The First ever Snake Cup award goes to...


By Snake! Sat-11-Sep-2021 19:25:43

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That's right guys... its here the MVP award for overall Best drafting effort....  it was a lot harder than i thought picking a winner.... but i have decided...

My Snake Cup and special championship belts go to.......


Congratulations big guy! you win!


By Sery Sat-11-Sep-2021 19:26:55

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How much did he pay you

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By Compy Sat-11-Sep-2021 20:43:11

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Congrats Reamer!  Well deserved for an awesome roster!

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By rhys Sun-12-Sep-2021 04:53:45

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Congratulations Reamer! And with the Snake! Cup victory, Reamer has won a BYE to the finals. The other four competitors will battle it out to decide who faces Reamer in the 2021 Draft Final!

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


By Reamer Sun-12-Sep-2021 22:13:01

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Hell to the yeah!   🙂


By RD Mon-13-Sep-2021 12:11:50

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This is a travesty! I included a Snake themed storyline and I didn't get the Snake up! I demand a recount!

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