! As she spins, Rigg pulls out of Kinzy’s grasp. Rigg takes out Kinzy with a big clothesline! Being close to his own corner, he tags in Fischer.

Kinzy doesn’t allow Fischer a chance to attack her as she quickly recovers and hits the BLADE RUNNER out of nowhere! Fischer goes down and Kinzy covers! ONE … TWO … NO! SImtul gets in and breaks the count.

Phoenix: Simtul makes the save!

Drummond and Kojo get into the ring while Rigg comes in with SImtul. All hell looks to break loose and the two pairs begin to brawl. As Kinzy and Fischer are untouched in the melee, Dirk Meyer makes the call to continue the match as Synth City, Simtul and Rigg all end up on the outside of the ring.

Kinzy picks up Fischer, sets up the Tesla Coil - no, Fischer breaks free and while Meyer is distracted, sticks a thumb in the eye of Kinzy! Kinzy yelps and Fischer grabs her, taking her out with a snap DDT! Paige gets into the ring and is about to tell Fischer what she thinks of him, when Yesgill comes out of nowhere with a huge clothesline to take Paige to the outside. Paige grabs on to Yesgill and takes him with her, so they both go crashing to the outside.

Inside the ring, Fischer climbs up top and FLIES off with a shooting star press!

Phoenix: QUOTE THE RAVEN!! Perfectly executed! Fischer makes the cover… ONE … TWO … THREE!!

”Black Flame” by Bury Tomorrow hits the PA system as Fischer raises his arm in victory.

Carson: Here are your winners, the team of UMBRA MAXIMA … and THE LIBERAAAATIOOON!!

Win-Loss Records:
Pilgrim Paige 2-1
Kinzy Kane 3-2
Devon Drummond 1-2
Reuben Kojo 1-2
Elfan Simtul 2-1
Maximilian Yesgill 2-1
Bruce Rigg 1-1
Garret Fischer 1-1

The heels roll back into the ring to help Fischer up and congratulate him on his victory. The faces start to recover and head up the ramp disappointed.

Phoenix: Well, it certainly took a couple of rules to be broken, but Umbra Maxima and The Liberation have pulled out the victory here tonight!
Jeffrey: And let's not forget, Meyer called it right down the middle in his refereeing debut!
Phoenix: He did... but he certainly missed a lot of cheating!
Jeffrey: One man can't keep an eye on eight people simultaneously!
Roberts: Regardless of that, at Revival, it will be every team for themselves!
Jeffrey: I wonder how long these two teams can even stay on the same side right here, right now!

Inside the ring, tension has started to build between the winning teams probably started by Fischer’s big mouth. However for now, nothing comes to blows as we cut to commercial.


We go backstage where Carlos Starr and Tony Rock are rushing to their locker room. Starr is frantically pointing at his phone.

Starr: I’m telling you bro, he’s in there… and they are WORKING OUT together!
Rock: She wouldn’t do that, bro.
Starr: Bro, I’m telling you -

Starr reaches the locker room door and bangs in repeatedly.

Starr: BRO! OPEN UP! BROOOOOOO---oh hey, bro!

Starr stops shouting as the door opens and Rane is standing there. She looks extremely sweaty, heaving, wearing nothing but a bra and some shorts. Her mask is still in place.

Rane: WHAT is your problem?!

Starr looks beside himself.

Starr: Me? How could you? How could you work out with him? We had a routine!
Rane: We weren’t - well I guess we were kinda… this has nothing to do with you! Stay out of my business! Jerome, let’s go - your locker room!

Rane storms out and Jerome Grayson follows, equally sweaty with a big grin on his face and a pillow at waist length.

Grayson: See you later, bros!

The RockStarrs look bewildered and perplexed as a bare-arsed Grayson runs after Rane, and we cut away from the obscenity to get back to the arena.

We cut to the ring with Sery standing in the middle, with a table and two chairs on either side.

Sery: How are you all doing here tonight, in Milwaukee?!

Sery gets a humongous cheap pop and grins as he does so.

Sery: Glad to hear it! Revival is just around the corner! We’re only one month away! And I want to make sure everything goes to plan to make this the best Revival of all time! One of the ways we’ll do that is with some marquee matches! And I can’t think of a better match to make official right here, right now than Erica Moxie vs Rhys Cain!

The crowd pops again at this.

Sery: So without further ado, please join me in welcoming… first, from Omaha, Nebraska, she is the former member of The Black Flame, The Antivist … ERICA … MOXIE!!

”Antivist” by Bring Me The Horizon hits the PA system. The crowd pop big for the former Black Flame member as she steps out on stage. She looks around the arena, absorbing the reaction, then heads down to the ring with a confident smirk on her face. When she reaches the ring, she rolls in, nods to Sery and takes a seat.

Sery: And her opponent at Revival, the one and only, the Hall of Famer… The Black Flame… RHYS … CAIN!!

”As I Am” by Dream Theatre hits the PA system. The crowd turns into a seething, ugly mob as Cain steps through the curtain. Much like Moxie, he absorbs the reaction with satisfaction. Moxie is relaxed and staring at Cain from the ring in her seat as he makes his way down to the ring. Cain rolls into the ring, ignores Sery, and glares at Moxie as he takes a seat. Cain grabs the mic on his side of the table. He then acknowledges Sery with a smug grin, before giving the same grin to Moxie.

Cain: Well, I think I’ll start -
Moxie: No, actually -  I think I will.
Cain: You can’t--
Moxie: Shhh…

Cain throws the mic down on the table in frustration, pointing and muttering obscenities at Moxie. Moxie is the one who smirks smugly this time.

Moxie: You don’t like that, huh? Don’t like it when you’re talked down to? That gets under your skin, Cain? Wait until it’s my fingernails… see, at Revival… I’m not going out there to just beat you on the great stage.. No, no... I’m there to scratch… and claw.... and bite… and whatever else I have to do.... to hurt you. Because this isn’t just a “see who’s best” match for me, no no… it could have been but you destroyed that… now I’m out for blood… and you, Rhys… you… know more than anyone else… that when I want something, I go and get it.

Cain nods and picks up the mic again.

Cain: You’re damn right I know… I know because I MADE you who you are. I did everything for you… and this is how you thank me? This is how you show gratitude?

Moxie laughs and rolls her eyes.

Moxie: Oh please, keep your toxic gaslighting abuse for your wife, not me.

The crowd “oooh” at the zinger but Cain just shakes his head.

Moxie: I’m not buying into your bullshit, Cain. You couldn’t take the fact that I beat you, one on one, fair and square, and you chose to bury this relationship when you screwed me out of the Stormchaser. Now, you’re gonna get everything that’s coming to you. See, I was loyal to The Black Flame to a fault… now I see the real dynamic… the lone wolf Rhys Cain at the top, using his sheep for sustenance and sacrifice. Well, you’ve lost one more pawn… and she is going to be the one that checks the king at Revival.

Cain chuckles to himself, shaking his head in disbelief.

Cain: That’s cute, Erica… but you’re not going to beat me at Revival. I’m SO sure you’re not going to beat me, that I’m going to take a leaf out of Xavier Avana’s book and up the ante, if you’ve got the guts.

Moxie shrugs.

Moxie: Name it.

Cain’s smile widens, then it turns into a nasty snarl.

Cain: I’m sick of seeing your face… sick of hearing that grating voice and that ugly Nebraskan drawl… so when I beat you at Revival - oh yes, I AM going to beat you Erica, in every sense of the word... I never want to see your face again. So let’s make it official: RHYS CAIN vs ERICA MOXIE… DEATH MATCH... Loser...  Leaves… Town. Not only that, I want to choose the special referee!

Moxie nods in understanding. Cain signs the contract, satisfied.

Moxie: That’s the best idea you’ve ever had, Cain. Add whatever stipulations you want, bring in any of your stooges as the special referee… hell make me wrestle with my feet tied together if it really makes you feel like less of a bitch... as long as I get my hands on you at Revival! Speaking of best ideas, here’s mine....

Moxie throws up the table and throws herself into Cain. She takes him out with a Moxie Massacre DDT. Sery gets out of dodge as The Liberation sprint into the ring but she takes them both out with HUGE forearms, and a clothesline over the top rope for Rigg for good measure. Moxie grabs a steel chair and smashes Zephyris across the head as he jumps on the apron. Eli Waters runs in and he also gets a steel chair, this time to the gut, then the back. Waters rolls out of the ring and Moxie smashes Cain repeatedly with the chair across the back!

Roberts: She’s enraged! The monster Cain created has finally turned on her master!
Jeffrey: At Revival, it’s Cain vs Moxie, The Black Flame versus his charred protege… and one of them will be GONE from 4CW!

Moxie swings the chair towards Cain, but he rolls out of the ring, stumbling and gasping. He escapes up the ramp as Moxie throws the chair after him and it clatters inches away from him.

Moxie’s music plays and the crowd roars as the entirety of The Black Flame backs up from the ring, in various states of consciousness. Moxie picks up the contract and signs it.

Phoenix: Let’s hope Miss Moxie can keep this momentum going into Revival, because she has a hell of a lot on her plate! We’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere!


As we return from the commercial, we see the ring has been covered over in red carpet with a big executive desk that nearly spans the ring width, set up in the center. Two wheeled desk chairs sit with one on each side of the table, directly across from the other. In the middle of the table is a clipboard with a few pieces of papers clipped to it and a pen on each side. A microphone is also present, on the table, in front of each chair.

Phoenix: Before our main event segment starts, we can confirm the Inferno match between Dark Lotus and Madeline Phoenix is on for the Universal Championship at Revival! We can also confirm the Lightning in the Bottle match making its return with six competitors and The Janiturs will defend the Franchise Championship against The Supergroup in a 3-on-3 six-person tag at Revival! It's shaping up to be one hell a night, but that's next month ... right now, it's time to hear from the World Champion.

“Supernova Goes Pop” by Powerman 5000 hits the PA system and Mike Kim immediately appears holding the end of what looks like a shorter trimmed but endless red carpet. As he ascends down the ramp, you can see that it is coming directly from the entranceway.

After nearly a minute, Kim reaches the bottom of the ramp and MagneZ appears from the back and places his end of the carpet right at the entrance from the back. After another minute or so, Valentine finally emerges, dressed in a white dress shirt, jacket, vest, pants, shoes, and even a loosened tie. His ponytail is pulled tightly back and his championship title is draped over his shoulder. He struts down the ramp to a chorus of boos. However, nothing can wipe the grin from his face.

Jeffrey: Always the showman! An entrance set for a king!
Roberts: What a waste of air time.

Valentine reaches the bottom of the ramp and heads up the steel steps. Kim holds the ropes open for him and he easily enters. He walks over to the far side of the table and sits down. He places his belt on the table, grabs the clipboard. He looks to be reviewing everything and puts his feet up on the table as he does, as calm and comfortable as ever.

Phoenix: And Jack Valentine finally reaches the ring and just makes himself at home. He does know how to build anticipation, I’ll give him that. I wanna know what these “stipulations” are going to be.
Roberts: Can we just skip to the part where they attack each other?
Jeffrey: You need to pay more attention, James! The whole point of this is Brian White, CAN’T touch him!

Before Valentine’s music can even end, Brian “The Freight Train” White and Miss Teri appear on stage. MagneZ looks shocked, but quickly runs over and lifts the red carpet. He rolls it to the ramp and lets it roll itself up, denying White the privilege to walk on it. He rolls his eyes and fakes an offensive against MagneZ and he leaps back.

White and Teri hurry down the ramp and into the ring. Kim and MagneZ make their way to Valentine’s side and the crowd starts to chant for the Freight Train. He stands on his end of the desk, glaring down at the relaxed Valentine. He’s oozing anger from every orifice of his body, breathing heavily as Miss Teri tries to get him to relax and sit. Valentine grabs the microphone and brings it to his lips.

Valentine: Have a seat, big fella. You can ask my wife to stand aside.

White grabs the table and everything shakes. MagneZ and Kim lean forward, but are quickly waved off by Valentine.

Valentine: If there were ever a time for you to swallow your pride. It would be right……now.

Miss Teri whispers something into White’s ear and releases the table and slowly sits down. Valentine takes his feet off the table and places the contract in front of him.

Phoenix: Jesus Christ. Brian White looks like he will lose it at any second. And it’ll be all over for him. Right into Valentine’s hands.
Jeffrey: He’ll never last. Valentine hasn’t even read anything yet and he’s already popped 6-7 blood vessels.
Roberts: I do not envy the big man. Valentine is a creep. A scum bag, but wow does he have White right where he wants him.

Valentine: If I could have everyone’s undivided attention please. This may take awhile.

A wave of boos sweeps over the arena and Valentine waits. White and Teri motion for everyone to hold off as the anticipation builds. Valentine looks around, glances down to the clipboard with the contract, and then begins.

Valentine: Ladies and gentlemen, what I hold before me, is a mutually binding contract with a set of very important and specific rules. If any of these rules are broken, then the contract is completely void. As we all know, I am the 4CW Undisputed World Champion. I am headlining my second straight Revival. Brian White is the challenger.

Roberts: Uhhh yeah….

Valentine: In addition, I am a newlywed!

Phoenix: And there it is.

Brian White turns his head in disgust. Miss Teri is even seen seething at the mouth. Valentine stops and stares for just a second, then he winks at Miss Teri.

Valentine: Look at me White. Look at me.

White slowly turns his head and makes eye contact with Valentine. Doing everything in his power to not flip the table. Valentine, knowing he holds all the cards, smiles from ear to ear and leans closer.

Valentine: You are unfortunately all that 4CW has to offer in the sense of a challenger. You are zero for….

Valentine turns back to his lackeys and they both shrug their shoulders. He turns back to White.

Valentine: Zero for way too many. And I’m not even bragging anymore Brian. I’m sick of you. I enacted a plan to get rid of you, once and for all! This is your last chance!

The crowd slowly starts to chant “White! White! White!”

Valentine: I do not have the power to make this your last chance through the powers at be. So I ensured that you will willingly agree to my demands. This contract is all or nothing. First and foremost! Once you lose at Revival, you may never step foot in 4CW, as long as I am here again. Simple as that. I am done beating you. For the sake of the future for 4CW, this is the last Valentine/White main event.

The chants start to die out as White has pulled back from his anger and now listens with intrigue.

Jeffrey: Hard to argue that point, gentlemen.

Valentine: In return, if you are victorious. If by some miracle! Brian “The Freight Train” White pins Jack “Mad Dog” Valentine.

The crowd revs back up for white.

Valentine: Then I will willingly, peacefully, quietly. annul the marriage to the lovely Miss Teri. You will walk out of Revival the World Champion and with your “wife”. I will not make this a difficult process. I will not use all my money and power to put you in the poor house. This nightmare will be over. As if it never happened.

White glares at Valentine and then at Miss Teri. She gives him a look of confidence and he looks back at Valentine with a grin. He leans forward to grab the pen and the crowd cheers.

Valentine: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! We’re not finished yet. We have to get to Revival first! And there’s many conditions to be followed from now to then! I cannot have you attempting to “soften” me up. Or any other bullshit tactic you may be scheming...

Phoenix: Awfully hypocritical of Valentine to assume Brian White is any kind of schemer. White has always played by the rules!
Jeffrey: Well it takes one to know one, Scott.

Valentine starts flipping through the contract stops on his page. He stands up and starts pacing as he reads.

Valentine: The contract will be automatically null and void, if any of these conditions are not met from today until the ring bell to start the Main Event title match at Revival. If these conditions are not met, Mr. Brian White will be banned from 4CW as long as Mr. Jack Valentine is signed to a contract with the company. The title shot at Revival will be lost. Finally, the marriage between Mr. Jack Valentine and Miss Teri will stand. If Miss Teri does divorce Mr. Jack Valentine, Mr. Brian White may NEVER set foot in a 4CW again, regardless if Mr. Jack Valentine is signed with the company or not.

Jeffrey: I can’t wait to hear these conditions!
Phoenix: I’ll be honest fellas, I’m very nervous for White. Valentine doesn’t play fair and this is probably a set up for White to fail. Valentine will try to avoid White all together.

Valentine: The aforementioned conditions are the following:

Brian White may not lay a single finger on Jack Valentine, Julian MagneZ, Mike Kim, or Miss Teri.
The Revival Main Event match will be one of Jack Valentine’s choosing.
Jack Valentine MUST be the champion come Revival.
Miss Teri will not be forced to do anything against her will, except accompany Jack Valentine at all times until the Revival Main Event.
Brian White may not look at Jack Valentine in an aggressive manner.
Brian White may not be caught speaking poorly of Jack Valentine. Or speaking uncivil or impolitely to Jack Valentine.
Brian White must wear Jack Valentine merchandise of his choosing at any given time.

And finally…

Brian White will be the special guest referee for one last match before Revival for Jack Valentine..  and he will call the match right down the middle or be judged by a jury of his peers, Julian MagneZ and Mike Kim, in the last show before Revival, main event! As Jack Valentine will put his title on the line against… Tommy Young!

The crowd gasps. Miss Teri holds her hands over her mouth and nose. White looks at Valentine in disgust. He shakes his head and seems to mouth something.

Roberts: And the mind games begin.
Phoenix: Oh boy. I can’t imagine how bad this is going to go for White.
Jeffrey: What a fighting champion. Putting his title on the line JUST before Revival. I don’t think that’s ever been done before.
Phoenix: Ray with his unbiased opinion is always a pleasure.

Valentine makes his way back to his chair and flips to the final page where his signature is already filled out. He places the contract on the desk and puts a pen on the page. He then slowly slides it across the desk to White. He stares at him with a devious grin. He says one last thing and then places the microphone on the table.

Valentine: Feel free to look it over if you think I left something out.

White immediately grabs the pen and holds it over the line to sign. He glances up at Valentine and mouths, “I’m going to end you once and for all, you piece of shit” and then signs. The crowd goes wild.

Valentine then takes the contract and looks at the signature. He holds it over his left shoulder without ever breaking eye contact with the White. MagneZ takes the contract and he leaves the ring with Mike Kim. Valentine suddenly flips the table and White takes a step back. White then holds his ground as Valentine gets right up to him. Valentine then rears back and slaps the taste right out of White’s mouth!

White’s head forcibly turns sideways. He turns it back slowly as the crowd boos. He stares down Valentine, who just hits him again. And again! White eats every shot, but holds his ground.

Miss Teri reaches out and Valentine swiftly holds up a “You’d better not” wagging finger. She holds her ground and watches on in horror. Valentine then continues his slapping assault with four more haymakers. White drops to a knee and winces in pain. His face is all red and now bruised a bit. He stands back up and the crowd loves it.

Valentine, who is breathing heavily and looking furious, suddenly chills. He smiles. He then grabs the cheeks of White like you would a toddler to make a fish face. He squeezes and holds White in this demeaning pose. “Good boy” can clearly be seen being said by Valentine.

Valentine releases White and then taps him twice on the bruising cheek. He exits the ring and starts walking up the ramp. Miss Teri stays with White, but before she can even check on him, Valentine calls out. “Let's go! I don’t got all Goddamn day!”

Phoenix: This is hard to watch.
Roberts: White is going to explode. Revival can’t come soon enough.

Miss Teri starts to exit the ring, but Valentine shouts out again. “How stupid can you be!? Get my belt! NOW!” Miss Teri glances around and White tries to hold it together. She hesitantly heads for the belt on the ground. “Hurry the hell up! Stop looking at him! You’re with me! Now get my belt and get down here! You stupid bitch!”

White violently turns around and grabs the top ring rope and uses it as a stress toy. Miss Teri pleads with him and then quickly retrieves the belt and exits the ring. Valentine taunts White.

Valentine: Come on. Come on! Come beat the crap outta me! Hahaha! I dare you! You big fraud. Come down here!

Miss Teri hands the title out for Valentine and he just stares at her.

Valentine: You hold that for your husband. Now escort me to my car!

Miss Teri looks back at White and with just her eyes she pleads with him to hold out.

Valentine struts up the ramp in all his glory. White collapses into turnbuckle, struggling to control himself as Valentine and Miss Teri disappear backstage. The crowd chant loudly “FUCK YOU JACK! FUCK YOU JACK!”

Phoenix: Wow that was heavy. Jack Valentine, if he already wasn’t, just became the most hated man in 4CW.
Roberts: Maybe even the world after that display.
Jeffrey: You can cry all you want, but when it’s all said and done. No one will remember the stipulations or contracts or whatever. What they will remember is how dominant Jack Valentine was during his reign as champion. They don’t ask how. They ask how many. And he has been the champion for many many days. And you’re seeing why right now! He will do whatever it takes to keep that title around his waist!
Phoenix: Well, you’ve certainly got that right! We’re out of time, folks! I wish we could say it’s been a pleasure to have you join us for this, but frankly I’m embarrassed on behalf of 4CW at what you’ve all witnessed! But please join us for Duskfall next week, and then Revival where this will, hopefully, all be put to rest once and for all! Thank you for watching and goodnight!

The show ends with a close up of a bruised and furious Brian White glaring at a now empty stage, his face contorted with anguish.


Quick Results:
Supreme defeated Eli Waters
Umbra Maxima and The Liberation defeated Pilgrim Paige, Kinzy Kane and Synth City Thrillers

Writing Credit:
Supreme vs Waters: Rhys
Jett interview: Rhys
Lotus/Phoenix segment: Rhys/TheSurrealOne
Sery/Meyer segment: Rhys/RD
Grayson/Rane Segment: Rhys
Eight-person tag: Rhys
RockStarrs/Grayson/Rane segment: Rhys
Moxie/Cain segment: Rhys
Valentine/White segment: LHeat87

Review Sheet:
Supreme vs Waters:
Jett interview:
Lotus/Phoenix segment:
Sery/Meyer segment:
Grayson/Supergroup Segments:
Eight-person tag:
RockStarrs/Grayson/Rane segment:
Moxie/Cain segment:
Valentine/White segment:

Segment of the Night:
MVP of the Night:

Revival XV Card (Subject to change):

4CW World Championship
(Pending contract stipulations are met)
Jack Valentine © vs Brian White

4CW Universal Championship
Inferno match
Madeline Phoenix © vs Dark Lotus

Loser Leaves Town
Death match
Special Referee TBA
Rhys Cain vs Erica Moxie

4CW Tag Team Championships
Gauntlet match
Umbra Maxima © vs Pilgrim Paige & Kinzy Kane vs Synth City Thrillers vs Silent Sorcery vs The Liberation

Best of Seven Series - Match 7 of 7
Jett 3-3 Zaiden
Last Man Standing match
Lindon Jett vs Grant Zaiden

Lightning in the Bottle match
Phil McGroin vs Tommy Young vs Witch Hazel vs Eli Waters vs Damien Blood vs Retro Modern

4CW Custom Cup Championship
Ante Up Open Challenge
Xavier Avana © vs ???

4CW Hardcore Championship
Hardcore match
Jason Crow © vs Quentin Cosmo

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Gotta say I am having fun with Mad Dog, the next couple of shows are gonna hurt! :-P

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