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By Reamer Sat-11-Sep-2021 17:57:05

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is the Supreme one himself, on loan from 4CW to bring to you the pre-show to the most exciting wrestling federation in the world, SCCW.  Yes, that's right, this is my very one fed, and tonight we are going to bring you some of the hardest-hitting action in professional wrestling today.  We have some next-level matches, and some ... interesting feuds that will be settled once and for all.  We will also be having a very exciting preshow match tonight which we will talk about first.


This is a very special match that we have lined up for you folks tonight.  We all know Zach who is missing a leg. We also know that Zach is the true winner of the royal rumble.  But I digress.  Recently Jimmy Rave lost an arm so that makes him the perfect candidate for this match.  And what do we have for the winner? A replacement limb! That's right folks.  The winner of this match gets to walk away with a brand new arm, or a brand new leg.  granted, it's gonna be made out of fun noodles and made very poorly by me, but it's better than nothing amirite?   Now, let's talk about the main card!

Our opening contest is a match I like to call the great OJ battle of 2021.  On one hand, you have Orange Cassidy, on the other, Juice Robinson.  When these two collide, I have a feeling that we are going to be in for quite the tasty match.


That's right folks. A match-up I'm pretty sure that nobody thought they would see coming.  It's the beautiful AJ Styles, vs. the powerful AJ Lee.  Wait, I think I have that mixed around.  you know what? On second thought, Nah, we'll keep it like this.  What Supreme loves about this match is it's gonna be a ladder match folks, and hanging from the rafters will be this giant AJ.  The first person to get a hold of that AJ is the one that gets to keep the name for the rest of their career.  The loser get's saddled with the first name Bosoe. Trust me, nobody wants to go by the name Boscoe.


Two incredible tag teams meet up in SCCW.  Both have strong histories with each other. Both former ROH tag champs, both teams have competed all over the world. But this is where we make for great shows, and this show is going to be the cream of the crop my friends. Thats right.  One of these teams is going to be walking out of tonights show with tag gold wrapped around the waist. Who's it going to be? Supreme has an idea. But Supreme doesn't feel the need to share that with you. If you want to find out how right I am, just tune in tonight to find out.


Two of the greatest talkers in the industry, Well, behind myself of course. Get together ramble on about things that make little to no sense to us mere mortals. I'm sure there will also be Steiner math thrown in here as well.  This is the conversation we have all been waiting for.


Both Killian Dane and Frankie Zazarian have had the misfortune of wrestling in either a tag team or a faction with the likes of Eric Young.  Well, tonight settles their future once and for all.  In this match, the loser is the one who walks away with something.  Whoever loses this match, is permanently stuck with Eric Young as their tag partner for the rest of their wrestling career.  And to remind the participants of the threat they face,  Eric Young will be hanging over the ring inside a cage.  What is going to happen here tonight?  Stay tuned to find out.


the ultimate beauty vs. the beast match. But this one has a fun stipulation.  If Tyler wins. he gets to permanently tattoo pretty makeup on Gage's face.  However, if Gage wins, Tyler has to get MDK tattoed on his face.  This is a match that will change these people's careers for the rest of their lives.


Three greats square up to decide who will be the new cruiserweight champion. 


This is one for the ages.  Three of the greatest women to ever lace-up boots in the wrestling industry, square off in an action-packed Triple Threat match to decide who will become our first-ever Woman's champion.  Supreme doesn't care who wins, because with a match of this caliber. We are all winners. If you catch what i mean. Wink!


One is full of charisma, the other would like to be serious for a minute.  However, if Curt wins, Lance Storm must perform a stand up comedy routine in front of a live audience. If Lance wins, Curt must perform a disertation about different types of grasses and how they grow.  Two of the most technical wrestlers in the world, with a very strange stipulation attached. This could be a fun one fucks. 


I don't think much needs to be said about this hard-hitting contest.  Which ever giant walks away from this match the winner, gets to challenge the new world champion at the next ppv event. 


The battle to crown our open weight championship is underway.  Two of the biggest icons in the industry will be squaring off in what should prove to be a top-level match-up.  I can't wait to see who wins this one. 


White vs. Black.  The match-up we all wanted to see. Because at the end of the day, it don't matter if black or white wins, we are all the winners.  What do you mean we can't call this match that? It's my damn federation. I can call it whatever the hell I want too. 


For this special event. we go pool side for what is sure to be a very unique contest.  Two of the biggest boys in the world are going to see who can pull off the best belly flop. Judged by professional swimmer Michael Phelps.  Yes, I know he's not a diver. But who the hell actually knows the name of any professional Diver? Yeah, that's what I thought. 


Tonights main event.  This is going to be one fast paced action-packed match if you ask me.  Two people that are no stranger to creating unique offenses finally square off as we crown our very first every SCCW champion.  I can't wait for this contest to get under way. 

And that's going to be our show for you folks tonight.  I hope you enjoy it. Remember you can order through cable or watch exclusively on the Fite app around the world.  Hope to see you there.

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SCCW (Supreme Class Championship Wrestling)
1. AJ Styles
2. Orange Cassidy
3. Jay White
4. Will Ospreay
5. Scott Steiner
6. Rowdy Roddy Piper
7. Britt Baker
8. Malaki Black
9. Jerry Lynn
10. Kyle O' Reilly & Bobby Fish
11. AJ Lee
12. Lance Storm
13. Dean Malenko
14. Nick Aldis
15. Nick Gage
16. Bam Bam Bigelow
17. PAC
18. Juice Robinson
19. Killian Dain
20. Roderick Strong & Rocky Romero
21. Tyler Breeze
22. Frankie Kazarian
23. Eric Young
24. Low Ki
25. Trish Stratus
26. Alundra blayze
27. Masato Tanaka
28. Big Van Vader
29. Jay Lethal
30. Jimmy Rave and Zach Gowan
31. Jushin Liger
32. Curt Hennig

And here is my roster.


By rhys Sun-12-Sep-2021 04:49:15

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Gowan vs Rave - Funny gimmick, otherwise my interested in this match is limited  😋

Orange vs Juice - I feel like we've seen this. Haven't we seen this? Nevertheless, it would be a decent match I guess.

AJ Styles vs AJ Lee - Again funny gimmick, but not a match I particularly want to see.

ReDragon vs No Remorse Corp - Now this is a good match up. Two very good tag teams that would no doubt give us a good match.

Piper's Pit with Scott Steiner - All the yes. And there had better be a maths lesson involved! This would be a great segment.

Killian Dain vs Frankie Kazarian w/Eric Young in a cage - Glad you've locked up Young so he can't stank up this match. It's a pretty decent match up.

Nic Gage vs Tyler Breeze - Really clever gimmick to the match. And it would be very interesting to see how extreme Breeze can go.

Low Ki vs Lethal vs Liger - OK, now we're getting into the big time. This is one hell of a triple threat and I really like it.

Blayze vs Stratus vs Baker - Another great triple threat match, with three all timers in the ring. Dream clash.

Hennig vs Storm - Again, all the yes. This would be the ultimate wrestling clinic and I am here for it.

Tanaka vs Aldis - This is a decent match and both men would definitely bring some strong brawling and powerhouse styles into the mix.

Pac vs Malenko - Another fantastic match up. Holy crap I want to see this match so bad.

Black vs White - A good match up, regardless of its... low hanging fruit origins 😋 There would be some cool character work in this one.

Vader vs Bam Bam - Not exactly a match no-one has ever thought of before, but the belly flop stipulation is hilarious. Less of a match more of a segment I guess, but still great.

Ospreay vs Lynn - A pretty good main event. These two are great wrestlers, obviously. It's not exactly my favourite match on the card but I'm sure it'd deliver.

Overall, a mixed bag for me... some of the matchups don't do much for me but the ones that hit, hit different. You have three or four super strong matches that will hold your card up, as well as some funny shit to boot.

Thanks Taker_2004 for the banner!


By Compy Sun-12-Sep-2021 21:30:04

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Haha I love that Supreme is on secondment from 4CW to promote his own show.  Gotta stick to kayfabe and the wider 4w-verse!  And I love how this PPV card continues the time-honoured tradition of the comedic PPV.  We had some great comedy PPVs in the draft in the past so I'm happy to see it carry on.

Gowan vs Rave
I legit laughed when I read this one, hilarious idea and such a vintage old school 4w idea!

Orange vs Juice
Another hilarious theme here.  I'm always in the right frame of mind when watching an Orange Cassidy match (I know what to expect so I can prepare!) so I know I'd enjoy watching this.  Especially if the match includes lot of fruit and juice related pun-gags.

AJ Styles vs AJ Lee
A proper surreal match here, as if Dali himself were booking!  Not quite sure how it would go in person, but I'm intrigued (and tickled by the stipulation!) enough to want to find out.

ReDragon vs No Remorse Corp
Anything with ReDragon in it and I'm already a fan.  Love watching those two, and great choice for opponents.

Piper's Pit with Scott Steiner
Yes, so glad you went with this!  I'd love to see Piper rip into some Steiner math.  "Just when you have the answers, I change the equations!".

Killian Dain vs Frankie Kazarian w/Eric Young in a cage
Two different styles here, but not in a bad way.  Dain's a great big man and Kazarian's very talented, I can see this working and both guys pulling off a fantastic big vs. little match.  And Young screaming in a cage is quite funny to me.

Nic Gage vs Tyler Breeze
Love the gimmick here, in a tale as old as time!  If this was in real life, I'd love to see Gage win and Tyler Breeze adopt a Phantom of the Opera-esque character.  Like Rhys said, it'd be interesting to see Breeze in such a hardcore setting, but I can see it working.

Low Ki vs Lethal vs Liger
Oh-ho here we go!  This match would be beautiful to watch, a complete spectacle.

Blayze vs Stratus vs Baker
Multi-generation match!  Some of the biggest names in their generations, and they are for a reason.  Good choice of names here.

Hennig vs Storm
A dream match if they haven't already wrestled each other.  I'd gladly watch these two put on a clinic any day!

Tanaka vs Aldis
I can see this being a lot like Tanaka vs. Awesome at One Night Stand '05.  That was my favourite match on that PPV, so I'd look forward to this one.

Pac vs Malenko
I've been watching a lot of WCW Nitro lately so Malenko's really fresh in my mind.  Basically, shut up and take my money!

Black vs White
It doesn't matter if you're black or white!  In all honesty this would be a good match to see, I'd like this one in person.

Vader vs Bam Bam
All we need now is for Sgt. Slaughter to be yelling and drilling them as they do this challenge.  Another great comedy seg.

Ospreay vs Lynn
Great choice for a main event.  Might not have the big star power names, but damn the match quality would be enough to win over any fan.  Like the tripe threat, such an awesome spectacle match.

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By RD Mon-13-Sep-2021 16:07:26

Mid Card · 347 comments

Gowan vs Rave - You actually did it! I hear Kamala & Gregory Irons are lining up for the next match!

Orange vs Juice - Orange I glad you booked this match! Yes. It will be fun, and both are good performers. Rooting for Cassidy! 

AJ Styles vs AJ Lee - I actually like this a lot. I'm a fan of mixed gendered matches, but will they be named Boscoe or Bosoe!? The world may never know.... Rooting for April!

ReDragon vs No Remorse Corp - Ring of Honor is calling and wants to know how you stole their final battle main event!

Piper's Pit with Scott Steiner - This has a 141 & 2/3 % chance of being a great segment!

Killian Dain vs Frankie Kazarian w/Eric Young in a cage - Poor Eric Young, I mean, I hope he's poor, and downtrodden, and whoever loses is saddled with him, great!

Nic Gage vs Tyler Breeze - With the way Matt Cardona has proved himself in death matches against Gage, I wonder if the beauty will be able to stand up. This is a real match i'm waiting to see booked.

Low Ki vs Lethal vs Liger - Great use of these 3 talents. Love the addition of Liger.

Blayze vs Stratus vs Baker - Glad I held off on Blayze to get this match spotted. Good Triple 3 that spans a couple of generations.

Hennig vs Storm - The more I think about it, the better it will be, also that stipulation is great!

Tanaka vs Aldis - Love this, but I think there were better opponents out there for Aldis. I also would've put it a little lower on the card also, but that's just me hating on Aldis and the NWA.

Pac vs Malenko - What a crazy clinic this would be, I see PAC launching himself into a thousand different holds.

Black vs White - Will be a solid match, something I could see coming down the pipeline if Malaki ever makes it to NJPW. This is the second match on the card that I hope to see one day in real life happen.

Vader vs Bam Bam - Ker-PLOPPPPPP Great!

Ospreay vs Lynn - Solid Main Event, I think there were other technicians you could've put against Ospreay, but I'm also a sucker for Jerry Lynn.

Must See:
Juices Collide
Pac v. Malenko
ReDragon v. No Remorse Corps
Black vs. White

Overview: I'm giving the card 4/5 stars, because There are matches that if I could get to them, I would want to see. And I like that 2 of your bookings were not matches, but promos / competitions. My head canon made a water based inferno match where the wrestlers are fighting in 1 foot of water, so that made me laugh. (Don't steal it Rhys!). The main events left a tiny bit to be desired, but knowing that we're going to get either Ospreay or Lynn vs. Tanaka or Aldis down the line keeps me interested. Not to mention the future debut of Boscoe Styles!

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