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By benjawi Sun-17-Jul-2016 19:19:51

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So this came out the other day. Watched it all today as it's only 8 episodes long. What a series.

The kid actors are brilliant and so well written, especially with some of their conversations. It's good old school sci-fi set in the eighties and the way the government agency is written just makes you root for the kids and their families. And the monster design... dam!

If you've not watched it, check it out. Netflix have once again put out a superb series.


By ButcherBoy76 Sat-13-Aug-2016 19:06:39

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Feckin brilliant show.


By benjawi Wed-31-Aug-2016 16:41:02

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Season 2 has been confirmed. Awesome.


By Reamer Wed-31-Aug-2016 17:09:22

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One of the best shows I've seen this season.


By essa hh Thu-1-Sep-2016 12:29:29

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Fantastic series, I like it being set in the 80s. I don't think it would seem the same if set in modern day. The "trailer" isn't anything special, but just hearing the theme gets me all excited.


By Coffino07 Tue-15-Jan-2019 06:12:03

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Ah! This is such an amazing show. I was stunned to watch it. My cousins always come up with good movies and series. I am planning to tell them about Andy Yeatman shows that i watched this summer. The content is entertaining and very educating.

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By Ninjak_XO Tue-15-Jan-2019 13:34:35

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This reminds me, Stranger Things season 3 is dropping in July. Can't wait personally as I love this.



By LHeat87 Tue-15-Jan-2019 13:57:45

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Just like with Game of Thrones, makin me wait till summer. Why they keep doing this crap????

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By Pilgrim Paige Thu-17-Jan-2019 21:00:57

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Love this show. Great atmosphere; intriguing plot; well-written; the human side of monster stories is fully intact. Excellent cast. Realistic (!!) teens. Winona Ryder (<3).

Spooky-scary good times. 🙂

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By rhys Thu-17-Jan-2019 21:09:13

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Still need to watch season 2. Loved season 1.

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