Top Ten Worst Movies You've Ever Seen


By rhys Sun-30-Jul-2017 00:52:50

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What are the top 10 worst movies you've ever seen? It doesn't have to be ranked just the ten worst movies you've seen.

Here's mine:

1. Movie 43
Just garbage. Amazingly had an all star cast for a film that was essentially a series of nonsensical, unfunny, garbage skits.

2. The Holy Mountain
Just a trippy weird movie that makes no sense and just makes me feel uncomfortable. Trash.

3. Silicon Towers
Boring. Terrible. Just so goddamn awful. It's a movie set in an office and it's as terrible and boring as that sounds. Terrible acting, terrible cinematorgraphy, terrible story. just bad, bad, bad.

4. The Human Centipede
It's about a bunch of people with their asses sown to peoples mouths and their mouths sewn to people's asses. Need I say more?

5. Battlefield Earth
John Travolta must have had a stroke or something to have the inspiration to make this movie.

6. Superman 4: The Quest For Peace
I mean Superman films are trash in general but this one is hot, steaming garbage trash.

7. Rocky 5
We all know how bad this film is.

8. Jack and Jill
Adam Sandler has a few terrible movies. Those other terrible movies are brilliant when compared to Jack and Jill.

9. Dragonball Evolution
Completely ruined the source material to create a shitty action movie with plot holes the size of Batista's dick and slap the Dragonball brand on it. Awful.

10. Super Mario Bros.
Not nearly as bad a rape of the source material as Dragonball but still pretty bad.

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By TheSurrealOne Sun-30-Jul-2017 00:54:56

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1. Chud 2
2. Let's get ready to rumble
3. Day of the dead ( remake)
4. The Washingtonians
5. The mummy 3 ( 2007)
6. Don't breathe
7. Sleep away camp 4
8. Vicious
9. Terminator 3
10. Robocop 3

No order in particular. They suck slappy


By Ninjak_XO Mon-31-Jul-2017 11:01:56

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Super Mario Bros. was great, Rhys. Think you need to watch that again.

Liked the Human Centipede as well. The third one however was a load of shit and wish I hadn't wasted my time watching that.

1.  Green Lantern. Love the character, like Ryan Reyolds and was happy when he was cast as Hal. Perfect. Then they made that piece of shit. No wonder they're rebooting it and not including a Green Lantern in the DCEU just yet, as they're still trying to make people forget this film even happened.
2.  Catwoman. So bad even DC Comics refuse to acknowledge it.
3.  Superman 4. Christopher Reeve is Superman and I love the films. This one though, just no. They took things too far and should have left it at number 3. I'm sure I enjoyed it as a child, but watching them again this one really stands out as shockingly poor.
4.  Dragonball Evolution. It was like they took everything that people love about Dragonball Z and just thought "fuck that" and did what they wanted. Unforgivable. And then even if you're not a Dragonball fan, the film is just such a mess that it's not worth watching.
5.  The Last Airbender. What a bloody waste of time this was.
6.  Ankle Biters. How to best describe this film? People are hunting vampires. Every vampire is a dwarf. It's as bad as it sounds.
7.  The Love Guru. After the funny Austin Powers films, Mike Myers tried something different. Absolute shit and not funny.
8.  After Earth. Jaden Smith can not act. Looked good and had a promising storyline. Awful acting though and it all seemed to just fail.
9.  Elektra. Bloody awful and not sure why they even made it. It's not like people liked her in Daredevil, and then they made it a shit film which added to people not liking her.
10. Jonah Hex. Was looking forward to this one and was such a let down. I can remember watching it and when it finished I just looked at my watch and couldn't believe that it had ended already. Was more like a series episode rather than a movie.



By Gorgrim Mon-31-Jul-2017 12:13:00

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You know, I'm not sure I can think of 10 films that I genuinely disliked, especially as I seem to at least enjoy, if not genuinely like most films, especially if the reviews are bad. And then apparently dislike films with favourable reviews.

Anyway, the ones I can remember...

Vacency: Had to IMDB it to check if it was the one I was thinking of... I found it terribly boring and quite frankly predictable. It only started to get interesting right at the end during the chase, and when Kate's character finally does escape and kill off the villains she goes back to where her hubby was killed and lo and behold, he's not fricken dead! Guhh... I though this was meant to be a horror...

Enough: I actually ended up having to leave the cinema half way through for reasons unrelated to the quality of the film. It may be an ok film and it does tackle some important issues dealing with abusive relationships, but as a 15 year old, this film was tripe. Might appreciate it more now that I'm older, but I'm not gonna give it the time anyway.

Hmmm... what else... I'm sure there are more but they're obviously so forgettable I've forgotten them! :-P Well, I think I'll just name a few films that I enjoyed on the whole but were also a disappointment at the same time...

King Arthur: You'd have though with the cast for this film, it would've been amazing, just a shame Clive Owen can't act for shit! Ioan Gruffydd, Keira Knightly and co do manage to save the film really rather well, but I can't get over the tree they hired to play the lead role.

Star Wars, Attack of the Clone/Revenge of the Sith- Same as above but replace the actors names with Hayden Christenson, Ewan McGreggor, Natalie Portman et al...

In the Name of the King: I enjoy fantasy flicks and am very good at suspending disbelief, but as fun as this film was, the pay off was just disappointing. The last act just flopped completely, but then, that seems to be a habit of the directors...

Can't really think of any more to add... There are a whole bunch of films that I will not watch, the twilight franchise for example, because I know I won't enjoy them, so I guess I'm just pretty good at knowing my own preferences for films and can generally pick ones I'm likely to enjoy, even if they are a bit naff.

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By RD Tue-1-Aug-2017 02:20:44

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Last Days (walked out of the theater)
Shawshank Redemption (this movie is just a thriller with an M Night Shamalan plot twist)
Secret Window (twist way to obvious as well)
Ghost Dad
Son of the Mask
Edit: Reign of Fire
That's all I can think of ... Other then this silly movie I watched on Facebook that's called like Toduk or something.

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